Sep 27

The Girl With The Black Headphones

There’s this girl. She’s got short dirty-blonde hair and light green eyes. She always seems to have a pair of black headphones around her neck. You’ve probably seen her before. She constantly embarrasses herself. Any time she opens up too much, she apologizes and everything is right back to square one.

She tries to be someone she’s not. She is indeed very shy, but she’s learned to be more social, and she hates it. She liked herself more when she was quiet. She wouldn’t have to worry about making a fool of herself then. 

She seems like she has a good grip on everything in life. But the truth is, she’s barely hanging onto the edge of the cliff anymore. She’s just waiting to make one last mistake and fall. If she falls, she’ll retreat back into her shell, shutting out everyone in her life. When this happens, she mainly just listens to music and won’t talk at all.