Apr 28
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Going To Scotland

I can’t believe I won a dream vacation. I’m just sad that I can only bring one person with me. I chose my mom, but we found the money to bring the rest of the family along. I chose to got to Scotland, since I’m part scottish and the pictures I’ve seen of the place look really nice. We also get to ride on a plane, which I’ve never done before. I’m super excited but also kind of nervous. I’m going to this place I have never seen for myself, there will be different people, a different culture and the plane ride is going to be kind of scary, since I’m afraid of heights. It sounds like an adventure, which I guess, it is.
Apr 22
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The Odd Child

Opening scene

A tin box drops in the middle of a farm and the farmer walks over to it.

Farmer: Julia! Come here! You won’t believe what I just saw!

Julia runs over.

Julia: What is it Bill? Another shooting star?

Farmer Bill: Naw. You see this tin box. It dropped out of nowhere! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The box shakes a little. Bill and Julia jump. Bill walks over to it.

Julia: Be careful Bill. You don’t know what could be in there.

Bill opens the box.

Farmer Bill: Aw, Julia. It’s just a tiny baby. I wonder how it ended up in here. (To the baby) That must have been a pretty hard fall. We should take you inside and make sure you’re okay.

Bill hands the baby to Julia and they walk into the house.
Apr 21
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The Journal

I think I discovered a journal of a superhero. I was walking on my merry way when something fell out of the sky and bonked me on the head. I looked around for what might have hit me and I saw a journal on the ground. I’m a nosey person, I can’t help it, so I picked it up and went to the park to read it. I sat down on the bench and read away.

It was like someone was making up a story, but the story sounded oddly familiar and the powers the person gained was the ones of the superhero that flies around the city and helps citizens and stops evil doers. If someone like that wasn’t from around here, then I would have thought that it was a story someone made up and accidentally pushed it out the window, but no. I knew who it belonged to. So the next time I was saved by that superhero, I gave them back their journal. I said,

    “I think you dropped this” and the superhero stared at me, I think in fear, so I then said,
Apr 14
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Swinging With Friends

The group of friends on the swings have been friends for a very long time. Since kindergarten. They’ve never fought and never will. Every moment they’re together, they’re having fun. They’ve decided to chose this hot summer day to meet at the park and play. Their favorite thing in the park is the swings, so they decided to go there. Their names are Bobby, Sunny, Alexandra and Gloria.

    “I wish we could spend all summer together” Bobby said to the rest of the group.

“Yeah. Life is pretty dull without you guys” Sunny agreed.

“At least we can see each other at least once a week” Alexandra told them.

“Yeah, but that’s not nearly enough time” Gloria whined, trying to sound annoying.

They all laughed and tried annoy each other with the sounds of their voices. It didn’t really work.

“Hey, let’s have a contest. Whoever can reach the highest point of the swing first wins. How about it” asked Bobby.
Apr 05
poem 1 comment challenge: Home
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Where Home Is

Home, people say, is where the heart is.

My heart is with my family.

My home is wherever my family is.

Home isn’t a house.

I mean,it can be,

But it’s just a building.

Home is where you feel the most comfortable in.

That could be with your friends.

With animals,

With family,

Yes, a building that you love a lot,

Outdoors, in a forest.

It all depends on the place you feel most accepted and wanted.

Where you want to be forever.

That’s what home is.

It’s a feeling.

Mar 28
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The Oracle

I was walking from school when this weird, creepy looking lady blocked my path. I said excuse me to her, but she wouldn’t budge. She kept staring at me. It was weird. So I just decided to walk on the road to get around her. Before I could pass her, she moved lightning fast into my way again. I never knew someone could move that fast.

    “Would you like something” I asked her.

    “No” she said simply, “all I’m here to do is to warn you about a prophecy” and she kept staring.

    “Okay then. Are you going to tell me it” I asked her. I didn’t really believe in prophecies, I just wanted her to get out of my way so I could go home.

    “Are you ready to hear it” was her reply.

    “Yeah, sure” I said.
Mar 22
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My Baby

I woke up in the middle of the night to hear the baby crying. It was my turn to calm it. Something was off though. The baby’s crying sounded different. It just wasn’t the same as before. I got up and went to the crib. It looked like my baby. It just didn’t feel like my baby. I took it out of the crib and started to rock it gently. It fell back to sleep. I decided to sit in the rocking chair with it for a while and figure out what’s wrong. Before I even sat down the answer came to me. It’s not my baby. It was someone else's, but who’s could it be and what happened to mine. I woke my husband up. I guess he could tell I was panicking.

    “What’s the matter” he asked.

    “Does this baby seem like our baby”, I probably looked freaked out because he gave me a look of confusion.

    “Yes. It does look like our baby. Why wouldn’t it not look like ours” he yawned.
Mar 15
fiction 1 comment challenge: Pal
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My Pal

I decided I am really lonely. My parents are busy doing things all day that the only time they get to play with me is before bedtime. I think it’s an hour before bedtime. I wish my friends could come and play with me everyday, but they have their own things they do. They have siblings that will play with them. Only a few times they’ve come over to play. So, I made my own friend that will be with me all the time. It’s a blue elephant my size that stands up on it’s two hind feet and it’s name is Georgie. First thing I could think of.

Georgie just faded into existence and said, “Hey! How’s it goin’, wanna swing?” and Georgie sat on the swing next to the swing I swing on. I got so excited I did a little dance and squealed. I had someone to play with. I sat on my swing and we started rocking back and forth.

We both giggled and then I asked Georgie, “Are you having fun? I know something that’s even more fun than this.”
Mar 08
fiction 0 comments challenge: Woods
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The Talking Woods

Have you heard of the place called The Talking Woods? It’s a very mystical place. People say the trees in those woods talk. Some are mean, some are nice; it all depends on what type of tree it is. The first person who ever went there and noticed it was a child. Here is his story.

    One day James was playing by the woods when he heard someone shout,

“Watch it or you’ll snap one of my branches off! And that doesn’t feel too pleasant.” James jumped back. He had no clue who said that and he couldn’t see anybody for miles. The voice was kind of hollow, like it was vibrating through a pipe. It sounded in the middle of squeaky and deep.

“I’m over here,” shouts the voice again. It came from behind James, so he turned around but only saw the woods. Then he noticed a face in one of the pine trees, or at least it looked like a face. It was staring at him and he was staring back.
Mar 01
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When I brought Bailey home for the first time he looked very happy. The weird thing is,  could tell he was happy. To my eyes, he looked like he was smiling, so I asked my sister if she saw the smile on Bailey’s face. She stared at him and he stared at her and my sister nodded her head and walked away. I was left alone in the living room with Bailey, both of us just sitting there awkwardly. I decided that just sitting there was boring and thought that it would be a good idea to get more acquainted with Bailey, so I started talking to him and while I jabbered on he just sat there with wide eyes and a little smile on his face. I asked him what he was smiling about and what came next surprised me I almost fainted.