Dec 13


Dec 12


i know that i cannot offer much
i know that my heart is empty
i know my eyes are more so
but please, know
that i will always be there

my hand, warm in yours
my words, light yet heavy
my possessions, now are yours
i may not be much
but i will always be your imperfect friend.
Dec 06


I wonder
how words came to be
did someone look at the sky and say
"oh, how wonderous!
whose painted brush
descended on the sky?"
or maybe, it was more of a
"those shades, how simplistic!"
or maybe someone just
made up markings
making codexes like beowulf

to whoever made these words
the words that i now type
i, from the bottom of my heart
thank you.
Dec 06


Dec 06

Mamma Mia

mamma mia
don't you know
that that's the 
musical we're doing this year

a movie i have never seen
i'll be helping with 
backstage, or maybe
if there's a bass part, in pit

i'm excited to help
though i know some of my friends aren't
one didn't get a part she thought was good
another girl will need to wear a cast

but me? i'm ready
i don't mind painting
or sanding 
or nailing things down

i'm just glad to help
Dec 04

an unneeded poem

sing your sweet mercy 
down unto me
sweet notes, sweet words
sweet rapture upon my soul

lay upon me your scarred words
your sacred words
your daring breaths and song
your blood and your marrow

enliven me with your fears
your dashed hopes, your childhood
your based fears
your cuts and your bruises

show what you hide
show what you don't
but please 
don't lie to me
Dec 03

A Rose

Dec 03

Dying Earth

The breath from your lips
in sweet ecstasy

Seeps into the ground
spurning Mother Earth

As we bleed
plastics and metal

Earth shrivels and quakes
beneath the corpses we leave

We wonder, "why us?"
as the ice melts, as it warms

As habitats are destroyed
animals become extinct

The people, we cry, to try to save
what will eventually be gone

The people in charge, they try to follow
but no one can agree on what to do

As gulls choke on bottle caps
as turtles are strangled from six-pack rings

nothing gets done
and Mother Earth lies in the filth we gave her

We're ripping through the ozone
We're poluting the oceans

Once they're gone, we'll have nothing
do we have anything to be grateful for?

We'll have nothing but a broken world to give to our beloved children
Skinny cats and broken dogs
Nov 28

Snow Day Wednesday