Apr 11
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Kind of Pregame

We decided to go to the park after school and wait out our time until the party tonight. It was Elizabeth, Sam and Tony and I. We had already drained all our energy that day running around the park playing freeze tag and hide n seek so we decided to relax on the swings. I love this friend group. There are no quarrels. There are no conflicts. And there is no drama. We're just a group of buddies trying to live our best lives. Elizabeth is a middle class ladylike woman who is probably the cleanest and most proper of us all. Sam is a tomboy. I wouldn't mess with her. She lives fairly well, but her family isn't exactly wealthy. She lives in a low income family and is probably the toughest of us all. She's joining the military when she graduates. And Tony, he's a jock. But not a normal jock. Tony is a total geek and very booksmart. He likes magic the gathering, pokemon, lord of the rings, all that traditional geeky stuff. He's also quite popular and a very outgoing, positive guy.
Mar 08
fiction 0 comments challenge: Woods
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Three Trees'

    As the sun rises over the rolling fields, three trees sit in discussion. Equal in power, they’re arguing about something. What is it? Sit between these three and see for yourself.
    “It’s better to take life slow and easy, so you can appreciate what you have” Explains the Willow Tree.

    “Yeah go ahead and sit around your whole life, I can assure you, happiness will not find you. Me however, I will seek enlightenment.” Reasons the Oak Tree

    “Neither of you are right. Life was made for conquering, and that’s just what I’ll do. You’ll see when I have everything and you two have nothing!” argues the Baobab tree, as he glares at the Willow and Oak with a determined face.

    “But what about love guys, you can’t stay with the one you love if you’re too busy. Just relax with me. Come on, please?” The Willow Tree begs.

    “You can’t expect love to find you, you have to seek it yourself, foolish Willow.” Says Oak
Feb 25
humor 1 comment challenge: Alone
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I Think We're Alone Now

The door closes

The teenager is gone

The truck disappears into a cloud of dust

“Hooray!” Screams the chairs

“Party!” Exclaims the teddy bear

“I’ll play the tunes!” Says the record player

Tiffany’s voice echoes through the house

“I think we’re alone now! There doesn’t seem to be anyone around”

The lamps flicker in excitement

The pictures come to life

The toys throw the living hats around the house

The living hats cheered in glee

Blankets and chairs make forts

Mr. Fridge falls over, again

Everyone is having fun

Then there’s a teenager at the door, shocked

Everyone stops and stares

The record scratches

Teddy bear approaches

There’s silence

“Wanna party with us?”

Jan 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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The Wooden Kite of the Green Mountains

On April 5th, of the year 2025, the world changed forever. A kite was made, and it suddenly glowed with a golden, holy radiance. From that day forward, all kites came to life. Some were aggresive, some were tame. Eventually the world was riddled with kites, and it became a hobby, and a lifestyle, to find the best kite out in the wild, and have it fight for you in the numerous worldwide tournaments of kite fighting. I was never good at taming the big kites, but my dream was to be the best kite fighter in the world. Kite fighters get big money, and all the glory. And it's a win win because the kites love to fight and love the attention. I live in the small town of Bradford, where if kites were a medium size here that'd be a rare sighting. So I never was good at fighting kites or taming them. The other kids would pick on me because my kites were weak and timid creatures. But i'll show them. One day I'm gonna tame the legendary Wooden Kite of the Green Mountains.
Dec 17
humor 2 comments challenge: Fourth
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What's up Creator

Heyyyy creator, ya know when you made me you didn't have to make me a lazy slouch. This is my third time late to school... today. I don't know how that's possible but you did it, thanks a lot dude. Hi people reading this, my name is Kyle, and i'm a work of fiction by my creator. His nicknames Richard (if you get my meaning). He's a nice fella when he wants to be, but he usually isn't. He likes to make short storys where people are super lazy or depressed. Probably because he's always like that himself. It's the only way he can express himself. When he made me a fourth wall breaker, he didn't realize he would lose control over me. Neither did I to be honest. It's magical that i'm living, and i'm trying to figure out why this is happening. Maybe if you changed my personality, I could figure it out RICHARD. Him and I are not buddies, but i'm trying to help him get back on his feet so I can find my purpose in life. I know deep right.
Dec 11
fiction 1 comment challenge: Power
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The power of calc

If I were to obtain a power unique to me and no one else would choose it, it'd have to be the power to do calculus. I am struggling really hard in calculus right now so it makes sense to have it, plus who's gonna wanna know how to do calculus to its maximum potential? Having this power means I would actually be able to make honor roll, plus have a good GPA. And of course this would allow me to get into an advanced college of my choosing. Even though it probably won't have the major I'm looking for, it's still helpful! Plus I can help others pass calculus as well and hey, if my career path doesn't work out, I'd always have a great fallback career. It's a win for all!
Nov 30
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Is this it?

She is unwavering in her work
Because this is all she knows
And all she'll ever know
It hasn't hit her yet, but it will
The existential question
"Is this my life?
Do I work myself to death?"
But for now, she toughens out the pain of the needle
She sits like a stone
This is her place now

She doesn't question when the man requests a picture
She's too tired to

Right back to work it is for her
Like a robot designed for a job
No questions
No complaints
And no sadness...
For her boss that is
Nov 28
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Royal King of mirrors

I am the royal king of mirrors! All mirrors you own belong to me. My army is your army, but reflected off a really big mirror. I am unstoppable in my quest for all mirrors. My subjects are a mix of narcissistics or really self concious people. It's quite a problem really. Also the food... It's all glass. But it's the price you pay for greatness! I have many enemies, but none compare to... the hooligans. These are an evil bunch indeed. Because of their young age, they're experts in sneaking. Whenever these destructive brutes come to my land, they throw rocks at my mirrors! But, I'm working on a way to use their tactics against them. There's this new art style I've picked up on. The ancients called it "mosaic art". It is the greatest form of art I've ever seen. It consists of many small, colored pieces of glass that create an image of some sort. So every mirror they break adds pieces to my ultimate collection of really small, disfigured mirrors!

Nov 08
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Never what you expect

I can't believe this is happening. I'm marrying the woman I love.
It's funny how love works. It's never the girl you think you love, but the one that's right for you.
You don't realize it until they come into your life. You never know it until you know them, when you know their perks and their flaws, and love every part of her for what she is.
"Do you wish to take her hand in marriage?"
"I do"
Without hesitation. The priest smiles, for he knows how I feel and is grateful for having the honors of announcing our eternal love.
She says "I do"
Oct 23
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I could tell his thoughts just by the way he looked at me. He knew I was his other half, the one that would solve all his problems. I looked back likewise, knowing he was the missing piece that would bring color back to my world. I didn't want the moment to end, neither did he, but we can't stand here all day staring at each other. We have roller coasters to ride, enjoyable or not they'll be there. How will we spend the rest of our lives. Together, or split apart like everyone else we've known in our lives. How can one hope to stay together as two if all our older representatives have divorced or argued around us our whole lives. I just hope it's not in my bloodline to suffer loneliness or anger as my family does and always will. I'm gonna break the cycle, no matter what the cost. I just hope he feels the same... What if he doesn't? What if this is pointless and it'll just end in heartbreak?