Jul 07

Crosshatch - II

Waking up was hard. The room was almost too bright for my eyes.
When I tried to sit up, I could hardly support myself with my right arm. And that's the good one.
As I looked around the room, blearily blinking away unconsciousness, I found the reason it was so bright. Two of the walls were large panes of glass, showing the outside world.
It was the one I'd seen from the crystalline pool.
Vines wove through terraces, slipping through holes and around bars, blooming wherever it suited them in splotches of blue, purple, and pink. More plants lay outside all the buildings I could see, their flowers every color of the rainbow. Trees were beyond the buildings and the road I could see, dotting the blue sky with green. The buildings were white and pristine, with no cracks upon their surfaces.
Jul 07


Jul 06

a hill

Jul 06

Crosshatch - I

It's not me.
I don't do this.
I don't kill people.
But now they're blaming me for it.
I have to run.
But there's nowhere for me to go.


Trying to hide in the woods when you're running from specially trained hunters is not the best idea.
My lungs were about to give out. Soon to follow were my legs.
Blood leaked from various small wounds - pricked by a thorn, whapped with a branch, strumbling and gashing my knee on a rock. I didn't think I'd be able to run much further, not with half my clothes torn off. My broken coat flapped in the wind and at my speed.
I stopped for a moment, despite the fact it might kill me. Swinging off the torn swathe of fabric, it caught in the sudden breeze and was flung into a tree.
Jul 06

crosshatch outline

yay another outline ;

kloss ; human
a fireheaded boy. his girlfriend died in front of him, he was framed for her murder, and had to run out of town.
sixteen, seventeen maybe? easily impressionable and hurt. gets jealous quickly and is easily surprised.
has antibodies against what the march wants to do to him. it causes him pain nonetheless.

acroste ; asiid
the more cooler-headed of the two, he's lived his life in silvest with little to no outside contact with the world.
about the same age as kloss, he cares for everyone in silvest. is good with medicine and sometimes has trouble hiding his emotions.
has a soft spot for injured beings, especially animals.

neka ; asiid
a girl with a gigantic green thumb. she has flowers and vines growing in her hair, and she cares for them tenderly.
Jul 05


Jul 03


dear america:

don't get me wrong. i love you.
my family has fought for you. my friends have, too.
i've lived here my entire life, and i've only been treated with kindness and respect.
i have a warm bed. i have a loving, whole family. i have a place to go when i get tired. i have food and water. i'm comfortable.

there are some who are not as fortunate as i.
there are some who have been taken from their family at the border;
some who have lost their loved ones to drug abuse and addictions;
some who are homeless after being scammed and lost all they have.

there are some people that are beaten to death for standing up to their rights
there are some that are working on plantations until they lose consciousness.
there are some that are thrown into jail for the same crime someone else only pays a small fine for.
Jul 03

Dance Like You Mean It!

who cares if your shoes hurt your feet! dance!
spin around, dive, and dip
or sway, if you've really gotta
just dance!

keep with the beat,
don't get off it;
it doesn't matter if you've got a partner
just stay on beat!

swish your hips around
slowly make your way to the floor
and pick yourself back up
keep it going, spread it around!

low lights, it's midnight,
who cares? you're having fun
you're number one when the clock strikes twelve
oh god, it's midnight!

you've been at this for hours,
maybe you've got a headache,
but that's alright
you can keep on going for even longer!
Jul 01


A large party always needed a buffbot, right?
That was typically Krita's job.
With his staff, he'd always recite some incantation or other to help the rest of the party, most of which included buff, angry men who desperately needed a shower.
The only highlight of being with them was probably the money. People paid good coin for a group of thugs to beat up a group of slightly meaner thugs.
Also, the fact that his longtime friend, Akir, came with him.
Currently, the group of them all marched on some nameless road, heading for the cave of some well-known bandits that had been terrorizing the nearby town of Lacenstre recently. There was nameless groaning and grumbling, of course, but nothing that their leader, Krem, would punish them for. He held them together with the guarantee of food, money, and women.
Jun 29

watching them go

i'll be a senior next year. i'm scared.
i'm watching on the school's site right now, watching my friends cross the stage and shake hands
i'll see a few of them over the summer, yes
but it's not the same
there's foreign students going back to their country
norway, italy, germany

there's our principal, mr. b, saying 'congratulations'
my senior friends, walking to get their diplomas
families cheering and shouting with joy.
this time next year, i'll be on the stage,
shaking hands, walking into my next stage of life.

i'll be hearing my name said, my family clapping
my grandma crying and my grandpa looking proud
am i ready?
i don't know.
i have a year to decide. 

congrats, class of 2019!