Oct 18
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Ants In The Rain

There are always ants in the rain.
By a gentleman's hand is held the cane;
Building their underground empire,
of which their species constructed a dirt spire.

But far too soon did come the rain,
that washed away their work in vain.
From the stomp of a child's boot did crush,
and turned their empire into mush.

How saddening this sight was to behold,
as their losses now took their toll;
For now I know what I did,
the damage I had done I had forbid.

For the life of everything I was in charge,
for this newly acquainted power would not be parched.
For the lives I failed to save again,
like once did when I was ten.

This is the story of us all,
and how one day we'll come to fall.
And then they will return their debt of pain,
like how I once killed the ants in the rain.
Oct 18
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The Lonely Man's Beast

One fateful night a man begun to fly,
without having said goodbye.
It was of no use to cry, 
because one day this man will die.
Will it be of his own doing?
Nobody will ever know,
like how the sun will set
and the moon will glow.

Two questions raised in the minds of 
the people;
When will he fall?
How shall he fall?
Perhaps it will be at the 
hands of the beast in us all.

All he wanted was to be understood,
accepted and have a friend.
All he wanted was to be

He snatched up 
the offer to be changed,
his desperation blinding him
to the devil's lie.
He was changed,
but not for the better.
The people who once
tormented him,
now feared him.

This lonely, sad, man started to fly
in the city that never sleeps,
everyday and every night,
the beast lies deep;
Maybe one day he will realize 
Oct 18
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Beside The Lake

I fell asleep by the lake, 
the water without waves to break.
I dreamt of you with me just then,
the last time I'd see you again.

We smiled and held each other near.
Flushed cheeks from the cold,
warmed by tears.
We laughed too, for oh so long,
and you sang me our oldest song.

But far too early did I wake,
alone and cold beside the lake;
I wondered if you'd truly gone,
perhaps you were there all along.

Maybe my dreams were waking life,
and when I went to sleep at night,
I was waking up with you still here,
and you'd never disappeared!

But each night I searched in vain,
my dreams a vacant phantom pain;
neither world would your home make,
as it did that night beside the lake
Oct 18
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A Child's Rainy Day

Yellow boots splashing in puddles.
Yellow boots drowning out the sorrow.
Yellow boots covered in mud.
A small child in a yellow jacket smiles.
Running and playing,
like all children do.

Water falls from the sky,
the children laugh and fall,
not even their jackets can keep them dry,
from the sky's release.

Mud splattered cheeks,
and dripping matted hair,
nothing can make them despair,
they are invinsible,
to this world's darkness;
they manage to see the rainbow
that has been hided behind the clouds.
Their laughter like a becon,
calling the light to them,
where the colors surround them,
and shadows are simply shadows.

With each giggle, 
and smile,
with each high five,
and hug,
the grass turns greener,
the air cleaner.
The flowers come back to life,
birds sing, while crickets chirp
and frogs croak,
creating a symphony
Oct 18
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The Song of the Windswept Traveler

To all those who wander,
and all those who wish to be found,
remember where your heart is,
and keep those feet steady
on the ground.

When hope becomes elusive,
as your emotions leap and dive,
take a deep breath through your lungs,
call to mind why you're alive.

There are no happy endings,
endings are the saddest part.
So just wish for a happy middle,
and a very happy start.
Oct 18
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A Fraction of Life's Sad Cycle

Oct 17
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Her World of Fire and Ashes

Oct 17
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We're drowing
in the smoke
of our calamities.
founded by our new minds.
Oh the clarity!

The words I keep inside,
would make no sense to you.
Don't tell me I don't try.
Don't find me miscontrued.
I'm trying to remember
all the memories
I have of you.

But I'll keep fighting,
as they fade away.
I'll keep trying,
but darling,
I'm Spellbound.

Oct 17
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You had me floating past the clouds.
Who knew a heart could beat so loud?
Your voice rang out like a rocket blast,
I soaked up each minute like it was the last.
But I still feel

I was stuck in the atmosphere,
and everything became so
You crash landed into my world,
how could I react,
when I'm still spinning
from the impact?

So I'll pray to the moon,
and wish upon a shooting star,
because you take away my oxygen;
who knew I could travel this far?

But now I'm floating
past the clouds,
they said space couldn't be this
His smile warmed my heart,
like he held the sun.
With an antimatter mind,
a galaxy begun.

But I still feel

Oct 16
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The Stars, Snowflakes, and a Little Girl