Jul 02

A short blurb

Her slight smile, her loving gaze. They both made sure my eyes followed her every move.
"You know I love you, right?" She asked, her metal legs hugging the branch beneath her. The tree beneath us swayed in the light breeze. With it, her long silver hair trailed in the wind and the red flower matching her lips shivered behind her ear.
"Of course I know, how couldn't I?" I chuckled, straddling the same branch. Her smile widened and she leaned over to hug me, the smell of lilies coming too.
"Alys..Thank you, for everything. You gave me all of this. Without you, I might have died." She pulled back, holding my face in her hands. Her green eyes were serious as they looked into mine. "Why did you save me that day?"
"Because you looked so helpless. A person should never be helpless," I responded, letting out a breath. Her hands dropped and her eyes looked away. "Besides, no one should stay locked up forever."
Jul 02

Julio's Thing (Title is a WIP, bear with me please)


Main Character 1 - 
Name: Julio Ranion
Age: 17
Birthday: 7th of June
Affiliation: The Academia at Baise
Occupation: Halves' Agent - half-cat scout
Home Country: Belund
Physical Description: Blond hair falling to his chin; color changing eyes, pale skin. 115 lbs, 5'4 in height. Slight build.
Most Noticeable Features: Grey/silver cat ears and a tail of the same color. 
Personality: Protective, curious, kind. Tends to be docile unless provoked.
Other: Knows magic, but using too much makes him pass out. He has strong legs and a sensitive nose. He's vulnerable to pheromones and that gets him into a lot of trouble.

Main Character 2 -
Name: Ravilo Academia Seca
Age: 17
Birthday: 12th of December
Affiliation: The Academia at Baise
Jul 02