Apr 26
fiction 1 comment challenge: Sounds
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The Noise

    You hear a noise blaring in your head it seems to be anticipating something. It's so loud and repetitive it just happens over and over again.  You can't think because it's so loud. What is going on. You jump out of your bed in your pajamas and run down stairs to try to find your mom.  You open the bedroom door and the room is empty.

    “Mom!” you yell hoping that she is in the house.  You run to the basement and open the door.

    “Mom” you yell again but you only hear that noise in your head and the echo of your voice from the basement. You run to the window to see if her car is outside but there is nothing outside. It's too dark to see anything.  So you open the door and try to jump on the ground that you can't see. You keep on falling and swirls of color start to circle you. The Noise just keeps on getting louder and louder.
Feb 16
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost
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You wake up slowly, your eyes gradually adjusting. Suddenly, you're on your feet, looking frantically in every direction. You don't recognize a thing. Where are you?  The world around you seems to be hazy. You have a headache and you see that your on a small island. It's not a tropical island. It has a bunch of pine trees. It also has thick grass tufts spread throughout the island.  You can see a tiny island really far away. But you wonder how you got here? Why is your head ponding you feel a drip of something run down your forehead. You wipe it off BLOOD. Why is your head bleeding? You touch your head and you feel a gash on the top of your head, it stings when you touch it. You start to worry you take of your jacket and sweatshirt and wrap the sweatshirt around your head.  Then you put your jacket back on. You hope it stops the bleeding. You then start to explore your surroundings. You see a car you decide to go tho the car.
Dec 04
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Trees cant speak

Nov 23
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The Feather Boy

    Matthew Hayes 11/23/2018
The Feather Boy
I am The feather boy.  I rule all the feathers.  You can try to take my feathers away but you cant.  I have an army of geese.  They keep me and my feathers safe.  I do not use these feathers for anything I have them hidden in my house. Under my feather bed.  I am the ruler to these feathers.  I am the “Smartest” man alive I am so smart I taped a ruler on my toaster to see how long the toaster is. If you try to take pity on me I will not let you.  I do not accept donations. I take from no one except myself I am the feather boy.  My house is huge and is filled with feathers they are my people.  But then my house caught on fire. It was a sad day I lost all my feathers and that was when I realized I accidentally put a ruler in the toaster.  My geese tried to help but they realized that they couldn't do anything so now I'm not the feather boy. I've lost it all. 
Oct 26
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She is starring.
She is watching.
She is thinking.
You cant tell what she is thinking about.
But it looks like she's in a trance.
It looks like she wants to wake up from it but can't.  
She doesn't want to think about the things done to her.
But that's all life left her with.
Its evil thoughts are plaguing her mind.
She wants to say something but can't.
She needs help but nobody can help her.
She needs love that nobody can lend.
She doesn't understand why it cant go well for her.
She doesn't understand why people hurt each other.  
She is confused.
She still doesn't move.
She will never move...
Oct 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Creature
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The monster needs love

The Monster Needs Love     -Acrostic

They think i'm a liar but I have never said a word.
He doesn't even look at me.
Even though i'm right in front of him.

Men are scared to look at me.
Obviously they cant understand.
No one wants me no one loves me.
So how could I change this.
The people won't talk to me.
Even if I try to be nice they run.
Running every time they see me, they run.

No one stays for long.
Even though I want them to.
Even though they know I want them to stay.
Do they think I will harm them.
So if they do how will I change myself for them.

Love Love Love I can show them love but they still wont accept me.
Oh no I may have to be lonely forever.
Vast amounts of people are out there why will none of them accept me.
Even though I try they cant understand.

That's all the monster need’s.
Oct 12
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Your Falling

 Your Falling

Feel the cold breeze in your hair.
Feel the cold breeze on your face.
Hear its howling screams.
You can feel the presence of a dark spirit washing over the land.
It affects you.  
This is your first autumn.
Your spirit is the howling wind.
Its screams are screams of terror.
Halloween is near.
It crawls out of its grave every year.
You can't stand the smell of all this life dying.
Everything is starting to hide.
Then its happens you fall.
You to succumb to its spell it grabs you it flings you through the air.
You are just a mere seed.  
You are torn away from your home.
You are placed in a new land.
Everything looks different.
Then a squirrel picks you up and buries you near its home.
You think it's all over.
When it's just the beginning of your life.

You thought you would be there forever.
Sep 28
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This is about me.

I have blue eyes with a ring of silver. My hair is dark dirty blonde. I have a pair of legs a pair of arms a pair of ears and a pair of eyes.  My favorite sport is soccer/football not american football. I like to read and write. I also like to draw. I love the woods. Also I have a dog her name is Lexi. She is a white pitbull and she is nine years old. The sport i am doing at the moment is cross country and i regret it. It is fun but i would have rathered played soccer. I also do track and i was one of the best 400 meter runners in the state. My fastest 400 was 58 seconds. I want to be an inspiration to most people and I want to motivate most people. I also play video games and my favorite type of music is pop punk. I am 15 years old and this was about me.
Sep 21
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the dock boy

Giotto Lykourgos was alone, walking to the dock.  He just lost a loved one.

Someone really close to him.

He doesn't want to think about it.

But that's the only thing that he can think about.  

He just lost his brother.

His only friend.

His best friend.

His brother Claudio Lykourgos was only 15.

It was his Birthday!

Giotto was filled with mixed feeling.  

His older brother by one year had just died.

They way he died was he got hit by a truck while trying out his new bike he had just gotten.

Why did life have to be so hard.

Giotto was now crying.

It started raining.

He could feel the waves smash into the dock.

His parents were at the house morning the loss.

He couldn't talk to anyone, He just missed his brother so much.  

Then Giotto heard a noise in the water he looked up.