Jan 15
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Once Forgotten, Now Remembered

The forgotten river, now remembered.
The once calm tides, 
In a perfect symphony
Now crash with fury.
In a battle with the rocks,
The blooming flowers that once stood in full bloom,
Now lay in broken ruins,
Trampled by humans.

Sometimes the human race,
Should just leave things in peace.

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Jan 13
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Yellow Brick Road

"Follow the yellow brick road",
Is what lost children are told.
It's simple just to do what you're told,
And follow the yellow brick road.

It's not possible to follow the road.
I must break the mold,
Or face the cold.
I'd rather receive a scold,
Then be on the never-ending road.

So rather than following the given road,
I embarked on a new one,
That had twice the gold.
And that is why you must break the mold 
Of the yellow brick road.

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Jan 13
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Land of Misfits

Welcome to the land of misfits.
We are the ones
Who don’t fit in.
We are the ones 
Who were banished for our sins.
We are the ones
Who are lost.

Welcome to the land of problematic kids.
We are the ones
Who are always
The culprit.
We are the ones 
Who are always blamed.
We are the ones
Who are always wrong,
No matter what we submit.
We are the ones
Who are dimwits
Belong in a pit
A complete misfit.

We aren’t the ones
Who are dimwits.
We aren’t the ones
Who are full of it
We aren’t the ones
Who belong in a pit
We aren’t the ones
Who are misfits.

But that can’t be
It’s all we are told.
After all, we are the misfits.
We deserve it.

Nov 11
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I walked into school today.
Saw a girl in the bathroom crying,
Looking in the mirror,
Nothing but disgust and dispair on her face.
Lonely and friendless,
I watched as the girl cried.
I watched as she wished for a 
New face, new body.
Wished for a friend, for someone to care.
I watched as she looked at her reflection,
and dried her tears and fixed her hair.
A look of dread and exhaustion when she
shouldered her bag. 
Before she left I said to her,
"You're beautiful. Inside and out."

The saddest thing about it,
is how she mattered less,
because her brilliant soul
had not been paired with
the type of pretty face that is accepted.

Nov 11
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I saw a butterfly 
Beautifully flying
In the sky.
But it fell,
In my hand,
As its wings break apart,
Like a heart.
I caught it, because it is weak.
I helped it heal the wound,
And watched as that beautiful butterfly 
Flew away from me.

Oct 02
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Break and Bend

I'm the lone red tattered door in the opulent neighborhood.
I'm the sweater you tore and said you'd fix, but it doesn't look good anymore.
Break and bend.
I'll start again.
But little friend,
Please don't ever touch me again.

I'm the swift cat chasing the bird,
Determined with a flittering heartbeat
It flies in a circle and curves away.
Sep 26
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Sand between your toes
Soft and silky
Sand between your toes
Filled with crabs, bacteria, and who knows.

A summer day
Relaxing, a paradise
A summer day
Sweltering hot, wanting to launch yourself into the cold waters of the bay.

A roller coaster ride
Exhilarating, the rush of your life
A roller coaster ride
It makes you want to hurl, curl up and hide.

Its all a matter of perspective.
Sep 26
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Aug 17
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Pain vs. Hope

*Read from beginning to end, then end to beginning*

Pain will always win out.
How stupid it is to believe
That love is always around.
For it is always guaranteed,
Hate and anger are more powerful,
And I will never be convinced,
Love can be stronger.
Despite the darkness that seeps into the stars,
Everyone stows a secret hope, and a secret wish.
But I know the truth,
And it is difficult to cope.
The deepest fears lurk in the coldest shadows,
Some people may think,
I can escape,
But I can't.
Giving in is the only choice,
As the waves of life throw me down,
I refuse to believe,
There is a hope out there for me.

*Now read from the end to the beginning*
Jul 06
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