Dec 06

Searching for You

The forest was dark and scary
The dark moving through the trees.
My little lamp glows in a soft circle
Lighting my way.
Every small crack makes my head turn.
Keeping my eyes searching, 
But letting my steps lead to no where.   
I search for you,
Wondering who got lost, you or me?
But I look for you anyway,
Hoping that you are looking for me.
My legs never ache
My breath never falters.
It is the hope that keeps me up
That keeps me looking for you
In the dark and scary forest.

Dec 04

Footprints of Winter

Out of control snowflakes
Fall down to greet the earth.
The ice crawling in
Spreading the cold around.
Water trapped under ice
Splashing the surface then freezing.
Trees bend low, the snow heavy on them,
The glow of the rising sun does nothing for the temperature,
It’s orange pink light lighting up the clouds in the sky.
Rays hit the trees
Making them look black.
The earth is solid
From where I stand
But to my feet I wobble,
As snowflakes creep up my arms
Tattooing it’s footprints onto my skin.
Dec 03

A Rainbow

I walk along the side of a cliff,
Thorns claw at me
Breaking my skin letting the red fall.
Rocks break under me,
Crumbling then falling away into the depths.
My path grows closer to the side,
Roots and vines a mess on the dirt.
Tilting my head slightly gives me the view
Of a rainbow, an ark up high,
Its colors blending into each other,
Beautiful against the grey sky.
Trees grab at my hair,
Almost like they are trying to hold me back,
But nothing will stop me
As I make my way to my light,
That is a rainbow.

Dec 03

Wish Upon a Star

I sit on my porch
In the dead of night
Watching the midnight sky.
Like waves my breath comes in
And then out again.
Silence fills my ears,
Like a roaring ocean.
Patches of grey clouds move,
Covering and uncovering the night sky.
One star stands out from all the rest,
It twinkles, making my lips turn into a smile.
And I imagine it saying,
"I am your star,
Your diamond,
Your hope,
Wish upon me and Wish upon a star."

Dec 02

Stop Light

The stop light blinks
On and off slowly yet quickly.
There is just me standing in the middle of the road,
My puffy jacket keeps me warm
In the dead of night.
Silence surrounds the glowing stop light
Illuminating the yellow lines leading the road.
I want to walk down the road
But the light is red.
So I wait
Till I can’t no more.
I take a step forward
Cautious at first,
Then my confidence builds
And I walk surly through the red light.
Coming one step closer to finding my dream.

Dec 02

City Lights

The city lights blind whoever is not used to them
They are the city’s version of stars.
They light the streets,
Guiding the midnight walkers.
They glow in every building
Helping late night workers.
They light the sidewalks, which are consumed of the
People with a destination.
The street lights let you go by,
Honking a constant annoyance.
Welcoming you into,
The city that never sleeps.
Dec 02

Hair Tangles

My hair tangles
Ignoring your attempts,
You try to put me down
Your words meant to be burdens
But they just turn into flowers and gently hit my skin.
You try to bring me down to your level where the dirty mud lives
But instead I am pushed onto the tips of mountains.
You shout insults up at me but
The wind just sweeps them into music.
You point out my mistakes
But my mistakes make me special.
I offer my hand ready to bring you up
But you slap it away thinking it is a trick.
Why must you think I am dirty?
Why must you think I am harsh?
I call out for you to take my hand
A final attempt to help,
You look disgusted but take it anyway
I pull you up to the mountains
Your eyes are bewildered.
I have fallen for a monster but maybe you never were
Maybe my view was twisted and I saw you a different way.
Though the mirrors give you a reflection they do not give you the truth.

Nov 29

A Picture

The spinning drums in her ears
Her hair pulled back loosely in braids
The dress she wears holds to many rips.
Eyes focused on the task,
While also wondering what else is
In the world.
There is a clicking noise
Interrupting the usual hum.
A man with a camera
Arrives in front of her.
His kind eyes inviting,
He asks for a picture.
The girl agrees
And a picture of Addie Card is produced.

Nov 29

The Love in Your Heart

The love in you heart
Makes everything around you warm.
The cup of steaming coffee that rests in your hands
Puffs shapes of hearts into the unkind air.
Your scarf hugs your neck
Protecting it from the icy cold.
I look at my own heart,
And I wish it was not so cracked,
The cold air can breeze through so
With needle and thread I mend my heart,
With the thought of love in my mind.
Not for me but for everyone else.
Nov 28

Snowy Land

The trees crack,
Their moans echo through the forest
Before arriving back to my ears
The snow is heavy and wet
Sticking on the branches  
Weighing them to eye level.
The chilly air picks fights with my skin
Turning it a rosy pink.
The piercing blue diamond eyes that are mine,
Take in the snow falling on my face and lashes.
Pine trees graze my skin
The smell strong as ever.
Rays of sun filter through
Kissing my cheeks with warmth.
My feet move through the snow
Carefully leaving my footprints behind
In the snowy white land.