Jan 02
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They Weren't Normal Children

    The Kendalls were an interesting family to say the least. The parents were about as normal as they come, but there was just something different about their children. I had been their babysitter for about a year, but they only needed me about once or twice a month when Mr. and Mrs. Kendall went out for a date night. They paid me well, so I kept quiet about how awful their children were when they were out of the house.

    The two children had finally fallen asleep after an hour of me trying to wrestle them into their beds. They had so much energy and were not in the mood to fall asleep, but I started playing a podcast on my phone for them to listen to and they were able to lie down in their beds, listening intently to the story, and eventually, they both drifted off to a state resembling sleep.
Oct 18
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10 Rules

     I live by a series of rules. They keep me going, keep me moving on. Each and every rule must be followed precisely. There is no room for error. Each rule I made to protect myself from getting hurt by others. People are ruthless, and it’s necessary for survival to be as ruthless as them. High School takes the life out of you, and you have to adapt to stay somewhat intact. Sometimes the rules get me in trouble, and my reputation isn’t a desirable one, but I do what I need to do to keep myself from making mistakes twice.

     Rule #1: The most important rule of all, never let anyone in. People too close to your heart will always turn on you and break it.

     I can list off all the times I’ve made this mistake. This rule came later on, one of my last additions, and since then, I haven’t broken it. Letting people in makes it hurt all the more when they finally betray you, which is inevitable.