Jun 01

Be Grateful

Be grateful

'Cause at some point in your life,

Somebody saw a spark in you worth noticing.

At some point in your life, you fell in the face of reality,

But somebody brought you back again.
Be grateful

'Cause for every breath you inhale,

Nearly two people lose their lives.

For every 100 steps you take,

Approximately 105 people breathe their last breath.
Be grateful

'Cause somewhere out there,

There's a human being living a way more deficient life than yours,

A life with no clean water to even remain a night,

Or a cozy, warm, soft blanket to hold on tight for the cold.
Be grateful,

'Cause unlike you,

Somebody is fighting a severe and critical disease,

One that has taken so many loved ones,

Including those we felt deeply close to.

Be grateful
Apr 24


They say those who work hard,
Push themselves,
Succeed in life. I disagree
I say, those who work hard, push themselves, with goals, succeed.

For as long as I can remember,
I’ve been always told that if I wanted to succeed in what I do,
I had to work hard. Although that true,
I’ve now come to realize that I’m not getting anywhere, and it is not because I’m not following this equation, but because this equation itself is missing one crucial variable.

Goals are the foundation to all success,
They are the start of all great accomplishments.
Because without  goals, we are just hamsters on a running wheel,
Without goals, we are nothing more than a driver with a map, but a destination.

We can work out as many hours as we want in the gym,
Play basketball for as long as we desire,
Go to school for as many days as we can,
But at the end of the day,
Nov 07


Sure, you are weak
You can't shoot
Can't speak
Can't do anything right
But hey, just for realizing that, presently prove that you are the opposite of what you say you are. 

They say there is a beginning to everything
And to become stronger, you first need to know what you want
You first need to know your weakness
Know the thing that stops you from being who you truly believe you can be.

This might sound cheesy,
But hey, just like me and you
Those who we admire so much and wish to be like
Were once just like us
They were once in our shoes before they became the people who we know now.

Take Michael Jordan for example:
One of the best players to ever play the game of basketball 
He wasn't always the best on that court 
In fact, he was weak.

But just for knowing that he was weak, Mr. Jordan became who we now call the "G.O.A.T"
He turned his weakness into his strength
Oct 25

Where I’m From

(Inspired by “Where I’m from” by George Ella Lyon)

I am from the red planet
From the flying dust and the tibu tree.
I am from the all-round brick and straw house
The smell of mighty Mwanza.

I am from the Bukingwa, Kwambu, Mapela.
I’m from Christmas and dark brown eyes
From Jean-Marie and Athumani.
I’m from the clean all and Mass Sunday
and from win or lose it all.

I’m from “education is the key to all knowledge”
And “live long and you will see it all”
And “Kula laha ungali muzima”.
I’m from Catholic Easter.
I’m from Muyovozi and B2 with 68.
Ugali and oil rice.

From summer beach
River competition in an overheated weather
High above the rocky mountains
Above the Nyarugusu river flow
While terrified of jumping.
Aug 10


It's true that life can be so unpredictable and unreasonable
But that doesn't give you the reason to quit and forget all you ever had
To shut away everything you hold dear down in your heart
And run away, away in the dark of your doom.

But with all these decisions you make, you  got to remember, that you are living in reality
And here, nothing ever comes easy, nothing
It takes people years of hard work to get what they want in order to be truly happy
And sometimes, they die trying.

But you, life just turn you down once
And yet, you are crying like a baby who misses his/her mom
You love when things come easily to you
But this is reality man,  things don't always come the way you want them to.

Those successful people you see ou there
They didn't become successful just by thinking about it
They become successful but working hard to their limits
And not by wanting it.
Jul 12

We're all lost

We're all lost
in this darkness of horror
where light cannot find its way through 
and evil controls.

We're all lost
in this world of negativity
where the positive has been thrown away
like a kite, in the air.

We're all lost
in this new world of technology
where our consciousness is being absorbed day by day
taking reality from us
and bringing the copycat of it.

We're all lost
in the reality of social media
where our mind would go nuts
without them.

We're all lost
in this life of racism
where people just can't accept one another
but keep on and fighting
an endless battle.

We're all lost
in the hands of politics
where our voices don't seem to express
or even ring a bell in their head.
It's just pointless.

But I believe one day we will find our way out 
Jun 14

why do I think

It never occurs to me
of why I think too much
maybe because of the fact I want to be free
free from this such.

Or maybe cause I want to reach the stars
the stars that no one ever reached
even with their effort of years and years
but still kept getting impeached.

Either way, I'm a hunter
I will keep pushing forward through the wind
trying to find my long lost answer
and put everything that happened behind.

Whether I'm trying to be free or reach the stars, I don't know
but whatever my answer is, I believe it will be a satisfying one
cause I will hit it in a blow
that will say "well done".
Jun 13


We must not give up 

Cause the world is not our home bus
and will lap us anytime. it will
not stop moving, no matter who 
you are

We must not give up

Cause we got dreams 
to feed, and they can 
not be fed by anybody else
except us the people who 
are going to accomplish them

We must not give up

Cause we must tell those
who dare to say that we can't
do it, that we can. 
and they must stop 
underestimating our will to fight,
or they are going to get it

We must not give up

Cause we are trapped in this game of life
and the only way out is to beat it.
But just so you know, we can't defeat this 
game with this low negative level of courage
we must keep moving, we must keep running
we must keep playing, we must keep getting up
we must not give up so we can rise as champions.
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