Nov 23

November 23rd

Nov 19


plunging deep, 
deep into the seething mass
the warmth
corroding the layers
my thin, translucent

the warmth
transforms itself
into heat
what i came as

my words
stolen by the bubbles
rising from the bottom
of these terrible

i shouldn't have
come down here
i should've stayed
above this coulee

but i need to
keep going
pursuing the treasure

i have to keep 

it will not stop me.

nothing can stop me

me, the magmadiver
Nov 18


the pitter-patter of tiny flakes onto leaves
the crunch of those selfsame leaves under my boots
calls winter to me

the blinding quality of the snow hides my eyes
the vast white takes my sight and
calls winter to me

the sudden chill of the frost-bitten wind
the shrill scream of the storm
calls winter to me.
Nov 18

a myriad of emotions

I have a chemistry test tomorrow
on ionic radii, electronegativity, ionization energy
things I don't remember

yesterday, I met a girl
while my sister competed in the swimming pool
she won her events

today, I sit, writing
poems and lines of text no one will ever see
besides me and my screen

everyday, I try to be happy
to sit back and laugh at some joke
to smile, to see light in the darkness

i go on reddit,
browsing r/motivation, r/mademesmile
and I feel better

i know I seem so typical
a white girl of the ages, addicted to her phone
but there's nothing I can do.
Nov 18

Government Cheese

Nov 16


obscure topics

my friends
how they complain
when i add
topics like that
to the impromptu speech jar

oh, how i'll laugh
when someone has to 
talk about
the illegitimate children of popes
or the history of pens!
Nov 16


my poems feel the same,
always 'so', 'but' and 'that'

about the trees, the sky,
my feelings, my yearnings

about my depression, my tears,
my words, my family

it's so repetitive
but it's all i know

as such, 
i am sorry.
Nov 16

November 16th

Nov 14

music, but it's kids doing it