May 15


Telling her that I can't trust her.
Really upset right now; can't stand to see her like this.
Upset at everything that's gone wrong in my life.
Shaken; the ground beneath me isn't stable.
Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, for her sake.

I'm conflicted. I don't know what to do.
May 14
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So Worried

I can no longer see the light of day;
Almost as if it had never existed.
My faith is depleted,
Nothing is going the way it should.
I'm worried.
So worried...
It's dark in here.
It's cold in here.
I can't breathe.
Where are you?
Why have you left?
I need you.
I need you more than the air I breathe.
Come back and save me,
Before I slip into the cold darkness
May 10
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Cold Water

Cold water envelopes me as I sink lower,
I can't breathe.
The air is gone.
All there is...
Is water.
I try searching for the surface,
But I don't which way it is.
Is it up?
Is it down?
Is it left?
Is it right?
I have no way of knowing.
There is nothing but cold,
Cold water.
I can feel the strain in my head as 
The blood tries to push through.
There is no hope.
I'm doomed to this cold, watery grave.
May 08
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Devastated as the doctor tells him he's got two more years to live, max.
Open mouth, shocked beyond repair.
Never thought it could happen to him.
Totally lost all hope of everything.

Lost, feeling down, feeling alone.
Outward expression: dejected
Shiny tears appear in his eyes.
Everything is not worth the struggle

Hands resting on his shoulders, telling him "We're sorry."
Ordinarily, he wouldn't let people touch him.
People crowd around him as he stares off into space.
Even though he feels alone, he knows he must keep fighting; to keep the faith.
May 08
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Her Story

She walks through the hospital entrance,
Hoping that she will receive good news.
There's a worried look on her face;
She's not so sure that she'll hear what she wants to hear.
She walks up the steps of the carpeted stairs,
Her sneakers occasionally squeaking against the rubber lining of the stairs.
Her long, curly brown hair flows out behind her as she rushes,
Nearly two steps at a time,
Up the staircases and through the hallways.
Three staircases,
Two elevators,
And seven hallways later,
She stands in front of the door.
Oncology, the sign reads.
She takes a deep breath and enters the room,
Smiling as she sees her favorite secretary at the nurse's station.
She checks in and waits nervously in the waiting room,
Hoping beyond doubt that her tumor is benign.
Her oncologist gives her a wide smile and asks her to follow her.
May 08
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Sinking lower into the pitch-black waters,
Ears filled with water and white noise.
Lungs burn, begging for more air.
Someone help me.
I try to swim up,
But I don't know which direction "up" is anymore.
I've lost my sense of direction.
I'm stuck in this place.
I sink faster with each second.
My head pounds as blood tries to flow to it.
I look around in all directions,
Trying to find the sunlight of the day.
My lungs have had enough;
They open, and water fills them
As I'm dragged down to a watery grave.

I see you give me that look out of the corner of my eye.
I know that I've just embarrassed myself.
Please, please, please spare me the extra embarrassment.
Don't do anything to humiliate me further.
I know by the way you look at me that it's a no-go;
Your answer is a "no".
Frankly, I'm very relieved that you're saying no.

May 07

The Beauty of Music

Soft musical notes float through the miniscule speaker and make their way into my ear;
Then comes the sudden, caught-off-guard hard rock notes of the drums, bass and lead guitar,
And, finally, his voice.
Your love is like bad medicine!
Bad medicine is what I need.
Woah, shake it up, just like bad medicine!

There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease!
I smile to myself, eyes closed and imagining being at a live concert.
If only...
I lean my head up against the fogged window of the bus,
Now envisioning myself up onstage, singing this song.
I quietly mouth the words as they blare from my headphones,
The music up so loud that the people around me can hear it.
I don't care.
Let 'em hear the music.
At least I have good taste in music, unlike them.
The song ends, and the next one immediately begins.
The first few notes of the song already reminding me of Rocky.
May 06

YWP Prompts

What's your definition of beauty? Is it the deep orange sunset setting behind the dark purple mountains? Is it the connection of a mother and her child? Is it the first snow of winter? Describe what beauty is to you.

What does an adrenaline rush feel like? Describe it in a short story or poem.

The Untouchable
Describe something that is out of your reach. How does it make you feel? How do you try to reach it?

Describe the life of a radio host in a short story. What happens? Be sure to add a lot of details!

Create step-by-step instructions on how to do mundane activities, like brewing a cup of coffee or tying your shoes.

Think about a time in your life where you couldn't make a decision on something. Describe it.

May 02


So guess what happened a few days ago?
I got another cold.
I feel like C R A P.
My throat hurts and I'm starting to get a headache.
My eyes hurt, and are sensitive to bright lights.
I won't lie, I am pretty irritated.
I'm grumpy.
REALLY grumpy.
I just hate being sick.
It sucks.
My head hurts...
I wanna go home.
It hurts to talk.
It hurts to look around.
All I wanted was to be sick-free this year.
But nope!
Second time I've been sick within a month-and-a-half.

May 02

Your Love, Bad Medicine

Based on the song "Bad Medicine", written and performed by Bon Jovi in 1988.

Your love is like bad medicine.
But what if bad medicine is what I need?
There isn't a doctor that can cure this;
Bad medicine is the only thing that can help me.
I need you.
I'm bleeding.
I'm on my knees, begging for you.
I'm addicted to your kiss.
No paramedic can save me from this heart attack.
Your love is like bad medicine;
Let's play doctor, cure my disease.