Oct 21

A Thump in the Night

My door rattles.
I pull my covers up to my chin.
My light turns off.
I feel chills crawl up my back.
My heart beats rapidly.
I see...

Oct 20

Running from Thunder

Thunder rumbles in the distance
And I look up confused, it was sunny just a minute ago.
Dark clouds come closer and
Lightning flashes cause the clouds to look angrier.

The rain starts and
I turn away and run.
At a full sprint the rain feels like knives on my skin.
Tears start to come up and I try to push them down
But it is to late they pour down like rivers.

I am splashing through every puddle and with
Each time I get little more wet.

My long hair slaps my back every step I take.
My Heart is a constant drum beating on my chest
My lungs are in so much pain that breathing seems impossible
My legs are getting too weak to carry me.

How much further will I be able to go?
Not much is what I decide on, right before
I collapse.
You can not run away from THUNDER.

Oct 18

I Saw You Yesterday

I thought I saw you yesterday.
Maybe I didn't,
It was kind of fuzzy
Like a dream, or a long lost memory.
We were on either side of the road,
I could see you clearly.
Every feature
Every piece of clothing you wore,
The cold autumn air made you hug your coat closer.
The slight wind made your hair fly around  
Just the tiniest of bits.
The fog from your breath was like the clouds in the sky.
You had a cup of coffee in hand
And I could almost smell it from here,
Or maybe it is my own coffee
I am not really sure.
I tried to wave, but you did not notice.
Then a truck came by
and took you away.
And that's where it ended.
Though I could have sworn I saw you yesterday
Standing next to the curb with a cup of coffee.
We were so close only a street away
But I felt like I was on another earth,
Another universe.
There is no telling when I will see you again
Oct 16

Just as Bright

          Her smiles were radiant

 Her eyes were clear

          Her hair was flying.

 No longer tucked behind her ear.

        The day was a wet rainy


 The clouds were a dark grey


         She kept on shining as bright as any other


Sep 28

2 Minutes

    The sun had set, my feet were dangling over the side of the dock into the water and everything was peaceful. For about 2 minutes.
 "Livvy! Livvy!" my little sister Avia yells. I turn my head to look at her, tears were streaming down the side of her face.
    "what is it? Whats wrong?" I ask. i was getting a sinking feeling in my stomach, something is wrong.
    "They're... they're..." Avia was struggling to get the words out. " They're here. Agent Max and his team"
Sep 27

I am a Spy

   The streets of Manzillo Mexico were crowded. I could barely walk through all these people and the sun was beating down on me. A scream came from behind me followed by the sound of braking glass. "Malino?" I thought, and turned around looking for a man near the broken glass. I turned my eye piece on, a contact that acts like a computer. A little red square popped up and started to scan people's faces.
  It landed on a man with spikey black hair and brownish gold eyes. The red box on my eye piece changed to green and a name appeared next to it. It said Malino. "Got you." I whispered under my breath and started toward him.
   Malino looking around caught me looking at him and coming closer, turned around and started running. "No you don't" I say, elbowing people through the crowd until I could run.