May 03
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If I won a dream vacation to anywhere in the world and could travel with anyone I would go the Sognefjell hotel in Norway with my older brother. Sognefjell is a nordic ski resort that is located on three hundred kilometers of manetend trails.
Apr 26
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Scene One

Scene opens to a dark room will water dripping in the the background.
A man with a flashlight is looking around the room. Slowly scanning the area as if he is looking for something.
There is a loud crash
Man: Hello

There is no answer the man continues to search with the flashlight.
There is another crash
this time it comes from a hallway that is carved out of rouge stone.

As the man neers the hallway he pulls a pistol from his belt he then points the flashlight and the pistol down the hallway.
There is one more crash
The man fiers the pistol down the hallway just as a huge hairless bear type thing launches itself from the hallway
The creature nocks the man over and bites into the man's neck.
The scene cuts the a man suddenly jerking awake from a deep sleep he is covered in a cold

Apr 12
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Every year around two or three weeks before the snow melts and spring kicks into gear the first pair of canadian geese show up. We first see them in the fields a little way down the road, and then in our back field. When they first touchdown, they get straight to complaining. Honk honk honk, they go. We always joke about what they are saying and make up the geeses dialog.

“Dammit, i told you we should have stayed down south another three weeks”  sais one goose.

“ you should have heard yourself right before you left, i can't stand it down here i'm telling you now we should have left three weeks ago” replays the other goose.

Until the snow melts we laugh and joke about their incessant honking. When the snow dose melt they stop for the most part, that is until they have babies. When the babies are old enough to get out of the nest, the parents walk up and down the field telling everyone that they have babies and that no one should touch them.  
Apr 05
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Every time my family is trying to leave one of us always has one last thing they need to do. No matter how ready we are, there's always something, most of the time it makes us late. When I was little it was always my dad who had to do something, wich really pist me of me because at that time I was a time freak and would count the seconds until we had to leave. As I grew up and started to loosen up about time, I two started having last minute things to do. For example, there are ten minutes until we need to leave and I am cleaning my room even though it is completely unnecessary. Lots of times I have had many chances to clean my room leading up to leaving but for some reason or another it has to happen right then.
Mar 29
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Mud and Old Vermonters

Brown, deep and sticky

Not a place for someone picky
People are always getting stuck

Pulling them out can really suck

Lot of times you get covered in muck

No likes the muck
Some of the mud is two feet deep

Driving through it is quite a feat
When you inevitably get stuck

Just wait for an old man in a truck
No matter what he will know

The perfect way to give you a tow.

Mar 15
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Imaginary Friend

I think that most toddlers have some kind of imaginary friend. When I was around two years old I had an imaginary sister.

My imaginary sister was a jack of all trades but most of the time she was a truck driver. Whenever we went on a road trip I would spend most of the time looking out the window for semi trucks. Every time one went by, I would say “look, it's my sister's truck” and then tell anyone who was listening how amazing my sister was or how many trucks she drove.

My second favorite thing for my imaginary sister to do was come for dinner. Most nights I would tell everyone in my family that my sister was coming for dinner. Being imaginary she never showed. Every time she missed a dinner my excuse was, she was driving a semi truck and was out of town.
Mar 07
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tree haikus


The sap is flowing

Dripping into a bucket

Like blood on the ground

Craggy wind blown trunks

Upholding sweet tart round orbs

Holding them till frost

Shaggy sad friendless

Lost in a graveyard of friends

Alone scared dieing

Mar 01
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A house (also known as a home) is,in a way, like a dog. It cares about you but, if you do not care for it, it can easily turn on you. Each home has a personality; there are angry homes, sad homes and happy homes. Homes also come in all shapes and sizes; some homes are tall and skinny, some are fat and short. There are homes that are built high in the air and homes built far underground. The one thing that all homes have in common is that they care about the people that live in them.  
Let me tell you about my home. My house is very, very old. In fact,  it is 166 years old. Being such an old home it has a long history. When it was first built in 1853 it was a church. As a church it was very happy, it was the center of the community and made many people’s lives better.
Feb 08
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The pet store is about to close and you must walk out with a pet. For me there is only one option, that would be a puppy. A dog is the best pet you can have (sorry cat people) they care about you in a way no other pet can and they are extremely cute.
If the pet store had it i would have to get a husky, they have the super fluffy tails that make almost a full loop, the little ears that stick straight up of their fluffy little heads, and the perfect mix of corse waterproof fur and super silky smooth fur. The best part about a husky is their eyes, that amazing ice blue color that gives them an almost fierce gaze (which most of the time is used for begging).
Another reason i would get a husky it that they are sled dogs, you can also use them for skijoring. In skijoring, one is pulled by a dog on cross country skis. Skijoring is something i have always wanted to do and a husky is a perfect dog for it.
Feb 01
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Everyone has bad luck at some point. I have bad luck all the time, any action I make plays out the worst way it possibly can. My name is Tim and I work in nuclear missle silo number 239. The worst thing that has ever happened to me started well doing routine maintenance on the missle.
I was working on the guiding system which involved taking of the nose cone. When the nose cone was off I dropped it of the 30 foot work crane, it being ceramic, it broke into a million pieces. After beating myself up over it, I got back to work on the guiding system. Ten minutes later my boss walked into the silo to tell me it was lunch time. The problem with this is that the walls of the silo are covered with a sound damping subitens which makes it impossible to hear him. Knowing this my boss brought an air horn to get my atencion.