Jan 22
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Saga: My Adoption

I was born on March 30, 2003 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. For 9 months, I lived in, what my mom calls a "baby house." My mom, grandpa, and grandma spent a lot of time filling out papers for the adoption in Kazakhstan. On December 18, 2003, they came to adopt me.
Dec 04
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The Army's Eyes

It was the eyes, chocolate brown and always searching that warned me to build a wall. As I looked into the troops eyes, I knew they weren’t ready to fight the army of Scotland, the Picts. How should I protect them? As the emperor of Rome, I have to make all of the tough decisions to protect the Roman Empire. I have to make sure the citizens are safe. During training for the battle, I came up with an idea of another line of defense. I thought that we should build a wall before the war so we’ll have protection and it will keep the Picts out! We will build the wall in Bowness-on-Solway in the west and Wallsend in the east and it will run for about 70 miles. It was the eyes, chocolate brown and always searching that told me the Picts were scared of us.
Nov 18
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Nov 17
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Seventh Grade

I'm going into seventh grade.
This means new people, new friends, new work.
On the first day of school I see that,
Catie dyed her hair pink,
Kendall got taller,
And there is a new girl named Emma,
As the teachers call us in from playing in the summer sun,
Emma and I go to Spanish,
Kendall and Catie go to music.
We part our own ways,
But at the end of the day, we'll see each other once again.