Aug 02
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Shooting Star

It as an average day at the satellite until Agent Collins heard a wish. Someone thinking that the satellite was a shooting star, it happens more often then you would think. Collins listened to a little boys voice.
"I wish that Mommy would get better," The child said
Jul 26
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The Sweater

My best friend always wears an old puma sweatshirt; it is black with the word puma written in white. She got the sweater from her sister. It has a couple of stains just like anything else that you have owned for a while. It has one stain from art class that is of paint. Another is of chocolate from her birthday, and last is from a highlighter when she dropped it on herself. This sweater has a lot of memories and is well loved by its owner.
Jul 19
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The Quiet

Jul 19
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The Heat

The heat was suffocating; I could feel my insides boiling. Outside in the horrible weather, the was a young girl named Gabby who was in line for a lemonade stand. It was almost her turn, but the guy in front of her was paying in all pennies. Not only was the guy paying in pennies but he was counting them out one by one, goodness that was annoying.
"Hey, can you hurry up please!" She said trying to will him to go faster with her voice
"Sorry," The man says defensively 
The man was annoying Gabby, and she just wanted to get her lemonade. She got an idea all of a sudden and hoped it would work.
"Do you want help? It would go faster" Gabby suggested
The man looked at her and seemed to study her and see if he could trust her. Finally, he nodded. Gabby moved to him and helped him count the coins and then got her lemonade after helping the man.
Jul 02
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Camilla the Superhero

Camila has always been a funny girl, she always wore glasses, and she hated attention. She was almost never noticed in high school and not in college, and she liked that in some ways. Her best friend Lily was her rock and was practically her sister. All the craziness started when Camila broke her glasses, being clumsy and falling down two flights of stairs of her apartment building. Her glasses broke, and she was expecting not to be able to see but what surprised her was she could see clearly. She could see more than clearly.
"Crap!" Camila yelled
She got up and grabbed her glasses; then she ran into her apartment. Sitting on the couch was Lily and oh was she happy about that.
"Help Me!" Camila screamed shoving the glasses at Lily
"Oh, you need help fixing them? I cant fix them I have no clue how" Lily said confused
"No! I mean I can see!