Aug 29
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When you
Divide the mile you need to walk
By the number of times you’ll take breath
And move forward that one step
You’ll get a lot
A daunting number that is not
Encouraging you to walk.
But when you divide your mile by a lot
You’ll get that one step
That you need to take to walk.

Aug 29
poem 0 comments challenge: General

The Carnival

Stomping rocking rolling brightly colored feathers all together one for all through flight and fall all these people who you don't really know and your friends
Is smelling aromas of food light brightly colored costumes the show is going on and on and on and on forever it seems like but
Finally the fireworks! Your tired souls of feet and spirit lean against each other all the people in that one together mass
Watch the fireworks.


The colors

Spark your memory

Beats and fluid ways of the day all are one, the show, the rhthym, the way we move, together the smells the sights the overstimulation is


(Are beautiful, see them?)

Jul 17
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Summer Girl

Jul 10
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I can't write in a box

I can't write in a box.
Not the big cardboard one waiting to leave with our recycling,
Not the small, ornate, golden tea-box in an antique shop somewhere-or-other
And not the cold metal safe that can travel and appear in every bank at once.
Not any box.
I can't write in a box.

Some boxes my words would overflow
Spilling out the edges and scrambling across the floor.
Some they would feel too small in.
In some they would cluster about each other
Making tight clumps and little knots
They would feel judged
And looked at
By too many molecules of box.
Flammable boxes will not work
My words can be like a ball of fire 
And frozen ice boxes and refridgerators are too cold and unwelcoming.

My letters want to spin themselves into jeweled crowns and beautiful rainbows
My words can weave together and apart
Making shimmering curtains of light
Apr 09
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Dancing Queen by Abba

Apr 09
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Evolution of Poetry

When I was younger
Poems sprouted from my head like little seedlings
I had a swirling ball of creative energy in my head
Pink and blue and purple
Yellow, red, green
Words were everywhere
I could pull them out of the air
Pull anything out of my mind
Give it water, air, sunshine, life

It still glows inside me
But now I know
Lie in corners
Wait in cracks of stone walls
In laughter
In everything
And nothing
And you have to wait
Apreciate them when they come

Sometimes they stay with me
Sometimes they are fleeting moments
Only for myself
Shy, and I get to nurse them to health
pinch the perfect words, and help the bad ones
Some love the spotlight

They lie everywhere
In my head
In the old rocking chair
That new can of paint
My Grandma's hands

But the best ones come from 
Other places
Feb 22

the invisible couple

Jan 08

The Gift of Giving

Big or small
I like to give the gift of giving
Sometimes it's more a gift for me than for them
'It's the thought that counts'
People scoff, they say,
"Too sentimental!
You're mental!"
I know I'm mental.
I like to get a thing or two,
I won't try to hide that fact.
In fact
This or that
I like to give things, too.
Of the gift
Seeing their happy face
Gives me a happy face.
So give and get,
Get and give,
Take you're share,
There's more to live
Than just genorosity
But give out genorosity
"Get your genorosity!"
I've got lots to spare,
So share!
Jan 08

The Owl

The owl looked at me.
I don't think he saw me
sitting in the silver car twice as old as me.
Watching it
I was worried.

The owl was trying to free his foot
I thought,
the little talon looked stuck
in a hassock of weeds
on the side of the empty, thoughtless road.
So he didn't see me
sitting in my puffy blue coat I complain about.
He was worried.

The owl flapped frantically as we drove carelessly by,
a few thoughts passing through my numb head
until I saw that splash of off-white feathers.
I don't think he saw me
sitting in the front seat,
an old novelty now.

The owl was alone
when we slowed to a stop.
We weren't sure what to do,
try to help him?
Call a game warden?
I was worried
but I don't think he saw me
because he was even more worried.

The owl had eyes
a million miles wide
and deep
Jan 06

Sidewalk Basketball

Against the concrete
Bounce a little more.
The orange disk flies
From hand to feet
Bounce out the mad and angry
Leave it on the sidewalk
Let it stick to some one else's shoe.
Bounce, bounce Repeat.
Pound against the worry
Pound against the fear
Repeat again.
Bounce up and down
Faster and faster
Lift up the corners of the line on your face
Bounce again,
Bounce again.
All that's left of the orange heat
(Bounce head to feet)
Is this neon