Nov 08

A Shared Flag

this gsa of mine
isn't a waste of time

the time i spend 
gives me friends

the words i say
will always stay

among these people
we are all equal

coming out
gives doubt

that we are not
really people; 

the opposition we face
the toil, the disgrace

makes some stop trying
makes some start crying

but here we are
shining like a star

this flag we wave
makes all of us brave

brings us all together
as one.
Nov 06


my classmate
so lighting up the room
so speaking with energy, passion

why can i not be like that?

my classmate
so hated by some
so loved by all?

is that me?

my classmate
knowing everyone
talking to anyone

she's so social.

my classmate
musically talented
musically blessed

i wish it were me.

my classmate
absorbing knowledge
scoring high on tests

that could've been me.

my classmate
breaking down under pressure
crying during class

that sounds so familiar.
Nov 06


Nov 06


those flowers
woven into a crown
sitting upon your golden hair
have finally fallen.

those stones
the color of waves
that matched your beautiful eyes
skipped the water.

those vines
twirling to the ground
that you'd swing on
rotted into nothing.

my dear,
even though
you have left nothing
here on this earth

know that
i love you.
Nov 02


Oct 31

There's Something

There's something in these autumn leaves
that makes me wish for next year more.

There's something in these orange colors
that makes me look forward to what's in my drawer.

There's something in these blowing winds
that makes me feel like I should soar.

There's something in this season we're in
that makes me glad to be alive.
Oct 23


clawing at my skin

it doesn't feel real.

scraping away the mud

i'm trapped.

my nails become useless.

what happened to me?

and suddenly
i awake,
i'm not trapped anymore.
there's none of that choking mud
that suffocating air
those heavy words.

i'm free
in these bedsheets 
of mine.

away from the bad dreams
the good dreams
and the paralysis.

ah, ah..
the darkness is coming again.

i can't see.
Oct 18

Guns in School

"Please protect us!" 
we cry, 
our hands reaching through
the windows of our school
that could quickly
become bars.

the door behind us opens,
slamming against the wall.

we begin to scream.

"help us!"

there's no help, none at all.

there's only arguing
from everyone on the other side
of those windows.

"it's videogames turning kids violent,"
we hear,
as bullets fly past us.

"restrict gun ownership!"
they say,
as we fall onto the floor.

"let teachers carry firearms,"
they suggest,
as we meet our maker.

even when we're gone
there's no solution.

those that survived are shaking.
those that didn't are restless.
the one that shot us
shot himself
soon after.

whose fault is it?

the debate continues as the body count rises.
Oct 16

Frame of Mind

a/n: this song is really sad, at least to me. this is based on entirely my own thoughts of the piece.
For now, you can stay 
Right here, we will play
Until somehow you can find
A slightly different frame of mind

"Anna! Do you wanna play again?" I asked her. The girl was sitting on my floor, like always. She looked up, a sad smile on her face.

"Charles, you know I can't anymore," she replied, standing. Her pigtails were more disheveled than usual, hanging off the sides of her head loosely. "You need to let me go."

"No! I don't want to! I want to play with you!" I picked up a doll, walking over to her. I held it out. "Please?"

She sighed, then reached out for the doll. "Okay. But not for long, though."

I smiled. 

We played.
Right here in my arms
Away from all harm
You'll be safe from all the flares
Oct 08