Aug 19

Things We Can Never Take

beyond the gate
lies a tree
standing proud
yet drooping
with the weight
of its offspring.

we would watch
as each
one of the
fruits fell
and we'd stay
as the wasps gathered.

faces smushed against
the bars of the fence
we'd see the gardner
pick up each fallen
grace, putting them
into bags.

one day, he gave us
each one, ones he made sure
weren't spoiled
were clean
were okay.

my sister had a huge smile
as she tasted
the fruit of eden
ones we
weren't allowed
to ever have.

is that why,
do you think,
everything is
so, so
right now?

because we didn't something we shouldn't?

i don't know.
Aug 17

Golden Light (Scene Dump #ICan'tRemember)

"Maybe..I was jealous of you. I don't know why. You always had what I didn't, but that wasn't your fault." I choked back more words that I didn't want to say, but my body coughed them out anyway. "Luna..I think I loved you. And hated you, at the same time. I should've said something earlier, shouldn't I? It's too late, isn't it?"
"Michi.." she trailed off. Her eyes, big and soft, wetted with tears. "You don't need to do this..!"
Without warning, she grabbed onto me, trying to pull me free. To no avail; the debris wouldn't budge, and neither would I. I could only clutch her shirt as she sobbed against me.
"No! No! You have to make it out of this!" Her voice was interrupted by sobs. "Please, Michi! You can do it, I know you can!" Luna tugged on me again, her hands slipping on blood. My blood. "Please..!"
Aug 17


the sharp scent of something i can't identify.
the rain's slicing drops
thunder's raucous cry
lightning's quick answer.

i close my eyes.
my cheeks are wet
my book is soaked
my mug has fallen to the ground.

i breathe.
i suck in the humid air,
the taste of grass
essence of summer.

the cup shatters.
my leg is bleeding
my tea is spilling
my shirt is stained.

but it's alright.
i'll survive.
Aug 08


"Hey! Are you done yet?" Ayden called to Asher. The sun was slowly setting over the landscape. The back alley they were in, however, was only lit by the faded streetlight at the very end of the alley.
"Yeah, give me a minute!" The light from the flickering bulb almost didn't reach the ground below. Asher kicked a can off of the ground, and it hit the groaning figure he'd subdued just a moment earlier. "Oh, you're still kicking. Sorry about this, really am." He hefted his baseball bat and sent it crashing down. It hit the figure's neck and it sputtered before going silent. "Good!"
"You're being too loud!" His friend pulled him away from the prone man. In his other hand, Ayden held a bag. "Look, they really were loaded. We'll be okay for a while."
Aug 07

The Longest (Scene dump number i forgot how many of these i had)

"Look! Don't you see how the world is?! It's so wonderful and magical, why would you want to end it all?!"
His voice quickly grew as he kept speaking. Blood ran from a wound above his eyebrow, his leg, his forearm. But it didn't stop him, at all.
"Get out of the way."
Her voice was cold, cutting, quiet. Red splattered her white clothes and her eyes were dark. "I'll kill you. You're worthless."
"Cairo! Get away from him!"
That moment of weakness. She turned, eyes widening with surprise as a lance sheared its way through her neck . The force pinned it to the wall next to her, and by extension, Cairo herself. She struggled in vain against the wooden shaft, but it was no use. The blood she'd stolen for herself poured out of her, dark and bubbling to the floor.
The blond turned, spitting out blood on the fallen woman. She glared at him, but her eyes were quickly losing color.
"Pietre! Oh gods, you're alright!"
Aug 05
fiction 0 comments challenge: Blue

Mother is the first Other

title a reference to: evangelion's 'mother is the first other' symphony

Do you remember her, Ravilo? Your mother?"
Murky dreams. Why had Julio asked me that..? Why did he need to know?
Everything was dark. There was nothing to see.
"What did she look like?"
Words, unbidden, sprand to the surface.
"Blue? She looked blue?"
" eyes.."
"Her eyes?"
"..they were the most beautiful shade of blue.."

I woke with a start. Sitting straight up, I put my hands to my eyes to my face. I didn't feel alive.
"Ravi? What's wrong?"
Julio's reflective eyes from the other side of the room, peering at me intently.
"N-nothing, Julio. I'm sorry to have woken you." I had to look away. My heart was beating fast and everything seemed out of focus.
Aug 05

that little kitten who loved to yell

i remember begging my dad to get me a cat
"dad, please" i'd say, again and again
eventually, after i wrote an essay, he relented
and we went out to tabby town to pick one out

we came home with io,
a scared black-and-white kitten
who crawled all over me and flexed her claws
up and down my arms.

i remember breaking down, some day after school
in my room, surrounded by math homework i didn't understand
and io, that stupid little kitten who did nothing but yell at people passing by
jumped on my bed and started to play with my pencil.

it was a came of cat-and-mouse, io the cat
and my eraser the mouse.
i didn't finish my homework that day.
io wouldn't leave me alone.

i remember her kneading my arm
licking my face, scratching at my homework
defending me from sine, cos, and tan
that little kitten who loved to yell.
Aug 01

Wild Roses

"Wild roses on a bed of leaves in the month of May
I think I wrote my own pain
Oh, don't you?"

- Of Monsters of Men, "Wild Roses"

"Where do you think I'll be in a few years?"
My legs dangled over the the side of the cliff, the ground so far below. Alexander, ever by my side, had stayed standing while I tempted death. The sun was gently setting, the last brilliant rays reflecting onto the sea. It was calm, with few clouds. The wind was quiet and far-off into the distance.
"I don't know," he answered simply.
Somewhere far away, a seagull squawked.

It was the next morning.
I woke up in my bed, my sheets on the floor. I'd left the window open and I felt sticky. I got up and closed the window, turning on the air conditioning too. I sighed, letting the cool air hit me.
Jul 30

scene dump

the new future is coming. one we carved from our own hands. we lost a lot, but we didn't lose this.


I remember watching Ravilo slowly climb up from the ruins of the building that had been his home for the last several years. Julio was on his back, knocked out and bleeding. I followed behind, careful not to rip my gloves any more than I had already. Somewhere, a raven cried into the dark skies.
The top was unstable, but we could see everything around us. The bodies of Asiid and humans alike fell under the rubble, dark puddles of blood flowing from beneath them. I couldn't look. I turned my head away, shutting my eyes and covering my mouth.
"You didn't have to look, Pietre," Ravilo said softly. He spat onto the ground -  blood, probably. He'd almost been killed.
"I know,'s so terrible. Why would they do this?" I moved my hand so the words wouldn't come out as muffled. I opened my eyes again, focused on the broken ground beneath me.

Jul 29

I Don't Know Anyone Who Wakes Up and is Suddenly Able to Do Things They Haven't Before (including, but not limited to, giving physics the middle finger)

So similiar, yet so different.


"What the hell was that for! You could've killed me!" His angry words came at me with a book. It smacked into the shelf behind me and fell to the floor.
I grinned. "But it didn't!"
I picked up the book as Colibris threw another at me - I caught it this time around. "Hey! You know how much Marcene likes Duerr! Don't go throwing it around!"
"You're the dumbass who made me do it. You tried to kill me by pushing over a bookshelf!" Coli had his arms full of books. One had closed on the dark hem of his shirt and he pulled it away.
"Oh hush! I would never!" I teased, setting the books down on a chair. Around us, the library was a mess from Yo's recent tantrum. She was off getting scolded by a teacher, while we were stuck with cleaning up.
I suddenly got an idea - because Yomi had used wind magics, couldn't we just undo it? I looked at my palm and then clenched it into a fist.