May 03
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As I walk through my neighborhood,
I smell sweet drops of rain.
They fall slowly, and ricochet
Off my shoulder, down my arm.

The dirt begins to surrender
Itself to the water.
I hear the rain pick up,
And it begins to pour.
Massive raindrops fall, leaving
Tiny waves in the muddy puddles.

As I look around, I see
Branches slowly swaying with
The light gusts of wind.
I see a worm, coming up for air,
Leaving it’s flooded city behind.

And I see the sun…
Revealing itself shyly, as if it’s embarrassed.
She brings with her the most vibrant rainbow.

The perfect apology.

Apr 23
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July 11th, 2014

April 29th, 2014
She was admitted into the hospital today. She flat lined tonight, and we thought we lost her. The doctors brought her back. She's in the ICU now. Room #1. There are no windows, and the room is basically a prison. 

May 5th, 2014
She went into surgery today. It was a risky one, but she made it through. She isn't giving up.

May 7th, 2014
She finally switched rooms. She's settling into room #7, still in the ICU. The room has many windows, is spacious, and it's on the corner of the building. 

May 30th, 2014
She is going under the knife again. I'm very scared for her. 

May 31st, 2014
She made it through the surgery. I am overjoyed. 

June 15th, 2014
She moved around today. I heard they got her out of bed and put her into a chair. She has a bunch of "Get Well Soon" cards propped up on the window sill. 

June 30th, 2014
Apr 11
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As winter ends, and the snow begins to melt, 
I prepare to show myself. 

I start as a seed, the size of a freckle. 
With the perfect amount of water, 
and a little sunlight, I begin to sprout.
Small leaves show as my stem grows.
I am surrounded by bleeding hearts,
And forget-me-nots that are barely identifiable.

And then I truly begin to blossom.
My stem grows past the forget-me-nots,
Past the bleeding hearts,
Past every other flower in the garden.
Until I'm 100 feet above the ground. 

I am a giant rose, surrounded by infinite colors. 
I stand taller than the man that planted me, 
Taller than the house he built with his wife,
Taller than the hill that sits in the background.
I sway with the wind, afraid to fall all the way down.

Still, I am stable. 
Still, I am powerful. 
And through it all, I remain a seed.
The size of a freckle.

Apr 04
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My Home

They say Home is where the heart is...
By that logic, I am Home. 
My Home leads me in the best direction.
Home is the drive to leave this town.

Home knows what is best.
Home knows where is best.
Home knows who is best.

A Home keeps it's distance,
But you know it's always there.
A Home is a place inside 
That will always accept you.
A Home will never leave you,
Even when you ignore her for far too long.

A Home isn't where you grew up,
Or the town you were born in.
A home is wherever you are. 

I used to think that "home" was where
Your favorite person was.
I used to think that my heart was 
Where my parents were.

Now I know that my heart isn't
With my parents.
My parents are with my heart.
And they live safe and sound,
Inside their little Home, 
Our little Home.

Mar 28
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The wind outside is blowing the snow into a mini frenzy. I wish it were bright Autumn leaves swirling.
I see the snowman my little brother made early this morning. I wish it would melt right in front of my eyes.
I see my mother outside painting the icicles frozen off the roof. I wish she would paint the bright blue sky.
I see my dad snowblowing the driveway. I wish he was raking the leaves into a large pile. 
The wind outside has stopped, yet I still wish it were Autumn. 
For I know, the wind will return. And with it, the bone-chilling cool of winter. 

Mar 11
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New Friend

I applied for the job of Hailey's imaginary friend. She just turned three, and is feeling a little lonely without a friend. I can be her new friend. 
I scored an interview for the job of Hailey's imaginary friend. I'm good with kids, and good at hiding from parents. I should be her new friend. 
I got hired as Hailey's new imaginary friend. We make sheet forts, and have tea parties together. I am her new friend.
Mar 08
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We hear the weather warnings telling us to leave town.
"We can hold our own as long as we're together." Says dad. 
The storm is bigger than expected, but he's still fearless.
We gather in the basement with our emergency supplies, 
That we bought not a week before. 
My mother pulls us all close, and holds on with all her might,
As if this storm were here just to take us.
My dad is telling us not to worry, but with a small tremble in his voice.
He's scared I observe silently. Should I be scared? I think to myself. 
Dad gets up and joins our little huddle.
He whispers to mom, "We're getting through this. As a family." 

Glass plates crash onto the cement floor, as the lightbulb 
Flickers on and off at rapid speed. 
The perfectly stacked firewood begins to roll into the old bookcase,
BOOM! The bookcase is flat on the ground, and the lightbulb is officially out. 
Feb 25
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Last week, I adopted a cat named Chester. He was orange with stripes, and had blazing green eyes. When I first brought him home, I realized he was very expressive. He would give me the strangest looks. I never saw him look at anyone else the way he looked at me. With such anger in his eyes. He scowled at me until the day I forgot to feed him. I left for work one day, completely oblivious to the fact that I was responsible for feeding this little guy. I left not one drop of food, and he noticed. But when I got home, he wasn't angry. He wasn't glaring at me like he had done the day before. He was just sitting there on the couch, pleading with his eyes. He looked so unbelievably sad. His eyes welled up, as he let out a small sound. I quickly race to the cat food, and then to Chester's bowl. He looks at me so thankfully, and I do the same to him. He's finally warmed up to me I think, as I pet his back. I watch as he finishes his food.
Feb 14
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The darkness

I slowly come back to myself. I feel dazed from what, I haven't a clue. My world feels like it's spinning out of control. I'm in a sea of nothing, yet everything at the same time. "Where am I?" I wonder aloud, talking to no one but myself. I cannot pick out a singular detail of where I am, but I know for sure where I'm not: home. I went to sleep in my bed, I'm sure of it. I have never had a tendency of sleepwalking, so how did I get here? The world around me seemed to be fading. Like I'm losing myself to find the world. "Maybe I'm dreaming, I have to be dreaming!" I scream into the void that is now my surroundings. I should be scared, but I'm not. I should be running far away, but my legs won't move. Am I standing in quicksand, or am I just paranoid? This is a dream. I try with all my might to pick up my feet, but nothing happens. Finally, the dark lifts up, and I'm in my backyard. My brother heard me screaming so he came to rescue me.
Feb 08
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Bunny or Hamster?

"The pet store is closing in five minutes"
I hear over the intercom. 
Which pet do I choose?
I wonder while looking at the bunnies.
My eyes fall on the little hamsters, 
As I turn to buy my bunny. 
How do I choose?
Both animals have great qualities...
As in they are both very cute. 

I mean...
A bunny can do more things, 
But a hamster is way less work. 
A hamster eats way less food, 
But a bunny could go outside. 
It's a draw!
They are both too cute to leave here. 
Dad says I can only get one, 
So I leave with none.