Oct 19
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every year

every year

family celebration
grandma decorated the house
grandpa lit the stone fireplace
red noses gradually enter the heated home
dressed up as beautifully as the glowing Christmas tree

         warm hugs, wet kisses, tracks of lipgloss on my cheeks

seductive fragrances from the kitchen flatter the senses
parents hectically sprint around the massive oak table
bibs are put on
food gets cut into tiny bites
a quick “thank god”
and the huge banquet is opened
give me the beans, I would like to have the potatoes, no I asked for them first
son-in-law compliments the casserole
father and son discuss about the stock market
aunts share latest gossip
food is shoveled into mouths

         meanwhile in the children’s world
         the air is tense to tear by excitement
         short fidgety legs wiggle under the table
         big pleading eyes - can we get up?
Sep 21
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frequently asked
rarely answered

why do I exist
on this dock
     in this country
         this world

                                                                        i n f i n i t y

                watching the sunset
            feeling the motions of earth
        as if by magic
     it turns peacefully
 without changes

c o n s t a n c y

the thoughts work diligently like ants in my head

     do they
       or do I just think they do
         and now think about that I think about it

                                                                        d i g r e s s i o n
                 look at the sun
a bright red shining emergency exit
to escape                         this world

               again and again