Oct 16

Just as Bright

          Her smiles were radiant

 Her eyes were clear

          Her hair was flying.

 No longer tucked behind her ear.

        The day was a wet rainy


 The clouds were a dark grey


         She kept on shining as bright as any other


Sep 28

2 Minutes

    The sun had set, my feet were dangling over the side of the dock into the water and everything was peaceful. For about 2 minutes.
 "Livvy! Livvy!" my little sister Avia yells. I turn my head to look at her, tears were streaming down the side of her face.
    "what is it? Whats wrong?" I ask. i was getting a sinking feeling in my stomach, something is wrong.
    "They're... they're..." Avia was struggling to get the words out. " They're here. Agent Max and his team"
Sep 27

I am a Spy

   The streets of Manzillo Mexico were crowded. I could barely walk through all these people and the sun was beating down on me. A scream came from behind me followed by the sound of braking glass. "Malino?" I thought, and turned around looking for a man near the broken glass. I turned my eye piece on, a contact that acts like a computer. A little red square popped up and started to scan people's faces.
  It landed on a man with spikey black hair and brownish gold eyes. The red box on my eye piece changed to green and a name appeared next to it. It said Malino. "Got you." I whispered under my breath and started toward him.
   Malino looking around caught me looking at him and coming closer, turned around and started running. "No you don't" I say, elbowing people through the crowd until I could run.