Jul 09
poem 1 comment challenge: Moment.

The Wonderful World of Reading

soaking in the bright sunlight,

smiling as I listen to the birds chatter,

eyes holding on to each and every sentence,

gobbling them up as if they won't ever be fed again.

boy, do I love reading!

I read and read and read, 

never stopping, never slowing.

I simply cannot get enough.
Jul 09

Point of View

I'm pretty sure by now, many people know where I stand politically;
Yes, I am a proud, Trump-supporting conservative. No regrets whatsoever for that choice!
I have a problem with the disrespect our President seems to be getting from the MSM, celebrities, and even citizens.
Did the Republicans ever create a helium balloon of Barack Obama in a diaper? I don't recall.
Did the Republicans ever talk endless trash about Obama and about the secrets he was keeping on MSM? Again, I don't remember.
You see where I'm going?
There is no point in constantly hating on President Trump, regardless of how you feel about him. You all say you want peace and love, but you're the same people who spread hate and discontent because of your hatred for the President. It makes you look foolish and hypocritical. 
Jul 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Change

Kind Words; Not Applicable

If I could change one thing in this world,
I would change how people treat others.
There is so much hate, discontent, and disrespect
In this world of ours.
And what is the point? Why are we so mean to each other?
Everyone deserves a kind word,
Whether you like the person or not.
I look around,
And I see children, teens, adults, even the elderly,
Treat each other like trash.
It needs to stop.
Jul 09

I Guess I Was Wrong

The first time we met,
I thought that we would be great friends.
The first time we met,
I thought I could finally meet someone new.

But after this year,
I was proven wrong
By the one person I thought
I could count on.

People are not what they seem;
One cannot go off of first impressions,
Either good or bad.
You cannot trust anyone these days.

But I will not sit here
And let those who hurt me
Get away with it.
I will not let them use me.

I will stand up for myself,
And tell them that if 
They don't value my friendship and affection
For them, I won't value theirs.

I will not stand by as this
Happens to me, or to my other, true best friends,
The two girls I can always count on,
Girls I have known for years.

I know for sure that they
Have my back, that I can lean on them,
And I hope that I will be just as great
Jul 06


Jun 13


Jun 06
poem 2 comments challenge: Blue

Bluest Eyes

It was the most beautiful shade of blue...
With sparks of green, silver, and turquoise
Shooting out from the center and expanding outwards.
They were as blue as the sea in a storm;
As blue as the evening sky.

They looked as if you could see 
Into the soul of the owner;
As if you could reach in and
Stare into them forever.
You could get lost in those eyes.

They reach into the depths
Of prosperity,
Into the depths of love.
I long to jump into that
Beautiful blue abyss.

Those brilliant eyes stare into
The wellbeing of my soul.
I feel a sense of hope,
A sense of love,
As those eyes look into my own.

Jun 05
poem 2 comments challenge: Comfort


I sniffle,
As I lie on my bed,
Hoping beyond hope to get over this as fast as I can.
I take my pillow in my arms and squeeze...
Tears trickle down my cheeks as I remember that awful text...
We're just not a good match, he said,
We wouldn't work out. I'm sorry.
I try desperately to rid my mind of that comment,
Of that fateful comment,
But to no avail.
I'm doomed.
No one seems to want me.
I cry until I can't cry anymore,
Eyes red,
Cheeks tear-streaked...
The mattress squeaks as something jumps onto it.
The sweet cat walks up to me and sniffs me gently,
And with a meow,
She rubs her head against mine
Before she plops down and starts purring.
She snuggles up against me,
Maybe trying to cheer me up.
I take her in my arms and hug her
As I kiss her furry head.
What a sweet, sweet girl she is.
Jun 05
poem 1 comment challenge: Legacy

Remember Me

I want to be remembered as ambitious.
I want to be remembered as loving.
I want to be remembered as caring,
I want people to look at my life and look at me as a role model for them.
I want people to realize that integrity means everything to me.
I want people to say, "What a woman!" as they think of me.
My legacy...
I just want to be remembered as a good person.
Jun 05
poem 2 comments challenge: Hungry

Change of Pace

I want out of here.
I can't stand to be around people who don't get me,
Who don't like me,
Who reject me as fast as possible because of my belief system and personality.
I am hungry for a change of pace;
I am starving for a new chapter,
A new beginning,
To my life.
The people here are so unlike me;
So much so that I can't relate to them.
I feel excluded;
Though I suppose that's a good thing.
I need to go to a new place,
A new school.
I need to go through high school as fast as I can.
I want to graduate and leave this crummy town in the dust,
And never look back.