Nov 27

Umbrella Dancers

The big bell rings
umbrellas pop open all at once.
Dancers swing under them,
synchronized as they dance their way
through London’s streets.
Their umbrellas move up and down
to the songs they sing,
the music of instruments coming from apartments
filling the air with precious melody.
No more busy cars or buses
taking up the streets,
only the umbrella people
singing with joy in the pouring rain.
Nov 26

Flower Pedals

I walk forward
Away from my shadows,
From the dark corners.
The sun graces my skin
Giving it a precious glow.
I feel free
My heart uncaged,
I could almost fly.
But gravity keeps me grounded
Not letting me rise.
The light wind whispers greetings
While the earth lets beautiful fowerpedals
Mix in with my hair,
Making my lips curl into a smile.
I feel so lucky to be here
And I guess I am.
So I walk forward, knowing my luckiness,
Away from the shadows of the dark.

Nov 26

Listen to Me

The sweat drips off my face
My skin stings
Waking me up
Eyes snapped open no longer able to sleep
Fear constantly evolves around me
Gunshots echoed through the still standing houses
Bombs destroy my old life covering it all with dust
My tears never stop wetting my face
My throat is sore from crying
I don’t look back when I run,
My legs ache.
But I sprint
All alone.
The plane to America awaits for the
American soldiers
Not me.
Arms grab me and drag me into a plane
A woman’s face greets me her bun is low and tight.
She smiles and says
you are safe now.
I shake in fear as they bring me through the golden gates.
My former country puts a big label on me
In this new place,
They fear me,
They say I am a threat,
But they never listen to what happened,
They never heard the shots
The bombs
The cries for help.
They are deaf
Nov 24


The snow swirls around me
Covering up my footprints,
Leaving me stranded in the colorless blizzard.
The cold bites at my bare skin
Turning it to a rosy red.
Trying to take me over,
But my heart stays beating like drums
To a wild rhythm,
The wind whistles like flutes
A mini orchestra sings in my ears.
Keeping me walking
Keeping me alive.
My journey continues
My fight persists
My destination?
For all of the world to take in.
Nov 22

Perfectly Imperfect Friend

Take me away into the wind
Hold my hand tight and
Do not leave me behind.
Let’s run away into the fields and
Climb together to the tops of trees.
Let’s go to the loneliest street and make it full of hope,
We live without worries.
Let’s peer into the expected puddles and
And splash them into the unexpected.
We will have each other's backs,
So don’t worry if your branch breaks,
I will be there for you to lean on.
Though I am not perfect, I will try to be,
I will be
Your perfectly imperfect friend.

Nov 21

The Wind's Icy Blow

The trees golden leaves fall down on me.
Falling and vanishing into winter’s chilled air.
The wind is stronger than ever, blowing with it’s icy lips
Bending the trees to a sharp angle.
Their moans are loud and clear,
As their bark and branches land in mini circles around them.
Avalanches fall rolling down the side of mountains
Like the waves on an ocean.
I do not dare lift my feet
Or else I will be one of those broken sticks, flying through the air.
But I am not the strongest, I still tip slightly
While walking the tightrope, through the mountains.
The snowflakes are so cold they feel hot
Landing on my skin and lashes
And kissing my cheeks.
I lose my stepping and fall
I feel my breath leaving and not coming back
But my hand grasps onto the rope, hanging for life.
My hands start to sweat making it hard to hold on
The wind laughs in triumph swirling little snow storms around me.
Nov 21

Stars of the World

The stars fall
Landing on my face.
Burning them with an intense heat
The sky is empty, the stars now lay in the soil,
Dotting the ground with mini lamps.
The pitch black is threatening as
It bites at my heels.
The night is an endless void waiting to take over,
Trying to grab at what it can.
I fly into the air
A cloak of stars hangs off my shoulders.
I place the stars back in line,
Lighting up the world once more.

Nov 20

A Little Boy

A little boy sits on the porch
With a package in his lap.
Why do you sit here in the cold?
I ask.
The boy smiles softly and says
Are you scared of the dark?
I am puzzled, I tilt my head and then ask
What do you mean?
He shifts his weight and then replies
If you can see in the dark you won’t be scared.
I frown a slightly,
He continues on,
You are only scared of what you can’t see.
His dark hair falls in front of his piercing blue eyes.
He then looks at me straight on and says,
If you bring a lamp to see you won’t be scared.
All you have to do is travel to the dark side of the
Moon and let the light shine.

The little boy stands up and hands me the package.
Take this you will need it.
He then steps down from the porch and walks away.
I shout after him.
He turns around.
Nov 20

Year 2235

I lay in the fire,
The flames consumes me
Welcoming me to their side,
I come as an asset
But maybe I am a traitor
Ready to destroy with water.
A sly character they assume
Totally trusting in every way.
Don’t be so naive I think
Don’t be so trusting
But they don’t listen
Spilling all their secrets in whispers to my ear.
The blaze then kisses my cheeks
And sends me off
The smoke as an invisible cloak,
They made a mistake
That will cost them much
More than money could cover.
For I am a traitor
Leading into the year, 2235.
Nov 18

Stepping Stones

I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the mushy mud of sadness.
I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the soft moss of compassion.
I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the hot coals of hatred.
I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the leaves of joy.
I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the broken sticks of fear.
I lift my foot and place it down
Stepping on the stones of life.