Aug 15

Out on the dock

Aug 14

But the sun

You might not notice but the sun
It shines for you.
The stars are the skies writing 
Guiding you home safely.
The wind is the earth's voice
Whispering words of inspiration to your heart.
That hand that reaches for yours
Is a genuine caring 
Don’t think you don’t deserve it.
You might not notice but the world, it cares
Even if you turn your back on it.

Jul 25

Summers flowers

Jul 21
poem 1 comment challenge: Love

Last Night in the Rain

I could not see
But I could hear, 
It was too dark 
Not even the moon could lookout.
The rain poured 
Each drop shattered on my head,
Soaking me and chilling me,
Making me feel alone.
I look up through the rain,
Hoping maybe the moon came out
To accompany me.
I would cry but the storm has
Already made me wet enough.
Just when I thought I was forever alone
I heard footsteps 
Through the downpour
And then I felt your warm hand in mine.

Jul 21

A star never fades

When a star dies you can still see the light
So that's what I thought of when I saw your tears
The memories they just don’t disappear
They live on in your heart
That sweet smell that gets in her baking
The memories you had of her at late nights
Her fruit salad she would bring to thanksgiving
And that smile I saw never leave her face.
She would never forget you, 
Always gave hugged you and talked like you knew her for years
And I guess I have,
Since the day I was born.
Her kindness never left 
Wrapping you in a blanket when snow fell.
And those memories will never fade
Even as morning comes those stars are waiting in the night.
Because when a star dies you can still see the light 
Even if it's just in your heart.

(To a beloved family member)
Jul 21
poem 1 comment challenge: Love

So many things that will never be more than you

Jul 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Clash

The open ocean

The waves roll in and out, 
Reaching up to the sand and then falling back home.
I wade in and dive under.
I can taste the saltiness on my lips.
I love the ocean,
The feeling of freedom as you swim,
Floating back in with the waves,
It makes me forget the world.
I come up for breath but I can’t.
The riptides are strong; 
I do not fight it, I wait for an opening, then come up.
The cool air greets me.
And at that moment I hate the ocean,
Yet I still yearn to go back in.
How could I love something yet hate it so much?
I walk back to shore and stand right where 
The water meets the dry sand, 
Standing right between love and hate.

Jul 14

Alaskan Flowers