Apr 25
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The world as we know it today,
Is full of guns, hate, and war.
Nothing more.
Why don't people stop and pray?
Pray for being human.
Pray for being stressed.
Pray for being their very best.

Some must wait in dread.
Others living their spoiled rich lives,
While giving nothing!
Nothing I say,
To those living on the streets with just a thin card board box.
The ones eating boiled leaves just to get by the day.
The hospitals that need new equipment.
They don't even give a crap to being human.

No one in this world understands.
Understands that boys cry.
Or that acne is normal.
That parents can be gay.
The fact that the only thing they should be is grateful.
No one understands that we are all human.

Why don't we just stop.
Stop and listen.
Put down our weapons.
Stop the fight,
And listen.
Listen to the little voice in our head saying,
Feb 10
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The Great Pigpression

       Once upon a time on a farm not so far from here there lived a pig named Welda. Though I should tell you Welda was no ordinary pig. She had pink swirles on her thighs, green polka dotted arms, a blue striped chest, and her hair was the color of a freshly picked but little over ripe orange. Welda had a little home in a dirt hollow. Inside she had a bed with a small mirror overhead and a kitchen in the far corner. Welda was a very high spirited pig and was super kind to the other pigs. But the other pigs would role in the mud and make fun of poor pretty Welda. 
Dec 27
poem 1 comment challenge: Lost
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Hope Gone Lost

My eyes yearn for that picture of earth
For a starlit field of wild berries
Or the moon casting shadows on the woods I know too well
White birches dancing with fireflies
My little blue house resting in the roaming hills

I look around and see a source of light
Wait, it's not light I see, but something strange and foreign
It's wondrous and curious
Not quite a globe but not square either
It brings to me a sensation, a feeling of hope gone lost
For even the heavens don't quite know what it is
The universe doesn't have a clear conscience about it
It comes from within us
Aug 20
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It bugs me
Writing so calm so easy
Math right or wrong no inbetween
Visuals I don't quite understand
But I will learn 
I will try

The number line so simple so complicated
Negative numbers get smaller as you add but are like fractions a bigger number when they are smaller
It's a confusing topic it really is a simple right or wrong 
So straight forward so simple that is what makes it a challenge

I will get there though
Through a never ending line
A geometric twisting turn
The letters that are now involved in math
A table of ratios
Through it all
Through math
Aug 14
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A song of spring

On Gull Pond I look out and see a mama duck and ducklings
I decide to name them Sam, Suzy, Hudson, etc
Everyday they would go by bigger and bigger
First baby feathers, then sleek glossy feathers, till one day thick shiny adult feathers
As they enter the reeds they peck away at the leaves
Chirping the songs of Spring
Aug 13
poem 2 comments challenge: Woods
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Problems in the west wind

When you walk in to the forest just listen
Trees are whisperers
A sweet maple coos to a sapling
"It's okay it'll be okay"
The little ash sapling speaks thoroughly and calmly
"How much more time do I have the bug will peel off my bark and then where will I go?"
A gruff old pine the towns grump harshly speaks back
"You listen to me not long. The west wind blows problems."
 The maple speaks once more
"All problems have solutions you know."
Aug 07
poem 2 comments challenge: Snow
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It's the dead of winter everything cold
The heart of January strikes
A brisk wind howls up the Vermont mountain side
A warm cup of coffee or coco in front of the hot fire
Everything outside is covered in a deep blanket of white
Most people hate it but not me
Oh I love it
Gliding down the moutain my skis race ahead of me taking me down the hill
Entering the calm and peaceful woods where everything is still
A book fallen open in my lap as I rifle through the pages
I slide down our steep front hill falling in the snow
Laughing as I go
Stuck in the snow my brother pulling me out only to fall in
Living, loving, laughing.
Aug 04
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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The power of one thousand dreams opens a picture beneath the surface.
A world dressed in shadows.
Some how they heave moon diamonds.
They are near you no matter what picture you enter.
Staring into the mist only some can see the chain connecting our wishes.
Above them is us.
Aug 04
poem 1 comment challenge: Rain
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Sunlight in a storm

Thunder pounded my chest
All I saw was haze
I was lost in a daze
The lightning struck
I was out all out of luck
Home was gone I was only left in the rain
It brought me pain
I kept walking through the mist hoping for light
The rain and I began to fight
Then sunshine peeked through the darkness only rays
I looked towerds the light oh was it ever bright
That is when I found out the world comunicated in many different ways

Jul 05
poem 3 comments challenge: Kid
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Still I'd be that kid
The girl who ran through deep feilds of green
Whos hair flowed in long waves behind her back
Her smile laughing always
Rolling in the winter snow
Writing about her life so it could be more than just a memory
The girl who listened to the moon
Biking in the cool fall wheather
Printing at her nanas
Apple picking too
Her skis would carry her daintily down the moutain
Penguins being her favorite animal
She would prefer notebooks rather than computers
The girl who ran like the wind in soccer
Who sewed and did art
Who picked the buttercups in the deep green feilds called home
Still. Forever.