Jan 27

I love winter

Jan 27

Where I am meant to be

When I left
I guess I underestimated
How much I would miss it.
The salty rolling waves
That would dance up to my ankles.
The sunsets with your arm around me
While gazing out to the ocean on warm sand.
The gentle sway of Palm trees
Giving shade from the burning sun.
Those early mornings
Where I could run forever on the beach.
I miss the warm weather
I miss that house.
But I found you here
In this snowy magical land
And I realized that this place is where
I am meant to be.

Jan 24

Love for Writing

My undying love for you
Is stronger than you can imagine.
The ink that flows onto the page
Creates the words of pictures beyond compare.
The story that you tell
Leaves me pushing my hand for more.
With each line my emotions
And secrets spill onto you,
Cracked old paper is renewed.
I can tell the warmest and the coldest story
Yet you don’t burn or freeze.
My love for you is unchangeable
If you continue help tell the story for me.

Jan 22

Friends Forever

I am the light on rainy days
The dew drops that dance in the grass.
I am the words spoken through animals
The trees whispering leaves.
I am the snow dancing onwards
The sparkly fields that they fall on.
I am the birds lovely song
The tune that gets stuck in your head.
I am the sword with no blade
That cuts precisely through hate.
I am trying to be a perfect friend
So that our hearts can run free forever.


Jan 22

The sun will rise again

The sun will rise again
Even if the dark seems darker
And the nights seems longer.
I know the road looks scary
And your mistakes seems like giants
But as long as get back up
Your fears will bow back down to you.
Though you might feel like the worst
There is someone out there who cares
Who knows that you are just as amazing.
Just as long as you look forward
You will see the sun rise again.

Jan 20

Winter Dandelions

The yellow petals shine against the snow
Like the sun against the night sky.
The little flowers scatter the white field
Out of place they grow.
Sweet memories they bring
Of summertime warmth and beauty,
But the cold will not let you travel far,
Winter time is still here.
With dandelions in the ice,
Growing despite the dead of winter.
Jan 20

The Moon’s light

The sun graces my skin

Lighting up a smile on my face.

The moon placed itself in my eyes

Making the universe visible to me.

The sky took way under my feet

Lifting me high into my dreams.

The stars got caught in my throat

Giving my voice a beautiful note.
Jan 17

Waking Moments

I love every waking moment with you,
Whether the sun shines or not
Or whether the clouds beg for rain.

I love those words
Spoken on those blown away lips,
Leaving me to wonder with the stars.

I love feeling my legs ache,
After I run chasing my dreams,
Letting every part of me live in the wind.

I love the still moments
When nothing and everything surrounds you.
Where being left alone, lies gone in the dust.

I love when my heart pounds
After I made you smile.
Giving the sunset another touch.

I love that the sun rises once more,
Giving me the chance to spend
Those waking moments with you again.

Jan 15

Impossible Dreams

Up high in the sky
Is where my dreams exists,
While cold hard ground
Races under me.
Longingly I gaze up past the clouds to my dreams
Hoping maybe I will fly
And grab them with my open hands.
The wind picks up,
I move to the tips of my toes
But I don’t rise,
I get lifted.
Helpful believing hands
Carry me higher to my dreams.
Without those hands I would still live grounded,
Because achieving the impossible can’t be done

Jan 13

Your Eyes

Your eyes
Live on for eternity,
The crystal blue reflects the sky
Of where you can get lost,
Yet home is just below you.

Your eyes
They change to the color
Of the new night sky,
Always mysterious like
Deep corners of space.

Your eyes
Are a reassurance, that the
Stars will stumble back
Carrying you at their side.

Your eyes
Give me hope
That my heart won’t be left alone
And that my eyes will find the love in yours.