Sep 12

The Tower Falls

On the day the tower fell, I was about to enter the subway tunnels to head home, to my apartment in the heart of Chicago. When I heard a bone-chilling scream. It was filled with anguish and despair. That scream pierced my heart, forever changing me. It died away, and a stiff silence fell over the street. A choked gasp escaped me, as I whirled around and saw this woman kneeling in the street, begging for God to take her instead. She collapsed on the ground, heaving sobs shaking her body. An announcement came over the loudspeakers at the nearby mall, alerting the passerbyers that over 2,000 civilians had been murdered in a series of plane crashes. It began to rattle off names of the fallen. Another voice, this one of a man, let out a gutteral roar, as he smashed a window in his fury. Tears were streaming down his face. One by one, people sank to the ground, utterely defeated. A young man, probably just out of college, was next to me.
Apr 12

Columbine In The Storm

The unforgiving wind batted against the roof, and waves washed into the small wooden hut. The last piece of wood that held the house onto the ground came free, sending it into the storm. Thunder claps engulfed the home, sending furniture flying into the air.
Sapley hung tightly onto a table, fearing for her life. Storms like this came by often and normally all the animals in the were underground by the time it hit. But the loving mouse had stayed because on that fateful night the signs of a storm hadn’t been noticed by her. She had her paw’s full with two little bundles of joy that never slept. A brick could have hit her and she wouldn’t have been aware. How dearly she regretted it.
The strongest gust yet swept through the home, sending Sapley flying through the air. She floundered as waves roared over head, each one threatening to send her to the bottom forever. But she was determined, because she never broke her promises. Especially the wish of her dearest sister.
Apr 12

Winter in a Nutshell

The early-winter’s biting cold strikes me like a hammer. I shiver in the depths of our nest, poked and scratched by razor-sharp nettles. My thoughts drift to last night, as Casia and the kids had settled down for bed. Sasha had told us that a winter storm was coming. I told her don’t be foolish. Alan asked to sleep with me for warmth. I said don’t be weak. I sent them back to bed. I was hungry and wanted to get away from them, so I went to our food store, deep in the tree. Tired from the day's work, I had floated off into an uneasy sleep. Now I stare at my family, frozen where they slept. I only made it because of my greed and selfishness. My last words to them were ones of anger. My guilt claws at my insides. I make the leap. *Thud*
Apr 03

Alternate Ending (The Giver)

    Jonas awoke from a restless sleep, filled with nightmares of faceless people attacking him and ripping Gabe from his arms. His clothes were stained with tears, but Gabe was still wrapped tight in his arms, shivering. The rain hadn’t stopped, but they had managed to find a tree with long arms stretching around them to keep them drier. Damp and shivering, Jonas attempted to stand but fell to his knees from exhaustion. Gabe whimpered, reaching weakly for an unseen figure. Jonas picked him up again, startled at how cold he had grown. Jonas tucked Gabe into his shirt as he had seen his father do so many times before.
Apr 03

Mystery of Theon

Montem Ardere;
          Theon, the unknown island. Everyone born here lives here and dies here. And everyone that lives and dies here was born here. No maps tell of us, to the world we don't exist. Teal waters on the coastline sparkle in the sunlight, under skies of crystalline blue. In the north is uninhabitable mountains, but stretching from the foothills in the northeast to the northwest is beach. On the beach live the rich and poor, in castles, palaces, shacks and tents. The south beach is called Naomi, the west Gagalo, the east Yura. In the center of it all is Montem Ardere, burning mountain. It is surrounded on the east and south by a desert that stretches to Yura and Naomi. And to the west are the  little mountains that also border Gagalo. It is virtually unreachable. But the beachfolk are fine with that.
Feb 20

Down in the Hollow

The green grass was peeking it's head above the snow. Bird song gently woke the animals in the hollow from a peaceful slumber. The sun was waking too, stretching it's red, orange, yellow, and purple arms across the sky. From a fallen log some ants crawled to meet the dawn. The short whiskered nose of a bobcat poked out of a cave, and if you squinted your eyes you could make out the shadows of it's cubs. The antelope stood tall, silhoutted against the sun. Her baby stumbled into her legs, then got his bearings and stood proud beside her mother. Warm light now bathed the hollow, flooding it with a beautiful glow.
Feb 04

Lost in a Blizzard

“I am- sorry I have no time to explain. Help. I am lost. Cold horrible darkness blankets me. Icy winds bit, hail clings to my clothes, a chill is in my spine. Snow whips across my face. Piles and mounds grow, it seems like the grass will never show. I’m caught in a blizzard, I need to be shown the way. I know I am but a lonely soul, yet may mercy come to me.” She gazes upward, her eyes following the light message, hoping that someone, somewhere, will hear her. Shivering, she bundles up tighter still. She falls to her knees, as images swarm her head, overwhelming her. Her sweet Mama, never appreciated, running from the Tiger, falling to her feet. She remembers pounding on the glass cage, smelling the guard’s foul breath, numb with grief. No one was willing to help her ma, a poor handmaiden. Now she sees Papa, waving goodbye as he set off to his work, mining near the Void, which was created by the bombs from the Great War.
Nov 27

Silly Sam

Here he comes, it's Silly Sam.
With no crown for a hat, mearly a pan.

He's king of cards from May 2003.
But he is as happy as can be.

The chess pieces frown,
But they, not he, are feeling down.

The checkers laugh,
but he does the math,
and he is much more joyful.

The lesson here,
is while others may peer,
you are just fine.

With a smile on your face,
a laugh sets them in place.
those who scowl are the only disgrace.
Nov 27
poem 0 comments challenge: Fourth

This Is Not A Story

Hello reader! This is not a story.
There are no heroes with powers, or evil witches in towers.
So you can leave. Go. Shoo.
There is nothing here for you.

No damsels telling tales of woe, or knights riding, ladies in tow.
There are no frogs to become princes, or a huge crab that pinces.
No matter how hard ou wish, there will be no magical dish.

The dragons aren't here, no funky boats out on the pier.
You are still here?
Still around?
My, your stubborness does astound.

But there is nothing waiting for you, no secret treasure, not even a shoe.
I am tired, go away.
I wish to rest for the day.

What's that you say?
Do not delay!
For you have got a story to tell.