Jan 08
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The Gift of Giving

Big or small
I like to give the gift of giving
Sometimes it's more a gift for me than for them
'It's the thought that counts'
People scoff, they say,
"Too sentimental!
You're mental!"
I know I'm mental.
I like to get a thing or two,
I won't try to hide that fact.
In fact
This or that
I like to give things, too.
Of the gift
Seeing their happy face
Gives me a happy face.
So give and get,
Get and give,
Take you're share,
There's more to live
Than just genorosity
But give out genorosity
"Get your genorosity!"
I've got lots to spare,
So share!
Jan 08
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The Owl

The owl looked at me.
I don't think he saw me
sitting in the silver car twice as old as me.
Watching it
I was worried.

The owl was trying to free his foot
I thought,
the little talon looked stuck
in a hassock of weeds
on the side of the empty, thoughtless road.
So he didn't see me
sitting in my puffy blue coat I complain about.
He was worried.

The owl flapped frantically as we drove carelessly by,
a few thoughts passing through my numb head
until I saw that splash of off-white feathers.
I don't think he saw me
sitting in the front seat,
an old novelty now.

The owl was alone
when we slowed to a stop.
We weren't sure what to do,
try to help him?
Call a game warden?
I was worried
but I don't think he saw me
because he was even more worried.

The owl had eyes
a million miles wide
and deep
Jan 06
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Sidewalk Basketball

Against the concrete
Bounce a little more.
The orange disk flies
From hand to feet
Bounce out the mad and angry
Leave it on the sidewalk
Let it stick to some one else's shoe.
Bounce, bounce Repeat.
Pound against the worry
Pound against the fear
Repeat again.
Bounce up and down
Faster and faster
Lift up the corners of the line on your face
Bounce again,
Bounce again.
All that's left of the orange heat
(Bounce head to feet)
Is this neon 
Nov 06
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I'm a writer

I know I am a writer
Because I love to write
It's the thing I (sometimes) know I was meant to do.
I know I am a writer
Because when I play piano
I unconsciously am thinking up stories
About the different notes
And I realise
Once I've played the piece for the millionth time
Halfway through.
I know I am a writer
Because when I do math
I do the same thing
The numbers are my friends 
I pity them and rejoice in their joy
The world of algebra
peopled by those friends of mine.
I know I am a writer
Because I sometime narrate my life in my head
Not always
But sometimes.
I know I'm a writer
because occasionaly when someone says something
I add my own ending to their words, to the paragraph in the book that is my life.
I don't know I'm a writer
Because there are so many other wonderfull things to do
And sometimes I get overinthusiastic
Oct 13
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For You

I put on my too-small boots
I haven't worn them in a year
I put them on for you.
I tramped through the forest
Just to find those berries
I was only enthusiastic for you.
I scratched myself and didn't mind the pain
Only for you.
I stayed up half the night
Boiling those sweet smelling plants
Just for you
For your pleasure
I walked across those kitchen floor boards hundreds of times
Back and forth
Trying extra hard to remember
All the things I forgot
I gave up time
I could have spent
With you
I'll be spending it with dishes my sister should be washing
But I'll know
I did it for you.
For you
So that I could walk through the aisles of frozen food,
Feet aching
To find just the right ingrediants
For my love letter cooked 
From my heart to your rude
I paced back and forth
I was panicked and frazzled
Trying to remember
Oct 10
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Are the people who have control
The people that no one ever explains
Because it's just so obvious
To no one, when you come to think of it.
Have brilliant ideas
And are terrible Tyrants
No one knows who
They are
Sep 24
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try and fail, try and succeed (hopefully)

Aug 08
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Small Girl's Jouney

Small girl walks
to take her turn at last,
to quench her thirst.

Small girl wears
a dusty white rag, dirty and ripped from it's journy.

Small girl looks
like a dust moat fairy,
hair in a featherlight knot of dust, feet in a layer of dirty dust, face and arms and legs covered 

Small girl feels
craving water


Aug 06
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I come

I come from New York to Vermont.
I come from Vermont to Vermont.
I come from others.
Icome from myself.
I come from fear to courage
I come from courage to achieve
I come from imagination, into a whole new world.
I come from the deep, up and up,
ready to breath the air.