Jul 21
poem 1 comment challenge: Love

So many things that will never be more than you

Jul 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Clash

The open ocean

The waves roll in and out, 
Reaching up to the sand and then falling back home.
I wade in and dive under.
I can taste the saltiness on my lips.
I love the ocean,
The feeling of freedom as you swim,
Floating back in with the waves,
It makes me forget the world.
I come up for breath but I can’t.
The riptides are strong; 
I do not fight it, I wait for an opening, then come up.
The cool air greets me.
And at that moment I hate the ocean,
Yet I still yearn to go back in.
How could I love something yet hate it so much?
I walk back to shore and stand right where 
The water meets the dry sand, 
Standing right between love and hate.

Jul 02


Jul 01

Thoughts the Rain Gives Me

Some days my mind is silent
And I just stare out the window 
Watching the rain pour.
I often wonder how can rain so simple and cold,
Inspire so many minds to write.
Other times I will stare directly at the window 
And think how could one inch of glass
Separate me so much from the world.
Thunder strikes startling me
Making me move for the first time in an hour.
Tears fall and I become 
My own dark cloud, shading the sky of its secrets.
Every poet eventually writes about the sky, the stars,
Maybe because there is so much blank space to fill, 
In other words, explain what the scientists can’t;
But what will happen when all the stars are gone
When they all have died
And their remains have been scattered all over the universe 
Including in our bones,
For we are all stars,
All unexplained mysteries,
Trying to learn what the writers have said all along.
Jun 29


Scars have never truly hurt me 
They are just the craters in the moon.
They hold my memories.

My mind never woke me up
Even when you called my name
I just laid there as my soul was slowly stolen.

My hands never drew the picture
It just watched as the birds flew away from the tree.
Left the brush untouched.

Scars have never truly hurt me
For if she had no scars 
Then she would have never tried.

Jun 24

Evening lamp

Jun 14