Jun 10


“Decide what to be … and go be it.”-The Avett Brothers
Hi, my name is Tess Everett. So many different factors have shaped who I am today and have helped me grow and learn from my mistakes and successes. Every day I learn something new because of the people around me who want me to succeed. Before Alpha, I hadn’t really thought about how I could define myself. Being on Alpha helped me figure out who I am and what I value. Now I know that I am an empathetic, genuine, reflective, dedicated, and innovative person. In this finale project I will be connecting my characteristics to a stool I constructed in the woodshop at the Shelburne Craft School.
Jun 10


I travel to my destination, overlooking where I stand. I see it so much that it feels not important or beautiful when it is. I realize this as I trudge to the bus stop. I pause and stare down at my feet planted on the cool sidewalk. I wonder, how many times have these black sneakers stood in this exact place? I lift my head up and the breeze cools my skin and whips my hair into my face. It’s spring, and the flower petals are beginning to bloom. I bend down and touch a budding tulip, feeling it’s smoothness on my fingers. It’s as if I can smell the pollen urging to burst out. I can hear spring yelling to be let in. It’s almost May, and it’s time.
May 08

Master of the Beach

She wore her hair short - short like mine, and like most of the women close to me in my family. My Mom, Mor Mor, and Nana all wear this style, too. We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters. When I cut my hair, I could see the pride glistening in Nana’s eyes. The non-traditional tradition carries on. Her hair is a mix of gray and black, “salt and pepper,” as she calls it. I can see why. Unlike hers, mine shines yellow like the rays on a summer day.
Mar 08


It was a chilly Sunday morning, the cold brisk of winter still lingering. Spring hopefully just around the corner.

I hear a reluctant click of my doorknob as my mom peeks her head around the doors edges. “Time to get up Tessaroo,” she says. “Oooookkk,” I grumble back, only loud enough to let her know that I am indeed, awake. “Better get going!” She replies with a little too much cheer for this early in the morning. “We’re getting in the car in half an hour.”

With that, I know it’s time to get up and motivate.
Mar 04

A Perfect World

To me a perfect world is many things. It’s full of love, happiness, and belonging.
In a perfect world, everyone feels that they have a purpose in life. A purpose to do well. Every day we can wake up and feel needed, wanted, and loved.
In a perfect world, there is no hate nor fighting. No shootings nor drunk drivers killing innocent passerby. It’s safe. Safe to drive and know that we will all make it to our destinations.
In a perfect world, we will never have to see the blood of our loved ones as they lay still on the floor. We can rely on the fact that every day we will come home to a family that’s whole. No missing pieces or cracks in our hearts.
In a perfect world, everyone is accepting of everybody. Size, shape, color, race, sexuality. Anyone and everyone can be themselves. We never have to feel so afraid that hiding in a bathroom stall or in the back of class is the daily routine. Hiding to escape the judgement and hatred catapulted at our faces.
Jan 23

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Informative article

Students need to be informed of their rights and the responsibilities that come with them. The key rights we have as students are shown in the Constitution's Bill of Rights. The two amendments that are crucial for students to understand are the First, and Fourth Amendments. The Fourth Amendment is freedom from unreasonable searches and/or seizures, (rights of privacy). The First Amendment right is freedom of speech/expression. This is the topic I am going to be focusing on. I want to inform kids of how we can use this right to better our communities, and how we can make positive change.
May 30

The Adventure

I was on my way to the library, like always on a friday afternoon. It was cloudy and cold. Rain and wind whipped at my glasses as I tried to to avoid the puddles scattering the sidewalk. It had been raining for ages, and it was easy to tell by the wet, dirt like scent that seemingly never left the air . Soon the large brick building loomed above me, a dark mass set against the lightning blue sky. I pushed open the squeaky double doors, and wiped my feet on the mat, grinning as I remembered what had happened when I had forgotten to in the past.

When I walked into the warm and welcoming library, the aroma of dusty books and wood surrounded me. I felt at home.

I waved to Mrs. Jones, the librarian who always greets me when I come. She’s always here. I wonder if she ever leaves.
May 30



What is it? 

It's my Dad's
not so manly giggle,
Lighting up the room.
I can't help but smile. 

It's my Mom's
eye wide
open mouthed smile.
Laughing at the simple things.

It's my little brother's
high pitched chuckle.
giggling at things I don't always understand.
His mind taking him to far away places
where mine does not go.

It's me
smiling despite myself
at my Mom, Dad, and brother's cheerfulness.
Lauging with my friends
all the time
about really,

Laughter is all around us.
It keeps us warm in the darkness,
makes us feel safe
and happy.

Laughter is love. 

Apr 16


we're always losing them
searching for them
asking to borrow others

There's so many
different sizes
and colors

they're used to transfer our thoughts
and feelings
and dreams

this object shouts ordinary
but maybe
it's more extraordinary than it seems

holding them in the tips of our fingers
scribbling notes
test answers
and more

a pencil
is one of the most common objects
seen everywhere
with led at the core

without them
how would we record
and share

a pencil holds the secrets
of people everywhere