Jun 29


Scars have never truly hurt me 
They are just the craters in the moon.
They hold my memories.

My mind never woke me up
Even when you called my name
I just laid there as my soul was slowly stolen.

My hands never drew the picture
It just watched as the birds flew away from the tree.
Left the brush untouched.

Scars have never truly hurt me
For if she had no scars 
Then she would have never tried.

Jun 24

Evening lamp

Jun 14


Jun 14

Long Days

Long days always hold the rain
The tears she sheds
Is from her own mind.
Her brain tried to be her heart
Taking on the swing of emotions.
Then slowly like melting snow
Her feelings left.

Jun 14

You are the future

Look up little girl,
See those stars?
They are your future.
Even if the earth wobbles
They will always stand still and strong above you.

Look up little girl,
Don’t look down
That is our past,
We humans have not done our best,
But your generation will change the future.

Look up little girl,
The sky holds the possibilities
The ground is only your cracked base
You have nothing to worry about
So just believe you can save us.

Look up little girl,  
Don’t look sad,
Remember those stars?
They will always be there lighting up the night sky.

Jun 11


Jun 11

Five Days

She tripped and fell into a hole.
Darkness in her gaze
Tears of fear come down her face
When she hits rock bottom.
Laying still wishing she was in the light.

She called for help until her voice was gone
New tears came
Not helping the damp ground.

Hopelessly sitting on the ground
Silent like trees with no wind.

Her mind turns against her
Shoving her deeper into the hole.
Tears are gone;
Dried up like a pond in a desert.

Realizes that she can save herself.
Her weak hands pull her up
And grip the side of the wall.
Feet find holders and she climbs up.
Sick and tired of being alone and helpless.