Dec 21

Moon Love

The moon drifts above the sea
Its light melts into the water and beyond,
The clouds roll like dark blue waves
Across the night sky.
A blur crosses the water
The black bird carries out the night,
It’s wings flap to the second hand
Ticking the time away,
A countdown until the bright sun returns.
My gaze is cast over the black water
While alone I stand,
The gentle wind playing with my hair.
As my heart aches
For the love that keeps on fading from the world.
The hour glass spills further
As the moon moves along,
A traveler of the sky.
Dec 18

Winter’s Song

Dec 16

Evergreens by the Sea

You shine like the sun,
You stand out like the stars against a jet black sky.
My red lipstick is contrary to the snow,
While my hair takes flight around my face
Just like how your own hair moves with the wind,
Forcing your blue eyes to match the sea.
My own green eyes reflect the evergreen trees in my backyard,
Where my feet take the footpath along the crunching snow.
Maybe on my way to you,
But I don’t know you
And you don’t know me.
You live on the other side of the earth
With the other side of the sky.
Yet somehow I know,
I will meet you
Only when rain touches land.

Dec 15

Path through the Woods

The snap echos through the woods
Bouncing off of each tree
Paining the heart with each hit.
Every step taken is a risk,
For the ground may swallow you whole
Locking you away in the dark with no light.
Lift your flame high,
See that path?
Leave it.
Trust yourself and create your own,
Let your mind guide you,
And only let the fear in when needed.
Lay down only your soft footprint and keep walking.
Every thorn you step on will be a victory,
Each branch that lets your red blood spill
Will drip roses onto the soil behind you.
And even if the roots make you fall
The vines will help you up again.

Dec 15

Ship of Storms

The ship sails through the still ocean
At top speeds under the cloudy moon,
Wind rustling through the sails.

The smell of salt hits me and sticks to my dress
And tangled hair.
A sword hangs off my hip,
The silver glinting in the night,
My hand rests gently on it as I walk to the wheel.

The waves start to role in
Pushing the boat back and spraying the deck,
Birds that are to afraid to fly sit on the posts
Squak in fear.

The storm comes closer, purple lightning scrapes the sky
Letting the blood of rain pour down.
It will be fine I whisper
And turn the ship taking to the storm.

The birds become restless
Their trust in me becomes faint
But I will not let anything die.

The acid rain touches the ship and moves over me
I ground my feet and pull a bottle out,
I grab hold of the storm letting it go through my fingers
Dec 15

What Friends are For

Tears stream down the sides of my face,
My breath no longer steady.
I moved faster than a bullet
But my walls came down anyway,
Crumbling to the dirt,
The dust hanging around my darken figure.
I tried to build it up alone
But new bullets would hit,
Crashing them down again.
Finally out of exhaustion I fell towards the ground,
The sunlight turned to dark.
My eyelids heavy, my body waitless,
The silence everywhere.
But then it all snapped back like a rubber band
My friends caught me as I fell,
They helped me rebuild
Up into the skys,
We beat the bullets
Rebuild the walls.
My mind at ease again,
Knowing my friends will always be there,
This is what friends are for.

Dec 13

Silver Moon

The vast empty road
Stretches out underneath the starry sky
Traveling farther than the eye could see
The silver midnight roses line the street,
Its petals carefully crafted around each other.
The moon’s light reflects brightly off of the silver.
My words sit on the tip of my tongue
But goes no further
Only my thoughts create sound.
 I can’t move as the moon takes over
Sweeping everything within its grasp to a shiny silver
I am silver.
A tiny shimmer in the night
I am the silver girl
Lost in this taken world.
Dec 10


I whisper them to you
Quietly in your ear
Hoping you will keep you lips shut.

They hold you close
Consuming you into the water,
Letting the waves take you deeper.

Get locked away
In chambers
The key only gifted to the trusted.

Keep me and you close
So we know each other like the back of our hands.
Our voices low and hushed,
But our smiles let eachother know
That it will be alright.

Dec 10

The Waves and You

The waves call out, they’re voices
Tumble onto the dry land,
Then sweeping out again.
The water flows over my feet and yours,
Your hand gripped too tightly to mine
Keeping me in place.
The only sound was the waves and
My slight heart beat.
Your hand tugs on mine,
I look over
Something is pulling you away.
The waves call out
But this time pull in too,
Taking you away from me.
A single tear runs down my face
I decide and take off after you,
Into the rolling waves.

Dec 09

Flower Filled Field

A girl lays in a flower filled field,
The light pink petals sit in her hair
And all over her off white dress.
Her eyes are crystal clear
Yet they seem foggy.

A girl lays in a flower filled field,
Her fingers tapping the time,
Her heart pounding to the beat of the earth,
As it aches from love and hate.

A girl lays in a flower filled field
Trying to forget her past.
But it sneaks up on her
Distracting her from the present
Keeping her on the ground.

A girl stands up in flower filled field,
The light pink petals fluttering to the ground
She walks forward,
No longer stuck in her past
Now on her way towards the inviting future
With her off white dress trailing behind her.