Oct 02
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Break and Bend

I'm the lone red tattered door in the opulent neighborhood.
I'm the sweater you tore and said you'd fix, but it doesn't look good anymore.
Break and bend.
I'll start again.
But little friend,
Please don't ever touch me again.

I'm the swift cat chasing the bird,
Determined with a flittering heartbeat
It flies in a circle and curves away.
Sep 26
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Sand between your toes
Soft and silky
Sand between your toes
Filled with crabs, bacteria, and who knows.

A summer day
Relaxing, a paradise
A summer day
Sweltering hot, wanting to launch yourself into the cold waters of the bay.

A roller coaster ride
Exhilarating, the rush of your life
A roller coaster ride
It makes you want to hurl, curl up and hide.

Its all a matter of perspective.
Sep 26
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Aug 17
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Pain vs. Hope

*Read from beginning to end, then end to beginning*

Pain will always win out.
How stupid it is to believe
That love is always around.
For it is always guaranteed,
Hate and anger are more powerful,
And I will never be convinced,
Love can be stronger.
Despite the darkness that seeps into the stars,
Everyone stows a secret hope, and a secret wish.
But I know the truth,
And it is difficult to cope.
The deepest fears lurk in the coldest shadows,
Some people may think,
I can escape,
But I can't.
Giving in is the only choice,
As the waves of life throw me down,
I refuse to believe,
There is a hope out there for me.

*Now read from the end to the beginning*
Jul 06
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Jul 06
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In the span of two months, 
I lost 4 people.

In late May, the love of my life passed away.
He is my world, 
My everything.
My other half.
The only person who knows every piece of me-
The good, and the bad.
He is the only person who knows all of my past.
He is the only person who accepts me for who I am.
He is the only person who has seen the real me,
And not run away.
He not only accepts me, but he loves me. 
Truly loves me.
Just as I love him.
He is my world, my everything,
Just as I am his.
The day that I join you couldn't come too soon.

In June, I lost 3 people.
The first being my best friend.
So many laughs and inside jokes,
Serious moments,
And not-so-serious ones.
All of them memories I will carry for the remainder of my life.
I hope I was as good a friend to you as you were to me.
I'm sorry for ending it this way,
May 13
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She Was My Friend

She was my friend.
The truest of true.
She didn't care if I was nervous
and had problems that other kids didn't.
She was my friend, when I had none.

She didn't care when I cried.
She was my friend, and she didn't shun.
She didn't care when I vented.
She didn't care if I was quiet, or loud.
She was my friend, and that's said and done.

I never meant to push her away.
I never meant to cause her pain.
I never meant to betray her trust.
I never meant to stir up the dust.

She was my friend,
and now....
She's gone.
Mar 28
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I'm a daydreamer,
My head is stuck in the clouds.
I'm a daydreamer,
My feet never on the ground.
I'm a daydreamer,
In a world of my own.
I'm a daydreamer,
Sometimes I am completely alone.
I'm a daydreamer,
Creating a better world than the one I live in.
I'm a daydreamer, 
Wishing it will become a reality.
I'm a daydreamer,
Filling my head with things that will never come true.
I'm a daydreamer,
Seemingly dreaming my whole life through.
I'm a daydreamer,
Dreaming is what lets me escape this chaotic, mean world.
I'm a day dreamer,
Even though I know my daydreams will never become reality.

Feb 14
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I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew who I was.
I thought I knew where I stood.
I thought I knew who my true friends were.
I thought I knew right from wrong.
I thought I knew who the liars were.

I thought I knew.
But I know nothing at all.

I thought I knew who I was.
I don’t who I am now.
I thought I knew where I stood.
I don’t know where I am anymore.
I thought I knew who my true friends were.
I’m not sure who they are, where they are.

I thought I knew right from wrong.
I thought I knew black from white but the line’s all blurred.
I thought I knew who the liars were- the fakes.
I don’t know if lies are all they speak, the ones closest to me.

I thought I knew.
But I know nothing at all.

I’ve lost a part of myself.
I’ve lost a part of my identity.
The ground where I stood,
the mountains that I’d climbed,
shook and crumbled under my feet.
Jan 29
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That is what I am.
For instance,
I tripped and fell into the road.
Almost got hit by a truck,
fell into some really disgusting muck.
My homework ruined.
Brand new jeans ripped.
The teachers roll their eyes.
"Your such a clutz," they say,
sighing as yet again,
I hold in front of me,
another assignment ruined,
illegible, unrecognizable,
looking as if it has already started to decay.
I get off the bus,
walk to my house.
Open the door,
steeling myself for more sighs.
She's at the counter,
I step quietly on the squeaky floor,
maybe I can sneak, unnoticed, up to my room.
"What did you do?!"
I give her an apologetic smile as I take off my shoes.
"I tripped and fell into the road."
"Goodness, child! How long much longer can this go?"
A question asked not to me, but to herself.
Yet, I say,
"I'm sorry Mom. But I don't know."