Apr 04
fiction 1 comment challenge: Home
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    When I think of the word "home". I think of some place where I can be myself. A place where my loved ones are with me, making new memories every second of the day. 
    For some, home isn't the word they want to hear. Home is a place where they sit all alone with music blaring, just so they don't hear mom and dad fighting. Home is a place where you don't want to leave your room, because you are worried hurtful words are going to be targeted at you. 
    Home isn't always a great place. In fact, home can be a scary place. But one day you will grow up. One day you will have your own place to call home. One day you will have a place to make your own...
Mar 08
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The Hurricane

We all sit on the cold floor huddled together. My sister is crying in my arms, I want to tell her it will be okay, but I don't even know if it will. Our silence forces us to listen to the vicious wind up above tearing apart all we have ever known.

"How much longer do we have to stay down here?" asked my little brother, breaking the silence.

"Once we get a signal it's okay to come out." my father responded.

We all take a deep breath and look into eachothers eyes.

"I love you guys very much! We just have to stay together, that's all. Stay positive!" my mom said with a smile.
Feb 16
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost
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         My eyes slowly open to a very bright light. My head is pounding and I can’t seem to catch my breath. I rest my hand on my forehead to shade my eyes, and I see I am lying in bed in a strange room. I see a window with the sun beaming through. Next to it is a TV with white and black pixels spasming. I slowly look around the room and find christmas lights hanging from the walls with pictures of a little girl I do not recognize. In every picture she is wearing a white sundress with a floral pattern on the top half. There is a man in one of the pictures. He is very tall and he is wearing a tux. His smile looks like the kind that lights up a room. I stand up and start to walk around the room when I hear loud footsteps coming towards my room. I stand still in shock not knowing what to do. I am still standing there when the door opens and I see a face peak through. The face of a man smiling. The same smile that can light up a room...
Oct 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: Here
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My Dearest Friend

    It had been a long time, but now he was here. Snow started falling from the sky, I knew that it was finally time to see my dearest friend again. I look out my window, there is about a foot of snow on the ground. I look over to the cherry blossom tree, a ball started to form five feet in front of it. It was happening! My friend was coming back! I walk away from the window and sat on my bed, I tried holding in my excitement, but I just couldn’t. I ran back over to the window and looked to see my friend is there yet, but I noticed that the snow stopped falling from the sky. My friend wasn’t coming today. My vision began to blur. All I could see was a big blurry white ball by the tree. He was a third of the way there. C’mon Olaf.
Oct 26
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The Girl

There is a new girl at our school,
We’re in US History,
Our teacher is talking,
No one is paying attention,
Especially her,
She’s staring at the wall,
I try to get her attention,
But there is no response,
What is she thinking about?
Is she sad?
The blank expression on her face reveals nothing,
I should go see if she is okay,
I start to stand up,
But then the bell rings,
And then she is gone,
Just like that...
Oct 19
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Slow Motion

We walk through the thin path that leads us up the mountain,
The branches loop down from the big wide trunk,
I graze my glove covered hand through the branches,
The white powder falls down,
I then hear a scream,
I turn around and see my friends screaming and running down towards me,
I look behind them and see white powder creeping down the trail,
I tried to run, but I couldn’t
It was like,
My life just went into slow motion,

I look up and see white powder all over the place,
I’m flying down a mountain,
White powder flies through the air,
I look down,
I then feel myself begin to fall,
I slowly look up and see a tree not too far in front of me,
I couldn’t slow down fast enough,
I slowly inch closer,
Like my life just went into slow motion,

I wake up to a bright white light shining in my face,
I blink a couple of times,
I look around my bed,
Oct 12
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A Different Soul

“You’re a different soul, aren’t you?”....

I wouldn’t say different,

I’ve got two arms, two legs, a face, two feet and two hands just like everyone else.

At least that’s what I used to think.

I’ve realized that everyone is different in their own way.

I don’t just have a face,

I have a face that holds a smile and dimples that show when I see the people I love,

I don’t just have another pair of eyes,

I have my hazel eyes that sparkle in the sun, or when I see food, either one,

I don’t just have two arms,

I have the arms that I use to hold the ball in the sport I dearly love,

I don’t just have hands,

I have the hands that holds the heart of the love of my life.

I don’t just have legs,

I have long legs that I use to chase my dreams

I don’t have just have feet,
Sep 28
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      She stood looking back at me. She looked about 5’5”. Her brown hair ending in the middle of her back. Her hair looked like brown frizzy waves going down her back. She smiled at me. Her dimple on her right cheek and the ones that go around her mouth show. She has never liked her dimples. But she puts up with them because there is nothing she can do about it. Her somewhat big nose widens as she shows her silver brackets on her braces. She used to have a gap in between her two front teeth about eight months ago, and her bottom teeth were turned in all different directions. Now her teeth are as straight as can be, and the gaps are filled. Her bony shoulders poke out of her white tank top that she put on when she got out of the shower. Her long arms stop just after her hip bone. She has her Christmas pajama pants on. Man does she loved Christmas. She has long legs and a very short torso. Her skin was very dark in the dim light from her Christmas lights in her room.
Sep 21
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My Life After That Day (Part 1)

     I race out of school, the doors flying open as I rush through them. I hear him scream my name, I start to run to my car now. Tears flowing down my cheeks,“I can’t believe he did that” I thought. My head is spinning at a hundred miles per hour. It sounds like he’s getting closer. I run faster than I ever thought I could. Finally I get to my car. I knew where I had to go...