Mar 22

State Parks

    State parks were rivals against the cathedrals and castles of Europe. These beautiful parks were born in the mid-1800's, but it really all started with Yosemite California. John Muir wanted to preserve this area, Yosemite, which began the national movement of National Parks. During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln and Congress put Yosemite under protection of California. The first ever park that was officially established was Yellow Stone Natural Park. Ulysses S. Grant made Yellow Stone a park in 1872. Then in the late 19th century, more parks were developed.
Mar 22


Stand up
And look at what you have done
Brusied feet
Tired eyes
Finally made it to the top
A landscape of glory
Air clean and fresh
Clouds are below us and atmosphere above
Every cut and hardship along the journey
Was worth every moment
Water cures a burning throat
Lay down the burdens
Look at the birds fly with freedom
One last deep breathe

Sit down
Stay there forever
A happy place
Colors and paper on lap
Draw the beauty
The beauty of the landscape
Draw the mountains
The mountains you have climbed

Mar 21


           The sun is shining through my window one early summer morning. I yawn and sit up in my bed, planning to get an early start on the day. Stretching my arms, I roll back my covers and hop out of bed. I brush out my tangled hair then make my bed. I head down stairs, smile on my face. Breathing in the fresh summer air that has traveled into the room, it seems like a good start to the day.
            I reach the bottom of the stairs and feel a warm, squishy thing under my feet. I pick up my foot and look down in disgust. Fresh chicken poo is stuck to the bottom of my foot. Gagging from the smell, I go into the kitchen to find a paper towel.
Mar 21

Protect the guns to Protect the kids

I'm going to say straight out that I am not marching this Saturday. I believe that we do need guns, but we need to make sure they are in the right hands. This really concerns me if we have restrictions on guns. We need guns to protect us from, big surprise, The Government. Even if one rule starts restricting guns or a certain kind of gun it will just go down hill from there. Plus, we won't be taking the guns away from the criminals. It will give those shooters more oportunities to murder even more kids and adults. I believe that we should arm the responsible teachers who want to be armed, because what shooter wants to shoot a school that has armed teachers? They would find another school that doesn't have armed teachers, simple logic. Even if a shooter still goes and shoots up a armed school, there could be 1 person who dies instead of 17, and that could very well be the shooter and not a student or teacher.
Mar 21

Do You

Do you ever wonder why?
Why something happened,
Why things fall apart,
Why no one understands,
Why people blame the ones they persecuted,
Why no one will see the truth,

Do you ever trust?
Trust that everything will be okay,
Trust that there's a greater meaning to life,
Trust in our government,
Trust in the right thing,

Do you...
Do you know that everything has a reason,
Do you believe in hope,
Do you see the beauty in the pain.
Mar 20


Stay quite
Stay polite
Stay in the shadow
Stay silent

Give a smile to everyone
Give a sight of love
Give it your all
Stay silent

Go with the flow
Go with the normal
Go take the easy route
Stay silent

But you speak
But you get silenced
But they don't want to listen
Don't stay silent

Mar 19

Narrow Path

Blood stains my face
Scars mark the places I have been
Fear is my companion
Love is my friend
Bricks are what I carry
Haste is what my feet wear
Thorns are what I walk on
Following a narrow path

Bare is my back
Bleeding in the sun
Torn are my feet
Walking on thorns
Heavy is the weight I carry
Hard is the road
Hard is the journey
Following the narrow road

I come to a split off of paths
One a wide path
The other narrow
The wide path is filled with glories
The narrow path is filled with agony
Which path shall I take

I take the narrow path
And all of my pains stay with me
Because little did you know
The wide path ends in death
The narrow path ends in life
Mar 19


Every so often I climb the old Maple tree that stands in the middle of a grass field. Limb by limb I climb to the top. I find myself a sturdy branch to sit on so that I can look out into the vast grassy plain. Trees boardered the west and the south and the east. The north is a mountain range with snow kissed peaks. Below the tree were roots and a bare patch of dirt were the grass had died. I finally can get away from the mess of the world from the mess of my life when I'm in that tree. I wish that I could just forever stay in tree and live with the birds. Grow my own wings and fly away and spread seeds of love and compassion. With all the pain in the world I cry out every night. Wars were being fought on the ground of this very earth. People every day would die and there was nothing I could do. I look at the bare spot of dirt on the ground again. Maybe there was something I could do. By planting a seed, by planting hope, by planting love, plant a seed in every one.