Nov 07


The fall was long
I just kept on falling.
The wind would press up against me
Giving me the feeling that I was going up not down,
But only sometimes.
The world around me was turned into blurred lines
As I fall
A never ending fall.
I don’t remember when I started
Or when I will stop
So I am stuck in this endless gaze
Of falling.
I am no longer scared
I’ve done this for so long
So cross my arms and lean back
And try to enjoy this fall
But it's all to late
I hit the bottom with a thud
And now sit cross legged in the pink endless clouds
Of the sky.

Nov 05

The Key

I picked up a key on the ground
It was to unlock something.
A box
A Drawer
A House?

It was not my key
but I took it anyways.
I tried to find the lock
but found nothing.
And then it hit me
Right where I stood.
It was a key to unlock something different.
A  Hope
A Wish
A Dream.

Nov 05

Forgiving Sunlight

The walls start to close in
I am losing my breath,
I run to the center
Desperate to get out
I scream for help
No answer.
The walls are so close now
It is like I can already feel them
This can not happen
I can not die like this
I conjure up some courage
And push back.
But when I touch the walls
My hand goes right through them
Into the forgiving sunlight.

Nov 04

The Road of Stars

I lay on the ground
Looking up at the billions of stars
Surrounded by the blackness of the universe.

I wish I was up there so I could be
Free from all the things down on earth.

But instead I am stuck here on the ground
Surrounded by the cool grass.
With the freedom of my thoughts
Which stretch as far as the universe will allow.

I don’t even try to count the stars there are too many
It would be like trying to count the people on earth
Or counting the lights in a city.

I look closer at the twinkling stars,
Almost feeling their reflection in my eyes,
They are creating constellations
Leading roads to each other
The long road to our future.
Nov 04

Blazing Sun, Haiku

Nov 04

Tomorrows Happiness

If only the sun shone brighter
If only the moon glowed with pride
If only her smile lit up the room
If only the bird chirped with glee
If only the flowers grew upwards
If only they could all be happy.

But no

The sun shone as bright as a dull flashlight
The moon glowed with unbearable sadness
Her smile fell to a disappointing frown
The birds chirped a minor tune
The flowers grew into the dark unforgiving ground,
They could only feel one sad emotion

But tomorrow

The sun will shine brighter than ever
The moon will glow with a treasuring pride
Her smile will light up the room
The birds will chirp a gleeful tune
The flowers will grow to the sky
They will be able to feel happiness.

Nov 02

Chilling Fog

Walking through fog
Gives you the feeling
Of chills running up your back,
The denceness
Makes you cold and wet
And gloomy.
You feel like you are in a dream
Walking aimlessly through the clouds
But with cautious steps
Because anything could happen.
You get the feeling that someone is watching you.
Adrenaline pumps through your veins  
Heightening your senses
But you are only walking in your backyard
Through the chilling fog.

Nov 01

Rain Storm

The rain pounds
to the beat of my heart.
The sky pours rivers down onto the city, 
making umbrellas no use to this cloudburst.
The rain hurtles downward, 
each rain drop carrying a thousand drops inside it,
soaking my clothes.
The wetness could almost swallow me whole,
but I know better 
because after every storm 
I look for the
Oct 27


My boots hit the puddle hard
Ripples expand and keep expanding
Until they can’t anymore.
Specks of water hit my face
And I don’t wipe them away.

The puddle goes still
Making it seem like a mirror
The reflection is so vivid
It almost looks real

I reach towards it
maybe if I touch it
I will switch places with person in the puddle,
But I only touch the cold water.

I take my hand and wipe the water off onto my jeans
Leaving a mysterious handprint.
My hand is cold now from the
Autumn climate and breeze.

I take one last look at the puddle,
And walk away into the growing fog
Never to see that miniature pond again.
Oct 21

A step into Change

Tomorrow is going to be a great day
I just know it.

I am going to jump out of a plane
Open my wings and

I am going to run so fast
That everything around me is going to fade away
And I will be free.

I am going to sing so loud
to show that I will fight
for what’s right.

And you should too
because change will only happen
if you step up and do it