Jan 17

Waking Moments

I love every waking moment with you,
Whether the sun shines or not
Or whether the clouds beg for rain.

I love those words
Spoken on those blown away lips,
Leaving me to wonder with the stars.

I love feeling my legs ache,
After I run chasing my dreams,
Letting every part of me live in the wind.

I love the still moments
When nothing and everything surrounds you.
Where being left alone, lies gone in the dust.

I love when my heart pounds
After I made you smile.
Giving the sunset another touch.

I love that the sun rises once more,
Giving me the chance to spend
Those waking moments with you again.

Jan 15

Impossible Dreams

Up high in the sky
Is where my dreams exists,
While cold hard ground
Races under me.
Longingly I gaze up past the clouds to my dreams
Hoping maybe I will fly
And grab them with my open hands.
The wind picks up,
I move to the tips of my toes
But I don’t rise,
I get lifted.
Helpful believing hands
Carry me higher to my dreams.
Without those hands I would still live grounded,
Because achieving the impossible can’t be done

Jan 13

Your Eyes

Your eyes
Live on for eternity,
The crystal blue reflects the sky
Of where you can get lost,
Yet home is just below you.

Your eyes
They change to the color
Of the new night sky,
Always mysterious like
Deep corners of space.

Your eyes
Are a reassurance, that the
Stars will stumble back
Carrying you at their side.

Your eyes
Give me hope
That my heart won’t be left alone
And that my eyes will find the love in yours.
Jan 12

I Found the Road

I walked down the shaded road
The one with the heavily bent trees
The one with the course ground
The one where you find your true friends.

I found my own path
The one that leads next to you
The one that accepts me
The one that leads with no shame.

I believe in true beauty
And got the stars and moon
I got the sweet morning air
I got the love that I always wish for.

I lead my life through the bumps
And mistakes,
I let myself be strong
And take on those daggers.

I respected myself
And got the approval of me.

Jan 10

I want to be me

I fell asleep in your arms
Amidst all the chaos in the world
Despite the judgement
I leaned against you anyway.

My happiness does not lay at your feet
I lead my own life
My own interests
My own opinions,
Let my live my life so you can live yours.

Let me be
So I can sleep in your arms
Underneath the carefully chosen stars.
Let me find my own way
To find that one candle in the wind.

In your arms I slept
My mind quite, and letting go,
Letting go of my worries
Letting go of my fears.
Just one more thing,
I respect your help
But I just want to be me.

Jan 10

Rays of Sunshine

I lift my hand to the sky
Reaching for the clouds,
But I fall short and
Instead reach just above your head.
I am persistent and try again
This time I pull down the rays of sun.
The light plays between my fingers
The feeling of joy and happiness
Pulses through like a heartbeat.
I look around me and through the veils of light
I see grey, all color is gone, instead sadness lives in place.
Taking one last look I release the sun and spread happiness
To the places it hasn’t lived before
I watch in wonder as the world fills with colors
Brighter than before.

Jan 07

I miss you

I miss you more than anything
More than the waves that miss the shore
I wish with every last shooting star
That I could see you for just once more,
So I could gaze into those gentle blue eyes,
To get lost with you in time.
I would get to
Hear your loving laugh,
To feel your presents near mine.
I miss you more than two seconds ago
And I would give anything to see you again,
Just to see you one more time
And tell you that, I love you.

Jan 03

Hanging by a Thread

Hanging by a thread
It is all that I have left.
Above me is where I want to be,
And below is a dark pit that nobody knows.

I tried,
I tried so hard
But each and everyone came down hard
Smashing my soul to pieces.

If I were to do it again, I would,
But this time I would take you
The one I love.
I know that you would help,
Even if it cost you everything
Because you love me, and I you
But it was all my fault and you didn’t know.

Helpless I hang
My enemies would win again,
That pit begins to reach out
To my bare feet it wants.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

A hand pulls me up into the clear air,  
And the feeling of crashing through
The surface of water
Is very vivid.

I land on someone,
Looking down I see you.
A moment of silence and stillness,
And then time again.

You pull me against you
Jan 03

Best Dreams

Wind sharp as a knife
Whips at me making the pain last,
For what feels like eternity.
Each second taunts me,
Moving so slow that it feels like it is frozen,
And it very well might be in this weather.
I pull my coat closer
And imagine myself back inside, safe and warm.
But in reality I am chasing my dream,
A fierce and nearly impossible idea.
I fight harder this time
And let the wind beat my poor skin.
I look farther and see,
I am close to the end.
That seemingly long time is coming to a destination.
And I know now, that only the best dreams
Are worth fighting for.

Jan 03

Old forgotten souls

The worn books
Now fall apart when you open them.
The stories that used to sweep you in
Now lie in illegible ink.
The old forgotten souls that would create these paths
Leave a piece of them in the books,
Just so they would never be forgotten.
The books that used to live and breathe magic
Are overtaken and thrust to the side.
All until one little girl,
Eyes ever so curious,
Her fingers delicate and caring,
Lifts the book and finds a seat,
Her eyes put to work, reading, while the old souls
Get remembered once more.