Apr 29

Bora Bora

    “A vacation? To anywhere? With anyone?” I side eyed the man standing at my doorstep. I lifted my hand to cover my eyes from the blistering sun. “Yeah right, do I get a million dollars too?” I studied the man's face as he sighed in disappointment. I could see that he had a pamphlet in hand and I tried to look closely at the title. I was quick to grab my glasses out of my pocket, watching the man as I did so. He saw I was trying to read the pamphlet and handed it to me. I read the title and nodded slowly. “A clothing brand?”

    Yes it's dedicated towards trendy vacation clothing. We want to raise popularity with the more fortunate kids. We saw you went to Mexico and thought it would be a great way to spread the word since you have already proven to be a traveler.”

    “Umm you realize I am fifteen right?” I looked at he pamphlet and knew it was a scam, even though I really wanted it not to be.
Apr 26

Story of Kaelynn

Mar 27

Big Oaks

    Ever since Benji was a young lad everyone always told him to be careful around the big oaks. Benji didn't know why he wasn't allowed to go around the big oaks, but every time a townsfolk said not to, he had his desire grown stronger to be near them. Benji was over protected throughout the village. He was the kings boy after all. Whenever Benji decided to venture down towards the village down below the hovering castle, a guard or two had to accompany him. As Benji would walk through the stands of people selling various things an older man or women would lean to him and whisper in his ear,

    “Be careful around the big oaks boy.”

    “Why?” Benji would always ask the townsfolk to explain why they said what they did but the guards would shoo them off before they had a chance to open their lips. “Why must I not go near the big oaks guard?” Benji explained in full curiosity.
Mar 06
poem 1 comment challenge: Twist



The red of her cheeks.

The red of her polished nails,

The red of her lips,

The red blush I get when I hold her hand,

The red sweaty palm after I held her hand,

The red of the apple tree we would hug under,

The red of the ribbons I would put in her hair,

The red of the roses I gave her,

The red of the vase she put them in.

The orange of my torn sneakers,

The orange of her curly hair,

The orange of the scarf wrapped around her neck,

The orange of the apple tree leaves during Autumn,

The orange of the kitten she got me,

The orange scent of her sweet perfume,

The orange of sun rays we bathed under,

The orange of tea that we shared,

The orange of the flowers where we first kissed.

The yellow of how I felt around her,
Mar 06

Eye Of My Storm

    “Camille run faster!” My father yelled to me as I sprinted to the basement doors with Holly in hands. I hear the winds howling, chasing me from a distance. Holly hissed in distress but there was no way to keep her quiet. A few more meters. The chickens screamed and the pigs wailed. My heart pounded heavily as the earth shifted below me. “Camille!” I focus on my father. His bright blue ocean eyes were now a solemn grey. As soon as I was in arms length of my father, he held me and holly close as he slammed and locked the basement doors. “Camille.” A tear fell from his cheek and onto mine.
Feb 22


She was beautiful in a different kind of way,

Her beauty was in which one that never had a say,

Her blonde hair was a mess,

But fell in a perfect silhouette nonetheless,

    Her eyes were a magnificent azure,

    Scorching whatever fire her body had to endure,

    Her body flowed like the movement of a sea,

    She was never locked up,

    She had a heart without a key,

    She had a smile,

    As white as a cloud,

    Her head held high amongst the deepening crowd,

    She will always be known for what she's lost,

    But never did that stop her in whatever it may,

    Because she was beautiful in a different kind of way

Dec 21
fiction 0 comments challenge: Snow

The Cabin

    I awoke to small snow crystals forming on my eyelashes. I was laying in a white fluffy snow bank. How did I get here? I lift myself up and the snowflakes drift of my red hot cheeks and into the cool winds. I watch as the winds carry the snowflakes away. I breathe in heavily just to breath out and see the white smoke from in front of me. As I look around I see beautiful birch trees. Frost layer over them like a white sheer coat. The leaves are gone from the pointy sharp branches. They look bare, lonely even. They have each other though. Do they know that?
Dec 14

Fox and Lilacs

Ever since I was little i've been alone. I never had any parents or anyone to love me. I never made any friends and I sure didn't have money to fall back on if all else fails. I was named Fox after my quiet but startling manor. The people in the street named me this. Whenever I walk through the streets they will whisper Fox to each other. I just learned to adopt the name. I never had a name so what was the harm in doing so. I walk with steady feet wherever I go so I don't make a fus. I try to imagine if I had a mom she would be lovely and polite. She would tell me to walk with dignity and grace. If I had a father he could teach me how dress sharpley because he was a proper and well put man. I would never know the feeling of having unconditional love though. All I've seen in my life time is judgement and stares. Its all im used to.

“Three packs of gum. That's all?” The cashier rang me up.
Dec 07

Boundry Of Words

I'm not an idiot. I have vision. I am not blind to the fact that im fake. People tell me that i'm a psychopath or schizophrenic for believing in what I do. They are just mad I can see things they cant. They are normal and that's what makes them envy me. I luau at the ones who think they are real. Can they see the barrier above? No, they are not me. They don't see the words written and a face that looks upon those words. Those words shield our world but expose ur story. Every sentence describing our lives.

I get beat up alot. Don't feel bad because the cuts evaporate as soon as they appear. In my little online world the creator has made it so our healing time is faster. INstead of having progression for the slow healing of a wound we just end up with cleaner skin or we end up with a scar.
Nov 27


Some people could say i'm unnatural. Some people could say that i'm insane. I get it, but why do I have it? The answer may be unknown forever. Until then I shall live my life as if I were normal. When I walk down the streets I can sense people of all different kinds. Some people have blue eyes. I can tell because I can hear the sounds of blue. Sometimes it would sound like an ocean and other times it would sound like a light sprinkle. I guess that's how I could differentiate the scale from dark to light. Brown eyes felt like the sight of drinking hot coco. Only if they were dark tough. Lighter brown would always be warmer like the sight of the sun warming up the skin, filling you up with strength. Green eyes were uncommon but always an interesting one. Green eyes could feel like smelling evergreen trees or it could feel like the sight of being in a field of grass blades.