Feb 21
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Candle Burn!

The match has set aflame the light.

It is time for you to illuminate the night.

Cast dark shapes onto the wall,

I am short, my shadow’s tall

It is not time to scream or shout.

The wick is halfway out.

Red wax drips and pools.

At the base it shines like jewels.

Much too hot to touch.

It really is too much.

But the candle is burning stable

As it sits here on my table.

And I am starting to reckon

It’ll go out any second.

It keeps burning and I begin to doubt.

Then in an instant

Candle Out.
Aug 15
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All the ideas are taken

All the ideas are taken
and I don’t know what I should write.
Being one inch tall and a giant awakens?
Or maybe the power of flight?

No, it’s been done; I’ve seen it before!
To steal their ideas would be theft.
I’m sitting here with an empty page,
but there are simply no ideas left!

You see, Hollywood knows what it’s doing –
rebooting an old film or just making a sequel.
And if that doesn’t work
‘cause they need some green,
who’s to stop them from making a prequel?

But I don’t want to do that.
I want to be new! To make something fresh and exciting.
If I had been born
a hundred years in the past,
I’d have so many ideas for my writing!

Then my 6-year-old bro says,
“Wouldn’t it be cool – the story of an outer space hen?”
And I look at my page, start writing things down,
realizing what a big fool I have been.