Apr 10
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This is you last chance

This is your last chance
It's looking bad at bad at first glance
The home team doesn't have a chance
The umpire is from Southern France

They need 3 runs to win the game
The coach needs to file an insurance claim
The 1st baseman's in the hall of fame
If they lose that'd be a shame

Full count two outs, bottom nine
The pitcher is very fine
Down be three
Everyone getting that Vitamin D

The pitcher winds up and delivers to pitch
The batter the batter surely must have a twitch
The batter hits a grand slam
And the crowd goes bam!

Apr 05
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My 7-9-7 Haiku

Apr 05
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The Middle East

Turkey is in the Middle East
Bake a loaf of bread with yeast

Turkmenistan is there too
Collector of internal revenue

To the Middle East my dad once went
Breach of trust with fraudulent intent

The Middle East is very hot
I do prefer the dried apricot

Go swimming in Syria
Don't get cyanobacteria 

From the Gaza Strip I cannot fly
And this is where I say goodbye

May 16
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Look! A Unicorn!

Steve’s bad habit is doing meth
With a pretty girl named Beth
One day him and Beth
We're doing some meth
They drove their car
Very very far
Into a pond
Beth was blonde

Jim’s bad habit is ecstasy
With a girl named Mary
They ran around
And got throw down
Hit by a car
They are now afar

Bob’s bad habit is LSD
While swimming in the Dead Sea
Bob couldn't think straight
He thought he saw a gate
But he drowned in the water
He has a daughter

Steve, Jim and Bob are dead
Don't do stuff to mess up your head

Apr 21
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The Big Green House

Once there was a house
It was big and green
I thought I saw a mouse
I’m not seventeen

The house was grand
It stood quite tall
You’d understand
The great big fall

The tale with the mansion
Started with a boy
He had an expansion
Of his favorite toy

So he went to fly it
On the big roof
He had a fit
And he went ooof!

And he slipped off the place
He was flying down
Just like in space
Traveling speed of sound

Down went the boy
He was sadly dead
Helen of troy
His name was Fred
Apr 21
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I went to
An amazing
In time
When people lived
In peace

One day
I saw a person
Living in
A hole like a mole

Others are
Living Laughing Lying Loving
And the person
Is there
In a place
A faraway place

I realized
If I could
Some way
Be Good

I guess
I will help

I say

Have some
And some
So you are not
So you do not

Thank you


Apr 20
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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is good
It is fun to eat
Better than wood
My name is not Pete

Creamy or Chunky
Pesticides or organic
African green monkey
Automobile Mechanic

You can put it on toast
Or an english muffin
But no need to roast
My english puffin

Peanut butter and jelly
Or just plain Peanut butter
It gives me a big belly
Linoleum cutter

Hope this gets published
It was fun to write
It is not rubbish
Have a good night

Apr 19
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Apr 19
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Edmunds Middle School

Edmunds Middle School
It is very cool

White and navy blue
Great grey kangaroo

Ipads are fun and free
Battle of the Bismarck Sea

We have to go to class
Relative molecular mass

The kids are very bad
I like Sir Galahad

Teams are Phoenix, Infinity, and Evolution
Depository Financial Institution

The teachers are mean
They like to drink gasoline

We have to learn to write
But we prefer to fight

Edmunds Middle School says hi
And to you I will say bye

Apr 18
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iPads are very fun
Thompson Submachine gun

Download a fun app
And go to the Cumberland gap

Listen to some songs
And bang some gongs

Text people you know
Babylonian weeping willow

Look at the good weather
Pat a contour feather

You can surf the web
Take a trip to Zagreb

You can waste your time
Algerian centime

You overspend?
Guess this is the end