Dec 05
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I will Always be here

    I’m here but only you know. Only you can talk to and I can only talk to you. No else knows that I exist I am basically that imaginary friend that you had when you were little that would take the only other swing at recess and all the other kids would pick on you. But you grew out of that very fast because you didn’t want to grow up being known as the creepy one with the invisible friend. So every morning you would leave me at home and then we just kind of grew apart and you started hanging out with real people so I wasn’t important to you anymore but I was still there for you.
Nov 27
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My special talent

    “This speech taste so good this speaker is very good” said Mike.

    “What did you say”?

    “The speech is good”.

    “Oh I thought that you said it tasted good”.

Poor mike has been forced to hold in his darkest secret since he was at least seven. Nobody knows that he can taste words and hear colors except for his parents and his grandparents have it almost figured out. It has been passed down through generations. It can be good and it can be bad.

The good thing is is that Mike has a different way of interrupting things and he better understands things. Like if he is writing an essay and it tastes nasty then he knows that it is a bad essay but if it tastes good then well the essay is good.
Nov 22
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She's an odd one

    “If the snow doesn’t start to fall in the twenty minutes this place is going to have me to deal with. Keep in mind that I do rule over all of you and can get all of you fired.”

    “I swear if this kingdom makes one more wrong move I will have you all brought down do you understand me”

    “Mother, Father is everything ok?”

    “No sweat heart our servants aren’t doing their jobs properly”.
Nov 13
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Picking Berries

We hike we laugh and we talk. We reach the top of the hill where the berries grow as far as the eye can see. We pick for hours and compare the pounds and pounds of juicy ripe berries. We climb down the bank and back to the vehicle. Pile in to the old beat up truck that only gets used when we come up this awfully maintained road. The truck squeals to a start and we begin to roll down the road back to the house. Each bump we hit the truck rears and groans as if it is in pain.

We pull in the drive to the dog barking and chasing chickens through the gardens. We all pile out and go into the house rinse the berries and begin to make my mom's famous wild berry jam. We wash our hands and get the pots out.

“Put the berries in the pot and then run downstairs and grab the jars and the big bag of sugar” says mom.
Nov 09
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In my dream I’m running away from all the problems that seem to be chasing me in this awful world. I am running from the death of my friend from the day that my parents went missing and the saddest of them all when I felt lost and alone in the world and still had a baby sister to take care of. All these things that I struggle with and still I put a smile on my face and walk out the door.

Two days ago they came. They came to take my sister and the house that I grew up in all because me. A 17 year girl trying to pay for a house and care for a 5 year with noone to turn to. When they came I held onto my sister because she was the only thing I had left and they just ripped her from my arms as she was screaming and crying. They wanted me too. But I took one last long look at  my little sisters face and in her eyes I could tell that she knew that I had to do this so I ran. I ran to the woods on the edge of town until everything cooled down.
Oct 31
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A long time

It had been a long time, but now he was here. He had come back. Back to what we once had it wasn’t some romantic cheesy thing it was just a good old friendship. He and I were close like brother and sister then one day he just wasn’t there.

    We had the first club house in our neighborhood and everyone loved mainly because it was at my gram’s house and everyone knew that if you went over there there would be fresh cookies and lemonade for everyone. And everytime we had cookies and lemonade grandma would say “ I told you not to eat those cookies now you have gone and spoiled your dinner”. But really you could never spoil one of my grandma’s dinners you would just eat so much that you would be sick. But we would get sick together and then we would go to grandma crying and saying that our stomachs hurt.
Oct 26
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Letting Go

    I look over my shoulder as we drive away. Away from what was once a happy life.  Away from where I had friends. Away from my old life the one that I have to forget about just so that I can move on in life with no worries. I couldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t eat all because of some stupid memory that was stuck in my head like a nightmare. Maybe it was but the screaming, the yelling, the blood it all seemed pretty real to me. So my family decided it would be better for me to just leave it all behind and start over somewhere else.
3 weeks ago

“Come on just come with me it will be fun. It’s just a party there is nothing wrong with having fun every once in awhile”

“Monica you know right well if I got to that party tonight I won’t be at school on Monday or any day to follow because my parents will have killed me”.

“Please just be normal for once”.

“Fine but only for an hour and then we go straight home so that I don’t get in trouble”.
Oct 12
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The Change

It was that time of year again when everything turned to a brown orange and yellow red. The world was full colors and I was trapped in the time of the year. I am not an average person once a year I become someone else. Not the person I want to be but I have no choice. I become like the world all different  colors but mine are emotions and then I begin to change my appearance.

    It was late october and I was about five years old playing outside with my friends when all the sudden they started yelling and running away. Then a sharp surging being shot through my body and then I dropped.

    For three weeks I was in ICU. None of my friends would talk to the cops let alone their own parents. And the doctors were not sure if I was going to wake up. The three weeks that my parents waited were the longest three weeks of their lives. When I woke they rejoiced and celebrated but I wasn't all better I could feel the change that had started as soon as I woke up.
Sep 28
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There she is

There she goes in the back of the pack. She has blonde hair that falls to just below her shoulders and has a face full of freckles. Her hair is blonde not bleach blonde but blonde with little curls that form around her ears when it gets humid out. Her hair is thick and frizzy. The freckles are all over her face and look like a dot to dot game. She has blue eyes with eyebrows that you can barely see because they are blonde. And her eyelashes are long and thin. Her shoulders are an average size. She walks with a smile and when there isn’t a smile on her face then something is wrong which is rarely.
Sep 21
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It wasn't just the Wind

We were all gathered around the campfire the night before Halloween just like we have been doing every year since we were in fifth grade when the storm came out of nowhere. We ran to the little cabin on the other side of the clearing laughing all the way there. We all got dried off and into some new clothes. We all did our own thing Rebecca went to her room so did Josh and Miles. I stayed downstairs to read and sit by the fire.