May 19

To all the oceans that carried me ashore

To all the oceans that carried me ashore
To all the hands that kept me on the cliff
I thank you for keeping me safe.
To all the thorns that pricked my skin
To all the thunderstorms that soaked me
I thank you for showing me that life is precious.
To all the sunrises that softly shone on me
To all the people who held my hand
I thank you for reminding me that I am also important.
To everything and everybody out there
I thank you for being in my life.
May 19


It's not that I don’t like people
It's just that sometimes its too much.
The yelling, the crying,
The acting,
The clinging on to me.
It makes my heart pound
It crowds my mind
And all I want to do is cry.
Don’t get me wrong
I am a competitive person
I love being with my friends.
I just get stressed holding the world's problems
And trying to be very nice to those who are not nice back.
I feel like if someone is sad
Its always my fault even though deep down I know it is not.
Though I have times where everything is fine and I am relaxed,
And I just wish it would be more like that.

Thank You for reading, it means a lot to me.

May 18


May 18

Pouring Rain

With no umbrella, you stand
Under the shadow of the clouds,
Waiting for the rain
But hoping it will never come.
You are looking for me
But I am nowhere insight,
Lost to the river’s rolling waves.
The sky melts
Then the rain pours
You run away looking for me.

Yesterday, you took my hand
Promised you would never leave,
But today you're running in the pouring rain.
Hold me tight
So that I can’t take a full breath.
Take me somewhere away from here.
If only you knew where I was,
You wouldn’t be running in the pouring rain.
May 17

May plants

May 12

You are gone

Tall grass surrounds me
It bends ever so slightly in the wind.
Eastward I face watching the day begin
While stars diminish into the west.
I do not brush the hair away from my face
I do not move.
My hair gets stuck on my lips and waves in front of my vision.
The warm rays hit my face so I close
My eyes to keep the stars protected.
I have nothing to do today
Except wait, for you.
The clock in my head ticks, the sun is now directly above
But I still face east.
I wait longer the ticks keep going.
I realize that you won't come anymore 
So with one final tear and I walk away
Shaky but not afraid.
May 10


May 10

I feel like rain

Somedays I feel like rain
Just falling,
Until I hit rock bottom.

It started off okay,
I was high above the clouds
Watching the glittering sunrise
As it washes over me like a warm waterfall.

But then I got sucked into the shade
Where instead of white luscious clouds
Dark angry grey clouds obscured my vision.
While loud claps of thunder stormed through my ears.

Then all wet and soggy
Did the raindrops fall
Like the tears from my red puffed eyes.

Sadness it takes over all of us
It’s the rain falling onto our hopeful faces
Clouding our skies
Making us run inside
To shed the tear like the raindrops.

So somedays I feel like rain
Just falling,
Until I hit rock bottom.