Feb 05
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Who to Choose

Choosing a pet is one of the hardest choices (for animal lovers anyway) I mean dogs, cats, birds, snakes, armadillos why do you make us choose. Choosing an animal is like choosing a bestfriend (unless your getting a cat in which case your choosing your enemy). So I'm at a pet shop and I see all of these dogs in kennels just waiting to be bought. I didn't know which to pick. I saw this one puppy who was pretty young and was a yellow lab. I like labs they're good hunting dogs and family dogs it's pretty much a win win. The dog appeared to be pretty calm so I though about buying her. Then I saw another puppy probably related it was the same bread and everything but was more irratic. It was fairly simple from there. I picked the dog up and named her Nemi (short for nemisist because I used to hate dogs). Unfortunetely I didn't know that she would be more irratic as she got older. But I still love that dog.
Dec 12
essay 0 comments challenge: Power
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How to Make a Unique Power!


    A higher power is giving all 7.6 billion people on Earth the ability to choose a superpower but there’s a catch if any two people have the same power the power doesn’t work. So you need to pick a power that no one else will have how hard could it be. Well unless you want the lamest power ever you should think about this logically. The top 10 most popular powers are super strength, invisibility, telepathy(reading minds), time travel, teleportation, flight, shapeshifting, immortality, x-ray vision, and the ability to control fire. Unless your hell bent on getting one of these you shouldn’t risk going with it even with these tips. I’m gonna go over a few ways you could get around this system to prevent powers.
Nov 30
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I woke up this morning and heard my mom yell "get up it's time for school!". However, something was wrong. I got this fowl taste in my mouth and them I started choking. I threw up this gross black liquid all over myself. "What the hell," I said. I hadn't eaten anything that looked like this it was as if I had some sort of disease. I ran downstairs and said I needed to get to the hospital. She saw what happened and we sped off towards the hospital. She asked me what happened and then I tasted it again but it was a different taste. I threw up again (out the window thankfully), but it was a different taste like I was tasting a phrase or something. When we arrived we went in and I was immediately in the ER. They gave me anesthesia and then I was out. When I came to they said that my system was fine and they didn't know what was wrong. When I heard him speak it happened again. I tasted a certain texture like I was having the most disgusting alphabet soup ever.
Nov 28
fiction 0 comments challenge: Club
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The Human Rights Club

At my highschool there are different clubs like the chess club, drama club and so on but there is one club that isn't like the rest. Only a select few kids get in and when you do you have to sign some sort of contract that says you will remain in the club for the whole school year. I heard many rumors about this club and how it was a cult using kids as sacrifices. I didn't think that was accurate since all the people who were invited were always at school and seemed in good health. Two days before the semester started I received an email from one of the kids at school. The email said: Hello Mark, this email is notifying you that you have been selected as one of the few people to join the human rights club. This email will be deleted in 24 hours if it is not responded to. It took me a moment to process what had just happened. I wasn't sure if I should join I mean I'm not that interested in going over human rights especially at school so why should I join.
Oct 26
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Election 2018

Earlier this week I heard an essay about midterms and wanted to write a response to it from my point of view. I’m a conservative a Donald Trump kinda guy. I believe that we shouldn’t have open borders. I don’t think that the rich should be forced to give money to the poor. I don’t think that free health care and college are great ideas when looked into. I am going to explain why using statistics and facts in an attempt to change your mind on these subjects.
Oct 19
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Ben Shapiro is a Good Guy!

Ben Shapiro is a conservative speaker who goes to different colleges every year to speak about contraversial topics. Ben Shapiro also has the most viewed conservative podcast called "The Daily Wire". Ben Shapiro went to UC Berkeley in late 2017 to speak about conservative view points on polotics. People weren't very happy at the thought of Ben going to their school so they started a protest outside of where he was speaking. There are many videos on youtube of conservatives asking these protesters why they didn't want Ben to speak there. Most said that he was condoning hate speach which isn't protected by the first amendment. When in fact Ben Shapiro didn't make any offensive claims but rather factual statements. When asked what he said that was hate speech. The protesters couldn't answer or they said something that wasn't true or wasn't hate speech. They are simply angry because Ben Shapiro has a different point of view then them and they can't take no for an answer.
Sep 17
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It's Cold in Here

     It's been two weeks since I died. It's amazing that I know the truth about what happens after you die. Two weeks ago I was riding the bus home. It was late so I couldn't see much aside from the various buildings around me. The bus driver was in the seat directly ahead of mine. I heard him wheeze. Then he said "My chest someone help me,". That frightened me. Then his body went limp. The bus started to swerve and so I grabbed the wheel and tried to avoid the sidewalk because of all the people there. I then got distracted and rammed into a pole at 50 mile per hour. I felt my body fly forward as I crash through the windshield. I felt the cuts on my back and and arms and face. I opened my eyes right when I flew into a  broken piece of metal which impaled my abdomen. It hurt. It hurt so much I wanted to cry but after seeing my stomach cut open I passed out. I opened my eyes and say nothing but black. I tried to sit up but couldn't move any of my body parts.