Aug 22


Society has been built up to honor 
The girls with the skinny waist and the flawless skin,
Their beautiful faces being shown as the “ideal beauty.”

But the ideal beauty is not just skinny women.
It is also the women with
The stretch marks that elegantly indent into their thigh 
And the curves that make them even more beautiful and strong.
Women are more than just a body,
With more voices coming together we are the future.

No matter what a woman looks like
Women are not an object
They are more than a pretty face
More than something you can catcall 
And determine the worth and beauty of.

Women are beautiful 
Our curves are beautiful
Our stretch marks are beautiful
Our slim waists are beautiful
We are beautiful.

May 07

Missing You

Every time I finally get over the wave
That pain in my heart comes back 
And that smile that I always try to slap off my face.
I miss you 
But I could never say that 
Not to your face anyways.
I never truly understood why I chose you 
But now I clearly see why.
I wish I could see you again and fix 
But for now, all I can do is fall asleep
Each night missing you.

Mar 14


Sometimes tears were just meant to fall
The feeling of letting something go
Just might be enough to make me feel a little better
They always say that after a storm is a rainbow
Hopefully, in the end, I will smile.
But that feels impossible
I feel trapped in a long tunnel
And the light, it is not there.
I am dancing in a world with no sun
And oh how I want to feel those warm rays once more,
But maybe it's not morning yet.
Mar 13

Everything is OK

All it feels like is walking it sand
Dragging my heart along slowly behind.
My arms being torn with going my way
And watching after you.
Salty tears have never burned so much
As a try to scream out
To anyone who would listen.
I am not alone my mouth says
But my heart says I am and 
My brain is too far asleep to notice.
Some might even laugh at my scars
I guess they forget I can feel pain too
And I guess I should put myself aside 
To help them with there woes.
I flop down again 
Still chasing happiness that I see everyone else gain
I sit behind a screen pretending everything is ok.

Jan 28

Especially without you

Walking down these roads
Is a trip of a lifetime.
Filled with your smiling
The sun shining down on me like rain
Thankful to be here.
The cold is gone as soon as you touch my hand,
My mind finally free from this gloomy trap.
To feel loved is everyone's dream
Though the dream only comes to a few.
But I promise I will make sure you feel loved,
Because no one has made me feel so special.
If the stars ever leave, come back
I can’t see in the dark
Especially without you.
Dec 22

Life, an all too confusing message

I am tied up 
Stings pulling at my heart yet they
Squeeze tighter making it so I cannot breathe.
My eyes have no place to focus on
As the blame gets passed on between each person.
I have felt hate for myself
But what I cannot understand is how you could
Hate me more then I do myself.
How could you give me hell and expect
A thank you as if I was in heaven.
You know, I did try
I swam in the stars I gave them all a second chance
But you,
You always ended up throwing me back to square one.
You pushed me to stutter when he was all I wanted
You silenced my lips when all I needed to do was speak
You made me speak when it was time for silence.
What I did to you, life,
I don’t know.
Maybe, in the end, it was just me hurting my own heart.

Dec 11

Never Really Blue

She said you had blue eyes
But they really weren’t blue at all
They were the color
Of the mist of the ocean splashing onshore
They were the color of the rain
With the stormy sky as the background.
But they felt like home
They felt like the calm waves 
Rolling onto the bay
They felt like how you wrap your arms around
Me and protect me from the world.
When she said blue 
I thought blue, I felt blue
But your eyes were never really blue at all.

Dec 09

Silent night

Nov 27


Have you ever found yourself
Lost in a town
Where you knew everyone
But no one knew you.
That when it rained everyone
Ran inside but you
Stood in the storm with no place to go.

And all I ask is,
Can you take me away
Far from here,
Away from the dusted rain.
All I want is you tonight
To take me to the stars that promise the world.

And all I want is,
That when my legs wobble
And my world begins to crumble
You will carry me home
To the place I belong
To the place where I can be free.
To the place where I am me.

And all you need to know is,
Have you ever found yourself
Lost in a town
Where you knew everyone
But no one knew you.
That when it rained everyone
Ran inside but you
Stood in the storm with no place to go.

Nov 17

Letting Go

I wish I could let go,
I wish that when my tears fell
They took my thoughts with them.
My brain keeps mistaking itself for my heart
And maybe that is why I let you go.
I wish that my thoughts did not 
Hurt my heart
And make it suffer more.
I wish that when I do cry I would not feel
On the edge of a hundred-foot cliff.
I wish that when hurtful words struck 
My mind would look away
And understand the other person.
I wish that I could just wish my troubles away
On falling stars passing by the planet.
I wish I could let go
And close my eyes in peace.