May 15
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The Train


Happiness are the rainbows bringing color to the forlornness of a rainy day,

Happiness are the times you laugh and you don’t even know why

Happiness are the jokes you share with your friends.

Happiness is you.

YOU are color, laughter, jokes.

You are flying, dancing, and singing to those who are not as fortunate.

You smile, and laugh, and play with the children.

You have a wonderful life.

But the train.

The train, the train, the train that always comes.

You smile, and laugh, and play with the children

the morning that it comes.

You hear it coming,

like a wrathful storm,

before you see it.

Chug, Chug

It groans .

Chug, chug

And shrieks

Chug chug

And roars as it speeds toward you like a bullet.
Dec 20
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Strength to Rise

Thump. Thump. Thump.
All you can hear is the beating of your heart as you glide onto the ice, your skates grinding to a stop in the center.
You take your stance. It all comes down to this. Everyone you’ve ever met, ever spoken to is watching you at this moment. Plus thousands of more.
You begin.
The coolness of the icy air kisses your cheek, calming you.
You are captivated by the grace of your skates on the ice.
You contort your body, pulling your arms and leg back, then whip forward, spiraling upward in a blur.
The stands, the lights, the cameras flash by as you fly around, the wind whistling in your ears
The movement rises up, wrapping around you, but not confining you.
Supporting you.
Thump thump...Thump thump... 
Your heartbeat slows to the beat of the music, helping to drive you forward, up, around. 
Your flying, twisting, turning, jumping, gliding, 
Dec 15
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Never Give In

The day is bright.
Full of sunshine.
But there is darkness in the air.
You can feel it thrumming against your skin.
Pulling on your hair.
It tries to slow you down as you run.
But you resist. Resist. Resist.
You know that you are sprinting.
But you feel as if a thousand weights are tied to your legs.
As you watch the trees fly by in a blur,
it makes you think of that day in the woods,
when you let the darkness out.
It’s all your fault.
You are always trying to escape it. 
Trying to reach the end.
You keep running.
If you can get to the end,
you’ll be safe.
So you keep on running.
Trying to reach the end that will never come.

Note: constructive criticim is appreciated! 

Jun 06
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A Way To Fight

I do not want to grow up in fear, fighting to breathe in a sea of hatred, 
We need a way to fight
I do not want to be someone's slave, or someone's pet, because I am human. I am just as human as men, as everybody. Everbody is equal, 
We need a way to fight
They could strike me down, spit insults to my face. But I'll be blind to those strikes, to those denigrations, 
We need a way to fight. 
So we'll unite, women and men, whites and blacks, religion and religion, and we will fight. We will protest, we will speak our mind. Until everyone IS equal. 
We HAVE a way to fight. 
Now let's put it into action.