Aug 23

One of Those Days

It was one of those days. 
Those days in late fall where the maple trees
are bursting with crimson and gold.
Where the light filtering through the trees,
seems to dance with the shadows.
Where the brookes all seem to be laughing,
and the birds always singing.
They might have been singing then too,
but he could not hear them over the echos
of his own heartbeat.
And that's when he saw her,
in the golden light her hair shined like honey.
Her green eyes seemed to be ablaze,
her soft lips stretched up into a playful smile.
He could have mapped out the freckles on her face,
as one might the stars.
The world seemed to stop,
even if only for a moment.
He had seen her before of course,
but never like this,
but never this way.

May 26
poem 1 comment challenge: Three

even now

May 09
fiction 0 comments challenge: Sure

One Thing I know For Sure

One thing I know for sure is that I'm leaving.
I want to see more than these old dirt roads,
More than beat up pick up trucks.
I want to see the sky,
In a blinding pink and hues of orange.
I want to see the beach,
Milky white sand and brilliantly blue water.
I want to see the mountains,
Standing tall and watching over small valleys.
I want to see the world,
Full of more colors and places then I could catalog.
Full of so many people I have yet to meet.
Full of so many things I have yet to see.

May 09

Part of Her

In that moment she realized you left. Maybe part of her had been longing to see you, just once more. To tell you it was over, and that she was already moving on, even though her heart said otherwise. Maybe part of her had been hoping to run to you, and feel that safe protected feeling. Maybe a part of her had been hoping for you to come back, come back to her. Maybe part of her had been longing for a sense of home, of the life she once led. Maybe part of her had been hoping things would have changed, for the better or for the worst.  Maybe part of her just wanted to see your crooked smile that she adored so much, one more time. But now, every part of her knows your gone.   
May 04

A Drop of Water

I rise and I fall

I am a drop of rain

I am so very small

See the world as I fall from the heavens

Bringing warnings of very wet messes

I fall down to earth at the speed of sound

Hurtling faster till I hit the ground

I flow and I grow

Joining with many others

As we trek the ground making the world a bit wetter

We make mud and we flood

As we parade the earth

Flowing over rocks and roads till we soak into the dirt

While some carry on to find rivers or trees

While some carry on to find the sea

Some drops end up like little old me