Apr 29
poem 0 comments challenge: Senses
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As I walk down the hill,
the mud squishes underneath me,
And sticks to the side of my shoes.
I squint my eyes as the sun shines
between the trees, and the rush of
the brooke fills my ears.

I can feel my cheeks warm from the sun,
prompting freckles to come out from
I can feel the breeze of a crisp spring morning
brightening the tip of my nose.
Illuminating the ocean blue in my eyes, as they
water from a mix of wind and sunshine.

I feel like a flower, blossoming in Spring.
Bright, tall, and renewed.
Even for just a Monday.

Apr 26
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The boy in the blue hat

To the boy in the blue hat,
I still remember that day. Constantly replaying in the back of my mind.
Surfacing when working on homework, or brushing my hair, or falling asleep at night.

The vibrant flowers surrounding the sidewalk, the warmth on the bottom of my feet from the pavement, while jumping over the cracks in the sidewalk. The strands of hair that escaped my ponytail, sticking to the sun's tears on my forehead. When I close my eyes and let it flood my memory, I can see everything from my young eyes, and I feel just as I did in my eight year old feelings. When I open my eyes back up to the day, I can still hear you laughing. A smile spreads across my face for my eight year old self.

If only you could see me now.

Apr 11
poem 1 comment challenge: Awakening
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Cherry Blossom

The melting snow seeps into the 
ground and turns the grass it's 
earthy green. 
I begin to stretch and extend my arms,
each day, I feel a little less stiff.
I notice my friends deep green bushy
hair has grown since I last saw it, and 
another has sprouted more freckles. 
The veins in my hands have become 
stronger. Hopefully this year i'll set the 
record of who can stand against the 
wind the longest.

The sun starts to feel warmer, and my
skin turns a lighter pink. It's harvesting 
season for the bees, and this year 
they have more than usual in training. 
Mom tells me it's going to be a 
long season so watch out for the slimy 
hands, they like to put everything in their

I can now feel warmth even in the shade,
and the children's smiles look brighter 
each day, summer will be here soon. 
Apr 05
poem 0 comments challenge: Home
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Between the perimeter of trees you can see
the shiny white mailbox standing at the end
of the driveway that cuts between the front
lawn and the small flowered hill where
stands four sides covered in faint yellow siding.
The first floor, secure with crisp orange brick.
A gray door in the center where you can only
see inside by looking through the small pieces
of clear glass. The deck on the second floor that
wraps around all but one side, dad built that
warm summer, that shelters against the rain when
searching for keys. The summer time plants that rest
around the wood—make for sunny day candids, and the
roof over head saves rainy day prom pictures.
When the sun radiates the wood, you can still feel
those summer nights. The smell of hot dogs wrapping
around the deck. Kids climbing onto the deck
out the kitchen window, then diving onto the couch
Mar 29
poem 1 comment challenge: Frost
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Flower Garden

A field mixed with sage and poppy.
Four legs hide between the trees 
but their faded white spots. 
Scoping out the landscape, 
sniffing through the weeds.
They tiptoe through the tall 
green grass, extend their pointed head
toward the ground and tear the color
from the weeds. 

Lifts their face towards the sky
whenever something shuffles by,
and stands like a statue till' sure there's 
nothing left in sight. 

For now when you look past the trees,
you might catch of glimpse of red poppies
poking through it's uneaten leaves. 
Or feel the dirty mint smell of sage. 
But from this distance you can not see
the tiny lines that hold a leaf a different way,
or the contrast of color from the sunshine of day. 
For the details far too small from this far,
which the deer will not see before eating them all. 
Mar 11
poem 1 comment challenge: Pal
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Angel in the Night

I lie awake at night, looking at the rays of white light 
illuminating my wall. 
At first I can smell her. 
The soothing scent of roses dipped in vanilla rolls in
with the wind. Then between her long brown 
hair swinging across her face, I can see her smiling at 
me the way she always did. 
We play for hours and I tell her about school and dad.
I ask her when she's coming back but she runs her hand 
over my head and says "I'll be here every night." 
She puts away my toys and reminds me to hang up my
clothes, then tucks me into bed and lays a kiss on my 
forehead. I always ask her to stay but she says she 
must go. For it'll be daylight soon and I need to get 
some rest. 
I close my eyes and fall asleep against the comfort 
of her touch, till the sunlight awakens
me and I see my father smiling by the doorway.
"Pancakes are hot on the counter when you're ready"
Mar 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Woods
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Between the trees

Deep in the forest, against the green

the maple trees sway and smile with ease.

The widow tree wraps and wraps around children

where little tears seep.

The dog, eager to be relieved paces around the stumps,

sniffing each blade of grass to find the right places.

The birch trees perk at their reflection on the young girls

piece of paper.

The tips of pine visible for miles as the sun shines.

The banyan tree snears as its roots wrap around your boots.

With squinted eyes, hands reach to grasp the crisp

apple on the top branch, looking up at the sky.

The fir trees wrapped in crystal lights, shine bright on cold

December nights.

For if you listen close, you can hear the whispers between

​the green ghosts

Feb 25
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The Freaky Kitty

I've hated cats all my life. When my mother brought one home, I was furious. I stared at it through it's cage, hoping it could sense that it wasn't wanted here, and hopefully run away. It didn't. Instead it sat on it's butt with it's arms holding him up and stared at me. I held my head in my hands and stared back. He would tilt his head to the side, and i'd remain still. Then he would slide his feet out from under his butt, and take a few steps to the cage door. I would raise an eyebrow, daring him to move more. He'd place his paw up on the front of the cage, and let a little annoying noise escape his little pink mouth. "What do you want," I'd ask him fiercely, and he'd put his head down, peeking up at me. Thinking just cause his head was down I couldn't see his creepy green eyes. "You're not even cute." He saw this as almost a bet, spinning around and placing his feet under his butt again, he'd tilt his down and look up at me, then look down, then look at me again.
Feb 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Lost
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Mind Vault

I'm brought to my feet, and my eyes open slowly. 
Cloudy gray stares staraight at me, while a muskier 
version follows behind. My skin is fare and 
flushed. My mind clear, like I was just born in
a full grown body. 

I walk forward and reach out, but I'm stopped by a
translucent wall stretching up and surrounding me. 
I walk the perimeter, exploring the wall. All I can see is 
gray progressing to darker shades from where I stand. 
I stare at my reflection in front of me, behind me there's 
a million more, the once translucent wall now covered
in reflections I've never seen before. 

Feb 07
essay 0 comments challenge: Decide
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Last 5 minutes

Dog; A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, non-retractable claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. ​I've wanted a dog all my life. A lifetime best friend, with a limited presence. 8:56. Four legs running to the mailbox after hearing the sound of tires rolling over the gravel. Climbing into the car in your best clothes and seeing hair stuck to the side of your calf. 8:57. Rambunctious barking while tip toeing around the house in the quiet of the night. 8:58. Standing face to face with my childhood dreams, nothing but a centimeter of glass separating the air between us, 8:59 stands in bold white letters on my phone screen. I turn and start to walk away, light taps mixed with scratches ring through my ears, I turn around to see glossy brown eyes looking at me through little caramel and black hairs, with small paws stuck to the window on both sides of the foggy glass. 9:00.