Oct 13


Who are you to say that the skies are grey
When beyond is a universe filled with stars.
Who are you to say
Those terrible things, to push away
Those of us that are different,
Because doing so you are
Shutting out the light so it's dark,
Taking away the rainbows so it's on dull color,
Casting away the ocean so it's just water,
Pushing the hearts of the innocent over the edge
So it's one last person you have to look at.
Who are you to sit there and say that I am ugly
When I am standing here helping the hearts that you hurt
More beautiful than ever.
Sep 28

The Dark

I am scared of the dark
The feeling of emptiness
The not being able to see 
While I stumble down the stairs at 2 am.
To look up one day and see that 
Someone, You, are not there
Gone, lost to the rolling sea.
I am scared of the dark 
but not,
I am scared that my broken pieces
Would be lost, unfound in a park that everyone sees. 

Sep 13

Foggy day

Sep 09

To be Free with You

Hand in hand we walk
On a warm beach
The sunset drains from the sky
The rainbows fall like rain 
As the starry night sky waits in the east.
Our feet stop, sunken in the soft sand
The waves roll up always reaching for more
As the tide drags it away.
No one bothers to tell me that my dress is wet
The bottom did touch the ocean waves.
I breathed out the breath of the slight breeze
That brushed through my thoughtlessly combed hair.
No harmful thoughts cross my mind
Because when I am with you, you take it all away.

Aug 31

Wake me up

My hand reached 
To bearly touch the surface of the moon
An endless sleep full of dreams
That I wish would come true.

Floods of memories
I cannot seem to piece together
Broken fragments of laughter,
Crying in maybe a stranger's arms.

My legs used to be able to run forever 
Through the harsh world
Cuts and scrapes were always healed 
By someone's hands.

So close and so far
I cannot open my eyes
Calling for help with no voice leaves me helpless
So please, my lost love,
wake me up.

Aug 30

Rainy Days

Aug 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Explore

Chasing Stars

I woke up to the night sky
And immediately fell in love,
I used the stars as stepping stones
Following the pattern that we created.
I can look down now and see my home,
See the little me staring back up
Knowing that one day, those stars would be in her hands.
To be so high up or am I low? I can no longer find or feel where I am,
Except for a gentle tug in my heart 
Pulling me further out.
I leave what I know and immerse myself
Into a dangerous universe.
Trying to chase the stars that are a losing battle, 
No matter how far I go I never get closer,
I guess maybe they were just to look at,
To wish upon while holding his hand
Or the untouchable art on the black canvas.
But I still try because maybe I have not gone far enough.
Aug 26


Heart beating, 
A sound heard within me
Sweat dripping down my face
I wipe it away with shaky hands
My feet carried me back and forth
Trying to shake away the fluttering in my stomach.
My head turns 
My feet slow.
I walk out lights shining
Floor gleaming,
My heart beats faster.
The crowd cheers 
Announcers yelling,
I look the net, the hoop, the backboard
And everything goes silent.
This is me, my passion
No noise is louder than that.

Aug 26

Twelve Hours

You wiped the cold cloud tears from my face,
Flicking them to the ground.
Though I knew it was pointless
New ones kept falling all-day.
It was just a gesture 
Of caring, of getting close one more time,
Before you left like yesterday.
But as I slept I knew that those twelve hours 
Would be nothing compared to the years
That you will spend elsewhere.
You hand leaves me and I watch
As if someone has moved the clock slower
You leave me 
Like those twelve hours ago.

Aug 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind

Blue Balloon

The wind blew 
Right through the girl's hair 
Around past her small hands
And straight for her blue balloon.
Her fingers slipped and the string came loose
Her little blue ballon 
Got swiftly blown into the wind.
She watched in gloom
Away from her sad eyes
Alone again with nothing to hold.
A small hand landed on her shoulder
She turned to see a boy with one blue balloon
With a small smile, he tied the string around her wrist,
A blue balloon and now a friend to keep her company again.