Jan 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: Luck
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He wakes up to the sound of his own thoughts, because his alarm clock broke the morning before. He throws on his favorite t-shirt to find a gaping hole in the back. He carefully puts on his jeans, so as to not rip them entirely. He lazily walks to the bathroom to take a shower, although there is no hot water. He brushes his teeth with the last bit of toothpaste, and his mom gives him hell for not saving any for her. He goes downstairs to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal before heading out the door. Doing this makes him miss his bus. He walks all the way to school with mud soaked shoes, and sopping wet hair. He didn’t have a very lucky morning.

Jan 11
poem 0 comments challenge: Kites
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They go with the wind.

The wind has mysterious ways of blowing.

Kites don’t rely on themselves to fly,

They rely on the pattern of the air.

Kites aren't enchanted, or alive,

They aren't technologically advanced,

​They’re just kites.

Nothing more; nothing less.

Dec 19
poem 2 comments challenge: Location
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Elevators. Are. Terrifying.
Elevators are small, metal death machines.
You walk into an elevator with STRANGERS, 
And push floor 3. Now everyone knows
Exactly where you're going. Maybe you make
A little small talk, Maybe they pull out a gun
And you have nowhere to go.
But thank goodness there's a panic button.
That will definitely keep you "safe."
And don't even get me started on all the 
Elevators that get stuck. 
Seriously. Don't do it. 

Dec 12
fiction 0 comments challenge: Power
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With 7.6 billion people in the world, it is highly unlikely that any power you name would be unique. I'm sure that no matter how far in my brain I search for this unsaid power, someone else would have done the same thing. I think having this ability, you would have to try and outsmart everyone else. Say, if everyone knew that they had to have a different super power than anyone else, all of the popular superpowers would be available. No one would say, "I want to be invisible" because everyone would think that someone else would have it. But I must also take into account that children will partake in this too, and all they know are superhero's powers. Therefore, the popular powers are again off the table. I think I'd have to meet in the middle of my brain somewhere. I can't reach too far for this superpower, but I must also reach far enough so that no one else will have that power. 
Dec 05
poem 1 comment challenge: Trees
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In a world where a tree could talk, what would she say?
Would she apologize for her cousin falling on your house in that hurricane?
Would she forgive you for chopping down her mother for firewood? 
Would she complain about the wood ants crawling all over her?
Would she bark at the woodpeckers for jabbing at her beautiful skin?

Perhaps she'd say nothing at all...
Maybe the way we treat trees, speaks louder than she ever could.
We cut her down, then throw her into a woodstove to burn.
We shoot bullets at her for target practice.
We catch the forests on fire and kill her whole family.
Then we plant more trees, and forget about the old.

Nov 30
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    The color purple is the color purple. Isn’t it? Maybe to you and I, but to others, perhaps the color purple is the number three. And the number three is a woman with a funky personality. Some people associate colors to days of the week, or to months of the year, but not purposefully. Some people are able to listen to a song and see colors. Or they can taste the song. I could sit here and list all the different types of synesthesia that have been reported, but there are over 60!
Scientists predict that about 4% of the population has synesthesia. But are there even more?
Nov 15
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Blackberry Pie

At the top of the hill, are the blackberry bushes. Momma and I use to go up there and pick them until there were none left in sight. We'd go there every other day of the very short season, and get scratches all over our legs. We'd freeze the blackberries so we could make pies all year long. When the time came to actually make pies, we both had the recipe memorized. Now, I couldn't remember it if I tried. Making pies with her were the best days of my life. When I smell a blackberry pie, I am transported. Back to when we'd make pie crust from scratch, and make it perfectly every time. To when she'd let me make the classic knife holes on the top, and always told me it looked good. To putting on the aprons my Grandma made for us, even though we never made a mess. 

This is my recipe for happiness. 
Nov 07
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Someone is in the house.
I can hear him breathing
Can he hear me breathing?

I'm huddled in the closet,
Silent tears streaming down my face.
He begins to climb the stairs.

There are three doors on the second floor:
My dad's, the bathroom, and mine.
3 doors to choose from.

I have a 33% chance of survival.
When he opens my bedroom door,
Those odds drop to zero.

I am peeking through a hole in my closet,
Watching him as he searches for me under my bed.
My heart is beating out of my chest.

Can he hear it beating?
Can he feel my presence?

He struts over to the closet.
I let out a little weep, proving my defeat.

“This is the end” I whisper to no one.
“For you, at least.” says the man at the door.

Nov 02
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The people who you are forced to love, but it doesn't feel forced.
The people you see every holiday, and who tell you how beautiful you've gotten.
The people you don't recognize when you see them in a store.
The people who tell you everything is going to turn out fine, even when you know it won't.
The people who forgive you when you yell at them.
The home you are welcomed in to at every family event.
A home.
A family is a home. 
A home that moves.
A home that lives in 6 different states. 

Oct 16
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Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression

While others go out skiing and snowboarding,
I wrap myself in a big blanket, and sit by the fire.
While others are having snowball fights,
I watch Netflix alone in my room.
While others are going ice skating,
I'm drinking hot cocoa, and wishing for summer.

I hate winter. I hate everything about it.
It's the worst time of the year for me. 
I have no motivation to do anything.
89 days of utter unhappiness.