Nov 14

Ridiculous Hall

The blood rises in their faces. Sweat leaves their palms clammy. Breathing grows more rapid, opening their mouths to argue.
"I just can't believe YOU think I'M the angry one!" They yells, fuming at the thought.
"YES" Zi screams, "I'm not angry and YOU are!" The hairs on Zi's neck are on end.
They stomps their foot, as if to say 'Why don't you get it?!?!' They takes a deep breath and then shouts "I'M NOT ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Glass is heard shattering somewere around them, but they takes no notice.
"NOOOOOOOOOO" Zi rasps, sore throated and still infuiriated, "YOU ARE!!!".
Then as suddenly as it started, both stop stamping and screaming. They stare, as if in a daze.
It dawned on the duo what had just occured. To this day it is Rididulous Hall.
Oct 22


*Snap* The camera clicks away, and after what seems like forever and evermore,
"That's a rap!" he calls.
I release the breath I was holding, and stretch my stiff face. 
~~~~~ 5 Hours Earlier ~~~~
Powder, cream, lipstick, mascara, my real face doesn't show through.
This dress is to tight, suck it in, suck it in.
Don't show your true form.

Sequins, glitter, bright and dark.
Getting it on is only half the battle.
Sit like this, hold like that, UGH!

The man says look thoughtful, humored.
Just smile, frown, and stare.
Sit up look left, right, and down.

The pictures start flo​wing, I should be glowing.
Proud of who I've become.

But I wonder, why am I doing this?
Oct 22

Dæmon Girl

Keep your head down. Don't make eye contact. Stay in the shadows. And never draw attention to yourself. Ever. They tell me that everyday. I hate who I am. I'm a mistake, a creature that wasn't meant to happen. I'm a dæmon, a Shifting Being. One dæmon is born every blue moon, and will create a new era, by either saving or destroying the world. Normally the dæmon is trained by the monks, and worshipped to avoid the dæmon destroying.

Yet I'm a mistake. I have a twin, Zye. He was born, and immediately started shifting. The was a big celebration, for the dæmon had arrived. But then merely minutes later, I was born. Twins are rare in our world. But I was shifting all the while. I wasn't supposed to be a dæmon. Yet here I am. So while Zye is at the temple, trying to find the little switch in his head to start a new era, I wander the streets. An outcast.
Oct 08

The Other Weasley

Stuttering. stumbling, I race around the house. Forgotten this, don't need that, didn't even see it.
Standing on the platform, looking at them all. Red and Yellow, capes a flutter, shining in the light.
How will I keep up with them? One saves the world, one saves the dragons. Two at the top of their game, two always playing a game.
What if I came back home, wearing green, and not gold? Will they shriek, will they cry?
It's to late to turn back now, boarding the train at last. My heart is pounding in my chest, what to do, o' what to do?
Fidgeting in the line, waiting for the hat. At last they call me up, I stumble for the stool.
'GRYFFINDOR!' It cries, I feel I'm safe at last.
But my journey has only begun.

My journey
has only
Sep 12

On the Dock

I wish I could fly away.
                 Far, far, away.

Away from the hurt, and the pain.
                Away from the give, but never the gain.

Along the border I would walk
               The border of love and hate

The place I call home nevermore.
               The place I was never set free.

Was I even meant to be?
               What if I'm a mistake?

If I can't spread my wings,
               If I can't fly,

What gives me the reason,
             Not to die?

Because here.
On the dock.

I.    Am.     Free.

Sep 12

First Day Fiasco

Tossing, turning, I just can't fall back asleep. I look over my shoulder and nearly curse. It's still only 2:00am, but it feels like I've been lying here for 100 hours. I begin to roll over, but stop myself not wanting to roll into my brother. He decided to sleep in my bed because he was nervous for his first day. But when I look, he's not there. Confused, I take in a breath to stand up, and gag, realizing at once what had happened. Touching were he was confirms it. He had wet the bed, and deserted me. This time I really do curse. I sigh, and shuffle out of bed. I go into my parents room and collapse on the bed. All of a sudden I'm exhausted, and fall right asleep