Jun 28

quickie ;

a scenedrop for my in-progress story, i just really wanted to write this particular scene.


It all went to hell so fast.
Rosemilly held my arm in a death grip, eyes wide in fear. "What's going on, Gyn?!"
"No idea!" I responded, nearly yelling back, as I pulled both of us out of the fray. My back hit a tree, driving my breath away, as I was able to clearly see what was going on.
Things. Black, fourlegged, things with tails and spikes, stabbing at those around them. Glittering yellow eyes, red-splatted claws, limbs bent to kill.
I was terrified.
"Rose! Get out of here!" I pushed her away from me, into the treeline. Her wild look of terror was forever burned into my eyes.
Jun 28


Jun 28


encapsulating the silence
the loud ringing in my ears
foretells all there is to be today

highlighting the darkness
what i can't see
whispers thoughts into my ears

what if i'm not good enough?
what if they've given up on me?
you're still behind everyone else.

curling into a ball
despair thrums through my veins
in and out of my heart

wait, i can see again! there's a hand
pulsing with light,
in front of my eyes

you're going to be okay.

that's all i needed to hear.
Jun 28


ok this is for a short story involving my characters gyn, jace, julio and ravilo

location: allenbrook

what happens????

gyn and jace are helping at the moonflower festival. they're cutting flowers, painting booths, etc
come the night of the festival, they're dancing with local girls, just generally having fun
something attacks the town, it gets to jace and hurts him p bad
gyn is freaking out and is almost killed himself
cue julio & ravi. ravi shoots the thing attacking gyn and julio joined the fray without revealing himself. 
julio heals jace, but he's still ooa for a while. gyn tries to find julio and ravi and ends up doing so
the things/people that attacked allenbrook are still out there. gyn wants revenge and enlists jul and ravi. 
they leave to hunt them down, leaving jace still in allenbrook. 

Jun 26


we're screwing with the environment!
stop protecting your sponsors with their fat stacks of cash and try to care more about people than money!!
we're frying the earth alive right now and people are going to die because of it
not just people, animals too
people are greedy as hell and no one seems to really care!
you'd think people would care about turtles being sold inside plastic keychains, alive, to be sold!! 
we're trashing the planet and leaving our descendants to pick up the mess
Jun 26

It's the Little Things

while watching a show
"oh, he's going to die, isn't he?"
character dies
"huh, wouldja look at that"

real talk. 
i like guessing things. i've always had an inclination towards guessing things. 
"oh, i wonder who his voice actor is...matt mercer?"
and i would be right. it would be matt mercer.

i've been wrong though.
"i probably did terrible on my chemistry exam."
after struggling all year, i got an 89 on my chem exam.
i couldn't be happier.
Jun 26

mi familia

the best thing we probably do is get our annual illegal fireworks and set them off on the fourth of july. now they're not legal, since ny is wacky like that, but it's fun to see people's reactions

what ties us together? we're a military family.
my cousin is a marine, the other a national guardsman, another is married to an active airsman in alaska. my dad's a vet, so is my aunt. we always get together for memorial day and forth of july and just hang out at my grandma's house. i get to pet her dogs. life's good.
Jun 20

a noche

Jun 20

A Song, an Awakening - J

Julio was scared, to say the least.
The plan had gone haywire, and now he was stuck in a dark, cramped cell with people he didn't know.
Where was Ravi?
Someone was holding his hand, shivering and crying next to him - a girl named Ara, who'd been bought with him what felt like weeks ago, even though it had only been days.
"It'll be alright," he said quietly, eyes searching the darkness for something to hope for. But there was nothing.
"Really?" He looked back down to Ara, and she looked hopeful. He had to swallow down his doubt.
There had to have been at least a dozen other people in this small cell. The air smelled of mildew and sweat and blood. Someone had had their arm broken, right? For disobeying the guards? Julio couldn't recall.
Ravi was supposed to be here by now. To get him out of here. No one knew what was going on, but the dried blood on the floor wasn't an encouraging sign.
Jun 20


it was a blt, i think
my grandma had made it.
i don't know if she'd ever made one before, but i could find not faults in something created with love. 
the bacon was warm, the mayo was perfect, the tomatoes were fresh from outside. the bread was well-toasted, each bite a crunch of flavor.
it was amazing.