Dec 31

Coffee and a Scone

Little bells ring as I open the door
The familiar smell of pastries and coffee
Gives me comfort as I walk to the counter
I order a scone and a coffee with cream and sugar
And I take a seat next to a window.
I take my scarf and jacket off and take a bite of scone
That sweet flavor could never be replaced
I look out the window
The snow still falling in big flakes
Big city lights flashing with adds for New Years
Satisfied I open up my book and let myself get absorbed.
Before I know it a whole hour has passed by
My coffee cold and empty
My scone nothing but crumbs.
I place a bookmark and go outside
Only twelve more hours until two thousand nineteen.

Dec 31


Wind howls through the frozen trees.
Icy snowflakes kiss my face.
Nights come to soon bringing the cold with it.
Together we will walk the streets.
Evergreen’s branches touch the course ground.
Remembering and waiting for this season to come again.
Dec 31

What if I told You

If I told you to listen carefully to what I have to say
Would you listen?
Or would you run away to the clouds
Letting your mind run free.
If I told you to take a walk with me,
Would you come?
Or would you leave me behind
In the dust wondering what just happened.
If I told you to hold me tight until the storm passed,
Would you?
Or would you go into the rain
Letting it soak you to the bone.
What if I told you that I love you,
Now what are you going to do?
Dec 30


Is the real question I have,
Who could take a life?
Who could call the most real fake?
That question comes next
Why must you not love?
Why must you destroy?
I do a double take this can’t be real,
No not real at all.
But between my fingers
I see
The twisted world that is now.
Dec 30

Lost in Mist

I find myself lost in this regretful mist,
My are arms reaching out and around
Reaching for anything but getting nothing.
What if I did that differently?
Would I still be standing in this mist
Or would I be in a flowery field?
Would if I took that empty hand?
Would I instead be standing with you,
Knowing where I am?
What if I looked the other way?
Then would I have seen where I was taken?
Or was I destined to end up here,
Like how the the rain will touch the earth.
My eyes begin to feel clearer.
Where is the fog?
The darkness?
All the was sad is now gone
An offering hand reaches forward
And carefully pulls me away
Dec 25

Christmas Day

I chase after you laughing
Into the deserted streets,
Where the heavenly white snow fell.
Our arms linked
Keeping eachother warm in this frozen terrene.
Our feet slipping on the ice,
Making me gasp and inhale the bitter air.
While we dance in the world’s snowglobe.
The vivid landscape painted in front of us.
Christmas lights sparkle against my pale skin,
My legs take me further.  
Up to the distinctive smell of a christmas tree,
It's ornaments twinkling like the stars.
The caroling loud in the background
Sweet voices taking over the night.
Smiles are illustrated over everyone's faces
The feel of magic everywhere.
I come back to myself and see you,
Standing with me
As every year we do
Best friends forever,
On this snowy christmas day.

Dec 24

Chamomile Tea and Honey

The hot water pours into the mug
The steam rises onto my skin making it damp and warm.
A chamomile tea bag is dropped into my cup
Its tiny leaves trapped in the bag
Lets out its flavor, turning the water to a peaceful gold.
I take a sip, burning my lips,
The taste is a disappointing dull on my tongue.
It missing something,
Something sweet and savory,
And I know what it is
That sticky sweetness is all I need.
My cool silver spoon hits the glass,
And swirls the contents around.
The smell of honey fills the air around me
Making me smile a little,
Remembering past experiences with this sweet sauce,
The happy moments with honey and tea,
Or rather you and me.
I sip again
This time an outburst of flavor fills my mouth
And warming me down to my stomach.
The taste of honey lingers on my lips
An ingredient to the tea I’ve made,
Chamomile tea with honey.

Dec 23

Beaten up Car

Your voice matched mine as we sing
Along to the music in the radio
In your old beaten up car.
Its tires turning taking us along the bumpy road,
That winds higher into the mountains.
The windows rolled down
Letting the wind mix into my hair
Making it smell of the fresh air.
The car comes to an uneven stop
The music is silenced.
The doors creak open
And my shoes hit the dusty ground.
We walk to the front of the car,
And lay on the hood
Our eyes watching the sunset turn into
The starry night sky.
A shooting star flies over
And I quickly make a wish
I wish that every day I could lay here
On your beaten up car
With you,
My best friend.

Dec 23

If I could Remember

If I could remember I would
I would remember the birds that lived in the sky,
The crystal clear everlasting oceans,
The sweet taste of rain,
As it rolled down my face like tears.
I would remember the way the wind would dance around me
Leaving my hair in tangles,
I would remember the color filled sunsets
That set behind my house,
And the flowers that covered the rolling fields.
But most of all if I could remember,
I would want to remember you.