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Mar 17

Mi gato es tu gato- Baset drawing

Mar 03
poem 0 comments challenge: Rainbow

Questions to a Perfect Storm

Darkest Storm, 
O why do you weep so?
What brings the smell of petrichor to our noses, 
that makes us inhale deeply and sigh?
What makes you scream your thunderous bellow, 
so loud against the patter of the rain?

Brightest Lightning, 
O where dost thou run? 
With such urgency and speed that we could blink and miss it?
Why do you light up the sky in an instant, and only for an instant?
Do you wish to imitate the sun,
Bright and shining, peeking behind the clouds, 
bringing morning to the night?

And why, dear Sun, do you burn so bright?
What do you wish to reveal? 
Your beams that melt away the clouds like taffy, 
striking their tears in the air, 
turning them to mist?
Is this what you wished us to see?
Your sunshine refracting,
splitting apart,
to reveal this glorious arc, 
a brilliant prismatic spray of light, 
intangible and unreachable?
Feb 25

Something fishy going on here

"What's the first thing they teach you guys as kids?"
"Don't trust humans as far as you can throw them. They're dangerous, and as long as they know what you are, they're a threat." 
"Jesus. As a human, I'd be offended if I didn't know you're absolutely right."
"Yeah? Well," Tiresas shifted in the water, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck. "I'm not sure how true all that is. You turned out fine."
"Yeah fish brain, but as far as I know, you've not met many humans, so I'd say it's a pretty small sample size."
Feb 18

Bridge pt. 2 (Repairs)

Not every bridge is fixable.
some are broken forever,
suppose it depends how bad the break.

Not every bridge should be fixed.

But they can be.

Repairs are possible.

Get some materials;
hammers, conversations,
and words, and
time, most importantly time.

Fix your bridge before it breaks,
or build a new one somewhere else

Repairs are possible,
after all
Feb 17

Bridge (pt. 1)

They're like human bridges. 
the kind you do in trust exercizes,
weight in,
I lean on you, you lean on me,
we stand up together,
easy peasy right?
Romantic, Friendships, Family, anything works, 
I put my trust in you, you put your trust in me. 
Lean in, and stand up together.

Those bridges can last for lifetimes,
through the winds and floods,
the lightning and the thunder,
the boom and th' crash and the rattle-tat-tat of the rain.

But they can crash, oh so easily,
when your legs start to shake,
when you lean too far, 
when you try to hold more than you can carry.
When the bridge is full of holes that only you can see,

When the other person stands up, and you're not ready.

You're standing up and I'm not ready,
Was that my fault or yours?

You're standing up, and I'm not ready,