Sep 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Perfect

(not finished)

When I woke up that morning,
I thought it was just going to be a regular day;
But it wasn't.
In fact,
It was a day I hadn't anticipated.
(not finished)
Sep 16

The Song of the Lovesick Nomad

your affection
is like a virus
whirling around
inside of me.

i have trouble breathing
because your love
is overpowering
and overwhelming.

wherever i go,
there you are;
whatever i see,
it is always you.

your tenderness
towards me
is infectious;
it nearly kills me.

you make my heart
skip a beat,
and i can feel it
pulse beneath my skin.

but i am growing weak,
because you 
must leave.
why must you?

and when
you do leave,
it will be
the death of me.

Sep 14

Pent-Up Anger

I simply cannot believe what I am reading and what I am seeing.
I am being lied about by the person whom I thought I could trust the most.
They told me that our friendship "needed to end",
But proceeded to get angry with me when I said the same thing.
They're lying that I "didn't give them support" in their time of need.
If you are reading this (and you kow who you are),
Because I sure as heck DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID
You call me a LIAR,
And you tell everyone else around us
How are you able to LIE THROUGH YOUR TEETH
About me like that?
How can you tell my other friend that 
Get OVER yourself already!
Your actions are EXACTLY the reason why
Sep 14

Fifteen Words in Fifteen Years

Sep 09
poem 2 comments challenge: Alive

When I Think of You

I feel alive when

You walk through the door,

Look around for me,

And give me the world's brightest grin

When your eyes settle on me.

I feel alive when

You make a fire in the fireplace,

Sit down on the couch next to me,

And cuddle with me

While we sip hot cocoa

And watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

I feel alive when

You gaze at me

With an intensity

That overpowers the sun.

I feel alive when

You take me in your arms,

And sing softly in my ear,

The song that we share.

I feel alive when

I wake up earlier than you,

And watch as the sun comes over your face,

As I sit quietly and study you.

I feel alive when

I think of all these things,

But most importantly,

I feel alive when

I think of you.
Sep 09

The Game Jack Frost Plays

Jack Frost loves to play a game;
A game called Winter.
While he is out and about having a field day,
Everyone back on Earth 
Is always
Tired of snow.
But what's the fun in that?
Why mope around,
Sitting inside,
Instead of bundling up in multiple layers
And just being outdoors;
In the white snow of winter?
Jack Frost likes to play practical jokes;
He promises a fair winter,
And slams us with 
Of course, the kids love it;
Snow Day, anyone?
A day where kids anticipate
The name of their school being said on the news,
And whooping in delight when it plays across the screen.
They head out, bundled in jackets and mittens and hats,
Carrying old sleds,
Ready to be little daredevils,
As Mom watches nervously from the kitchen window.
Jack Frost thinks that everyone hates winter;
Sep 09
poem 2 comments challenge: Chills

Into the Wind

You reach for my hand,

Smiling and pulling me along,

Saying, "Come on, Janie!" 

As we run through the field.

We stop in the center of the yellow sea of hay,

And you take me in your arms;

My body shivers at your touch.

You bring your warm hand up to my face

And drag your forefinger along my jawline.

"You're blushing, love," you whisper.

You gently lean forward,

And kiss me,

Like you've never kissed before.

Butterflies dance and leap for joy

As your arm tightens around my waist.

You draw back,

Brown eyes sparkling,

Blond hair rippling in the wind,

And smile at me as you 

Start to turn away.

Your hand slips from mine,

And then you disappear with the wind.
Sep 06

From the Collection of Bayley-Hazen Horrors

While this is my original work, this piece was part of a fiction horror story compilation a friend of mine and myself wrote back in June. For our finals, we were told to do a project based on knowledge we'd gathered while on a field trip on the Bayley-Hazen road. My group chose to do a project on ghosts.

Jesse Lawman

August 12th, 2005
Encounter #6

    This is, by far, the scariest paranormal encounter I’ve ever experienced. 
    I was twenty-three when it happened. I was happily driving along the Bayley-Hazen Road to visit my mother in Ryegate. I lived in Johnson, Vermont at the time with my dog. I was planning to tell my mother that I was moving to Texas to work for a big company located there. The pay was very good; for a recently-graduated college student, at least. 
    I was nearing Peacham when something was caught out of the corner of my eye
    A freaking red balloon.
Sep 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Step

A Single Step

I hover at the end of the clifftop, 
Nervously peering below.
I gulp,
As panic sets in,
And I cannot shake the feeling
That I might fall.
I look out into the distance,
And spot the other side;
Bright sunshine breaks through the dense clouds,
And spring appears to be in full swing.
This side of the cliff, though -
Winter has taken this land
Into its' grasp,
And will not let go.
Dark clouds litter the skies,
And I shiver with fear and cold.
It is time.
I slowly step over the threshold,
If one can call it that,
And take my first step
Towards Eternity.

Sep 05
CJP 0 comments challenge: CJP-Home

Small Town, U.S.A

Small town,
Barely a town at all some would say,
Set in the countryside,
Safest place on Earth.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?
Almost like a fairy tale.
I can't really say that I love this town,
But I don't hate it, either.

Heck, just moved here eight years ago,
Not long enough to have a complete opinion about it...
I mean, it's not like I was born and raised here my whole life!

I don't even know many of the townspeople;
Except for a few faces,
And the kids on my bus.
But that's where it stops.

I guess I really don't know much about my community,
Don't really have much of an opinion about it.
All I know is, I feel safe here,
And that's all that matters to me.