Nov 06
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Ideas for my "backstory"

Hey everyone, it's me again.
I was thinking about my "backstory" as of late, and I think I've got a few ideas for it:
I'll try to add some humor to make it not seem all "boring" and "dull", like most backstories. The plot for my "backstory" will be my in-and-out dilemma about my middle schools (and possibly high school, too!). I will share the stories of my friends and my school life, wether it was bad moments or good moments. I will also try to come up with a name for this "backstory". Have you got any ideas? Don't be afraid to post yours if you do! The story will focus on my problems in society, since I have a few. It'll be a long ride, with me and others  feeling enough comfort with this project inside and outside, and the fact that eighth grade is kind of a priority as of right now, but I'm sure I'll get somewhere by the end of this year! I'll keep y'all updated on what I've got, alright?
See ya soon, NJ! 
Nov 05
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Hey, it's been a while,
Y'know, it's kinda hard being back on here with school and all that stuff.... what's up guys?
I wonder if anyone's forgotten me... hmm...
Tell you what, I'll try to get on here and tell the news when I can, keyword being TRY. 
Oh, there a other reason for my absence: my family moved. Yeah, I hard to start a new school, get used to my new home, it's been pretty weird. 
There are big projects coming soon to a theater new you, stay tuned!
A new backstory about me will be in development soon, will post the story and written trailer when I actually have time. I'll try to make it interest as possible, I garuntee you that!
So, that's basically it for now, have a good day everyone!
Jul 07
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Why I Love Dogs... More Than Cats (Essay and Debate)


Don't you just love it when a furry friend comes to you when you're feeling down? Ah, me too! Well, I guess we'll talk about that... if you want to, at least.... Come on, who can't resist talking about dogs?

Well, why do I love dogs? Why would we not be alive without them? How do they stress us out but help us with life? Y'all need to remember that dogs aren't fluffy creatures that we boss around, no, no, NO! I remember that when I felt like nothing, my aunt's dog came and cuddled with me. I felt like something again. If a cat saw me upset, I think it would just run away from me and be careless (Uh.... no offence cat lovers, just thinking that's what a cat would do to me). 

I'm talking, what would YOU do if you saw your dog upset? Just kill 'em.... with kindness, that is! 
Jun 20
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Summer Story + Hello!

Hello, people of YWP, it's your writer Nicole here with some news. It seems as if I logged on to here, but not at school. Is this witchcraft at it's finest? Hmm... 
On the other hand, I hope all of you are having a great summer and are spending it well. You can contact me about your summer at the following email address: [email protected]

What is this about? This blog post is about stories of my interesting and wacky summer so far. I do have a story of something that happened, and I'll share it after this short message. If you want to make your own Summer Story blog post, go ahead and do it! You can credit me if you want to, but you really don't have too. All this is just a silly journal entry like thing about my summer. 

Ah, lets get on with the story now, huh?

3 days ago...
Jun 11
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The Summer Plan (IMPORTANT)

Hello everyone. This is that writer again, Nicole. 

Here's the summer plan:

So, I will be sort of busy this summer, but not bad. I'll try my best to get on YWP and write. If you don't see any stories this summer, then don't be surprised. I like to go out in the summertime to people's houses, so I may not get a lot of time to be on YWP. \

I will try to get back to emails and questions about how my summer is. If you have anything to say, then please, PLEASE, please ask me over the summer! I'll be happy to answer them. 

Have a great summer and I'll see y'all soon,
Nicole Jasmin. 

Jun 11
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Last Day

This is your last chance,
Your last day.
Just do something about it. 
Make it last, before a whole summer off.
Go say "farewell", to some friends and teachers.
Show them you care.

These are your last few minutes.
You may not have time to say an annoucement,
or make a card.
At least you know,
That there are many things to do over the summer. 

Here is your last second.
"Have a GREAT summer and I'll see you sooon!"
Everything about seventh grade has ended,
It's gone.
Welcome to eighth grade,
Coming August 29th?

Jun 06
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Sunshine on a cloudy day, like a needle in a haystack.
They block your way of positivity, like a tragic day.
Pours down on you, like bad thoughts.
So soft, like someone being there for you.
You can't see the other side, like having a different thought from anyone else. 
Blows in the air, like all your negative times being forgotten.
So loud and alarming, like a bad thought coming back to haunt you.
Arrives after all the bad weather, like the horrendus day being over.
Jun 04
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Dream Journal

My Dream Journal:

One time, I had a dream where this group of people was checking my videos via my IPad and 3DS over the internet. Then, they decided to FaceTime me to say how good my videos were. They were doing some weird stuff, so I hung up on them. A few minutes after that, another person FaceTimed me, except this time it was a girl. The girl was there like, "Hi!" in some weird voice. Then, for some reason, it cut to scenes of her kissing her boyfriend. They were kissing in the bed, the bathtub, anywhere. I then hung up on them. The next part of the dream was kind of gross, so if you want to hear it, you can privately e-mail me about it. All I'm telling you about it is that there's poop involved. 
Jun 01
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Thank You

Thank you.
Thank you for everything you've done trying to make my life great.
If there was anything I could do to give it back to you, I would just go ahead and do it.
Thank you,
For all the joy you've brought by being my friend. 
Losing you would be like losing my own world.
I would be lost in thoughts and in words. 
Thank you,
For sharing your thoughts about me.
Wether they be good or bad thoughts, I don't care.
I will accept them for the fact of being myself.
Thank you.
May 24
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We are, or were, like three peas in a pod.
What happened to those days?
What happened to the fun times? 
Yesterday, the three of us were running around like 2 year olds. 
I want, or need, to point this out, to someone.