Feb 22

The Memories

You can still hear the whispers right now if you listen,
A rustle of old decrative tissue paper,
Or the sound of a knife hitting velvet lined surfaces.
And always the never ending windchime crackle that lifts the hairs of the back of a dog's neck.
They like to keep house in photographs,
Which is why there are less of them now.
But they're still there,
Eyes burning into the back of your head as you look the other way,
A twich on your arm in the night when you though it was just your hair falling to the side as you toss and turn because you can't shake the feeling your being watched.
A quiet living room with the TV muted as you try to breathe deeply,
But something quite like dust suffocates you,
Inabling you to breathe.
A musty smell you knew wasn't part of your room seeping into the walls.
Whispers you hear the when you put your ear to the pillow and the second you take lift your head,
They're gone.
Feb 22
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Hide Me Here

Feb 22


Picture a bird,
A little black raven,
Silky winged and hopeful,
With big brown eyes taking in everything.
In a vintage,
Bird cage.
She sings a constant song,
In a low,
Crooning voice.
A ballad of love, and heartbreak,
Of freedom into the world she wishes to explore.
One afternoon, a key inserts itself into the lock of her cage and she bursts out,
Overjoyed and ready to take on an adventure.
She flies through the window,
Her captor calling "come back!"
But she doesn't.
Her friends circle around her in a wonderful haze of compasion and loyalty,
And they all burst into a beautiful song,
Sparows and blue jays, gold finches and humming birds, even a falcon, trailed with a few red wing black birds.
They fly in a massive cloud above the town,
Leaving not a peep behind them.
But as the night grows darker,
A storm grows heavy with rain.
They try to take shelter,
Feb 22

Peter Pan

From the second the intro song started,
A flood of memories came back.
I remembered each and every version of Peter Pan I'd ever seen.
As the animated characters that I've kept in my heart for so long fly across Never Land,
I soar right next to them,
Singing along with the lost boys.
I suprise myself in remembering every scene,
Sometimes saying the lines under my breath.
And although I no longer wish to marry Peter Pan as I did when I was six,
I still wish I could run away and be the first lost girl.
How I would love to fight pirates and and race Tinker Bell along the skyline,
Not a care in the world,
I would forget my old life and never grow up.
And as the ending scene starts where Peter flies the pirate ship across the moon,
I feel myself touching the past with a whisp of my hair,
Reaching out to the six year old girl who was so obsessed with this Never land,
Jan 20


What do you see each day?
Besides a million corpes of the young and old,
Human and animal.
What is it like to take their last breath,
And breathe in the smell of smoke or ashes or sick?
    Carry them away.
Take them,
Keep them safe,
Soothe their shaking shoulders,
Calm their troubled minds,
And continue your job.
     Are they all,
In death, small and unoticable?
Or do they carry their spirits in a certain scent,
A spicy pepermint for that girl over there with the pale blonde hair,
A scent of old books for the older woman you met last night.
The man in the corner,
Surely smells of woodstove smoke,
Just as the young lady left outside in the rain smells of unlit cigars.
     As the sun light moves across the sky,
So people are dying,
Falling over and groaning in pain.
The moon rises to more deaths,
In sickly slumber.
     Does the old man joyfully come with you,
Jan 20


I'm following you,
Even when it gets dark out.
I can't turn back then,
I leave you,
Only to dream of you every night.
And to wake up in the morning,
My heart frostebitten.
I protect you,
Use my words to run to safety from misunderstanding.
Use all my words until I can't speak.
Living for your praise,
Lift me high on your praise.
It's all I have.
And still we don't touch,
Not a hand,
Nor a hug.
When sometimes the only thing I want is your embrace.
Your slim,
Willow of a form makes you seem meek.
Your eyes always look like their about to cry.
But you are strong,
And you don't need me.
Jan 20


I like to close my eyes,
And think of how everything could be different.
I like to weigh the pros and cons of all of you,
To see which one really is the best.
My cat sleeps on my shoulder,
And purrs.
She jumps and hits my arm with her outstreched paw when I turn the page of my book.
That's what this bruise is from.
I lie in my bed and cry,
Pity myself,
And hate the world.
I laugh when I'm with you,
And Always,
That makes me happy.
Dec 16

A Hunger Games Parody

The first few days
Tomorrow I hope I'm still alive.
And with luck,
Everyone else will be dead.
And I will come home to be showered with gifts and praise.
I'll never have to be hungry agian.
The next few days
Tomorrow I hope I'll have some water.
Because I'm soo thirsty,
A drop of rain would be the best thing I've ever seen.
And some food wouldn't hurt.
Only five competitors left
Tomorrow I hope I win.
I hope to see my family again,
To hug my little sibling's,
Skinny, hungry bodies.
If I die, they won't survive.
Down to the final three
I hope,
I never sleep,
Such nightmares as these would make me want to die.
But I must,
Soldier on.
These delusions will never stop, even if I win.
Tomorrow will be better,
Tomorrow I h-
Dec 16
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Tomorrow I hope,
That I don't mess up,
Or cry.
I hope I have time to breathe.
Not Suffocate,
Or smother
I hope
There's just enough people
So the lines are right again,
And I can hold your hand
For the first time
In months.
I hope I'm not hoping that.
I hope it doesn't make me cry,
If it happens.
I hope my voice doesn't 
I hope I make an impression.
Dec 13

To All the Confusing People in My Life

To the first one,
Yesterday you talked to me,
For the first time since after.
And it was because I was so sick I was shaking and crying and fell asleep in a corner of our classrom
(Which isn't like a normal classroom and has pillows all piled up in a corner)
And everyone was checking in on me.
And you asked if I was okay.
You must have been really worried if you bothered to talk to me.
But today you talked to me too,
I find myself asking if we could be together again.
Please stop messing with my brain.
To the complicated one,
I miss you too much.
You sneak into my dreams too much.
And when your sad, the whole world is sad.
You make me laugh more than anything else,
But you make me cry too.
Just not when you're there.
I cry because all the times you've said something mean,
You crush my shred of self confidence.
But somehow I find myself taking your side in aurguments.